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Just been outside to walk the dog about 7:00, and looked up to see three red lights in a line definatly not aircraft. They were a horizontal line then moved into triangular formation, then the third red light split off and disappeared and the other two disappeared a short time afterward.

This was over the skies of Wrexham.
Very weird and definatly, I repeat DEFINATLY not aircraft.
These lights have been in the local press for the past few weeks. I do have a picture on my phone and my mum and dad both came outside and saw the lights.

(sorry about the grammar guys, but when your all in a twist after seeing that,my grammar was the last thing I was thinking about)
My dad put it well though afterward, The "species" spent millions of there money (supposiong they have a currency) developing inter-galatic spaceships to come and spy on Wrexham.

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NOT The only one

hi not the only one in Wrexham to report this The link is to Reports Same area 3weeks ago

'Flying saucer' and other UFO sightings reported over Wrexham - Evening Leader

There have been many Sightings of UFO Movements over Wales and South west England over the last few months Not all were Ever Explained .
What made people very Sceptical about this was the very Silly "WHAT'S NEW" coverage of a certain Daily Paper .
There is Something out there that's for Sure why should we be the only beings that Live in this Vast Expanse of Space:

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If UFOs are really craft from intelligent aliens, how come they only ever appear to people who can't write proper English??!!
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They only appear over Wales because that is where Torchwood are based!

They are checking out the defences before the invasion.
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Subject: Reply to thread 'UFO'

Must be That they really want to meet the Intelligent people
who can do no more than moan about people
who can't write proper English??!!"

TO Me its the Taking Part if you have something to Say Say it
I don't give a Monkeys as long as I get the main Point

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Yes, but will people listen if you express yourself like a dunce? I am not alone in losing patience if I have to read something twice to make sense of it. Nowadays the second read gets neglected.
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Prolly chinese lanterns again!
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