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ORAC 1st Dec 2021 17:29

ORAC 3rd Dec 2021 15:32

IFMU 13th Dec 2021 18:53

Booster 4 lifted onto the orbital launch mount:

ORAC 18th Dec 2021 06:05

ORAC 19th Dec 2021 21:47

ORAC 28th Dec 2021 04:05

ORAC 28th Dec 2021 19:23

ORAC 30th Dec 2021 08:00


1st orbital test flight of SpaceX's Starship Mars rocket pushed to March at the earliest

We'll have to wait a bit longer for the orbital debut of SpaceX's Starship Mars rocket.

SpaceX had been aiming to launch Starship on its first orbital test flight in January or February, provided that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wrapped up a programmatic environmental assessment (PEA) of the company's South Texas launch site by Dec. 31 as planned.

But that timeline no longer applies. The FAA announced on Tuesday (Dec. 28) that it has pushed the release of the final PEA back to Feb. 28, citing "the high volume of comments submitted on the draft PEA" and "discussions and consultation efforts with consulting parties."…..

ORAC 30th Dec 2021 18:41


SpaceX fires up Starship SN20 prototype again ahead of landmark test flight

SN20 continues to prep for a landmark orbital test flight.

ORAC 23rd Jan 2022 20:35

Hard to keep up with the rate of progress - even without any launches…


Raptor 2 testing at full throttle on the SpaceX McGregor test stands

ORAC 6th Feb 2022 19:45

ORAC 10th Feb 2022 07:49

Chopsticks in action…

ORAC 10th Feb 2022 17:51


cavuman1 10th Feb 2022 21:21

That is a breathtaking photograph, ORAC! The tallest rocket ever assembled by humankind. I wish I could witness the first launch in person, but perhaps I'll be able to hear it from 800 miles away....

- Ed

HOVIS 10th Feb 2022 21:27

Wow! Just, wow!

ORAC 11th Feb 2022 06:07

TURIN 17th Mar 2022 10:47

Full stack cryogenic test. We are getting ever closer to a launch methinks.

ORAC 19th Mar 2022 06:27

Cape Canaveral… The Age of Giants.


hobbit1983 19th Mar 2022 10:46

Wow :) What an amazing photo. Thanks ORAC

TURIN 19th Mar 2022 11:54

Well, its an amazing montage. The Starship launch facility has only just started pouring concrete for the foundations of that tower.

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