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Vueling recruitment

Hello all

I would like some information about Vueling in terms of employemt as a direct entry FO. I'm Currently rated on the A320 with 2500hrs.

Will they be recruiting anytime soon?
What do current Vueling pilots think of the company?
Average take home pay?
Time to Command?
Is speaking Spanish a requirement (am willing to learn!)?

Any info would be appreciated as am very interested in the company and a BCN base

Kind Regards,
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They fired some pilots a few months back, I was told the cause was that they merged with Clickair and reduced fleet after the merger.
They are suposed to receive 6 more A320 soonish, that could mean some hiring will take place when the airplanes are delivered.
AFAIK their ops manual is in english, and there is no need to speak spanish, there are/were some french Capt. and F/O´s working for them.
Obviously it would be a good thing to learn the lingo if you plan to stay for some time.
in any case I wish you good luck.

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I´ve been told today that there is some expansion planed and that they will hire type rated F/O´s, but with a lowered T´s & C´s , wages well below the 2000 euros mark, that is net per month.
I hope it´s just a rumour, I mean the wages, not the hiring.
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Vueling.... well, well...
Before they merged with Clickair it was an OK company to work for, 3000 -4000ish/ month for 90 hrs, as an FO, around 7500 net a month as a captain. Since they merged with Clickair they kept the name Vueling but took all the shit from Clickair, lower salary bad management, etc..
expect a 850 euros/month basic salary as an FO A320. plus maybe 700 more if you fly like a madman (90 hrs a month). You take it or leave it, it is as simple as that. They have just introduced a cadetship, in order to have thousands and thousands of candidats so no probleme for them to find monkeys badly paid to press the autopilot pushbuttons.

Willing to learn spanish? hehehe I recommend you to learn with latinas ... best way to learn.. You'll be happy, sunny barcelona, nothing to do with rainy london, good food and wine as opposed to crap sandwitches and ships in the UK, nice A320 to fly, part of Iberia, etc.... but your job will just be shit paid even lower than an easyjet cabincrew.

Enjoy.... The virus of pay to fly is spreading overand reaching AAAAAAAAAALLLL the companies, the job is getting worse and worse and worse again... and dont expect salary increase with vueling, Ryanair has started operations out of Barcelona, and is talking about reducing flights out of gerona and Reus to put them back out of BCN.... They are expanding all over spain, sevilla, malaga, bla bla bla... they are uder discuttion with Bilbao main airport to come as well so the future with vueling is seen as a low pay airline for sure
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i agree with you Wind Check but if you give a look to the aviation market now... this "cadet" program is one of the few in Europe... better than nothing i say, also if the conditions are so bad. It's a sign the situation is improving and the opportunities to get hired are bigger now than a couple of months ago. The problem here is that every time the market goes out of a crisis, the offered salary is lower than before and there is always something new to pay by yourself to work...

Anyway, i applied. I'm italian and i speak a little of spanish... i need to find my first job and i assure you, these conditions are better than many others i saw around.

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Dear all, from RoyBoy 20 to Emorik:

Vueling situation is as follows, and I talk from real knowledge.

Vueling comercial name is the only thing remaining from what it was known before, actual structure is former Click.

Actual Cadet program consist in feeding company with non-rated pilots investing 3/4 of their rating with a payback of 800 euro/month + some extras, it hardly reach 1500 euro/month. More rotation they do, the cheaper the operation it will be for them. As a clue: having very high positioned contacts in company and being a line captain, the only position I could reach now is a cadet f/o with base salary. No discussion.

The language issue: English was very welcome in former Vueling enviroment, not Click where all of foreign pilots were forced to learn an accepatble level of spanish (it was planned to do some kind of "spanish level 4" minimum requirement).

If actual vueling is accepting foreign cadet pilots with little knowledmento of spanish is because they consider a high rotation after reaching some hours on type, one year or 900 hours ans bye bye, next please.

I have line captains from old structure Vueling, that are so pissed off, that they are looking to fly anywhere else, and looking forward Middle East. Only internal promotion fron old F/O's will cover PIC leave.

With this real info, take your oppinion and act in consecuence. Aviation will never be like it was before.

Kind regards.

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¿De verdad van a pagar solo 800 € cada mes ?
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 14:57   #8 (permalink)
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850 euros más una cantidad por hora de vuelo, al final sobre unos 1500 1800 euros al mes.
Hay que pagarse la HT entre 15000 y 17000euros.

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Old 22nd Sep 2010, 12:00   #9 (permalink)
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850€ + horas Que puedes volar + o -, pero no pasaras los 1500€.
2 años en esa escala salarial, y creo que en la siguiente no cobras mucho +.
Por cierto no te ofrecen contrato indefinido, y el A320 T.R cuesta 22.500€ según últimas notícias.
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Bueno, ya sabeis España!!!! Con que le entren 30 o 40 "pilotos" (esto lo pongo entre comillas; si se pueden llamar asi) para la habilitacion de tipo, más los que se presenten al simulador, más las subenciones que recoja del estado por abrir convocatoria pública, más ... no sé alguien tiene una calculadora.

Eso para que a los 8 meses estes en la calle con un gasto en el 320 de 3000 euros al año para mantener la habilitacion y con otros cuantos mas como tu, pero con muchas mas horas. Vergonzoso pero claro, si el mercado esta asi y hay gente que paga, se aprovechan. La culpa al fin y al cabo no es de ellos, sino de nosotros.

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