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Cockpit DVD's

Old 30th Apr 2012, 17:29
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Cockpit DVD's

Hi everyone,

I have a question for you guys :
What do you think of cockpit DVD's like the ones by Just Planes, ITVV, Viking... ?
Do you personnally own any, do you like them ?

My husband loves airplanes and has most of the DVD's out there but he's probably watched each one of them just once. His birthday is coming up and I'm wondering if I should buy him one of the latest ones out there or not.

I noticed that it's always pretty much the same content, is there anything out there that is a bit different ?

Thanks for your input.
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Old 2nd May 2012, 22:24
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I have a few and enjoy them, always something new to learn.

Some of the newer just planes ones are awesome, lots of detail about the flight planning as well as some detail of the flight itself. What sort of thing are you looking for?
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Old 6th May 2012, 19:52
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I fly jets commercially and own many of justplanes DVD's. My wife knows it's always a good gift but she also knows to ask for my 'top 3' at the time. I'm fussy when it comes to likes -and dislikes and she knows that. I know it sort of spoils the surprise effect but rather that than waste money on something I just don't like and watch. And yes, I only watch them once or twice max.

Justplanes has started to raise their game to match the competition from the smaller compnanies around. Before it was indeed a lot of the same.

Why not consider something totally different? Give him a ride in a 'real' simulator. Sounds expensive BUT search for fixed base sims and you might get the price down as they are just about as real but just not the expensive to run actual full motion training beasts. Several companies operate them for the public to enjoy. (142 euro's for 30min in a full motion B738 in Holland or here in the UK: Fixed Base Prices | Jet Simulation )
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Old 8th May 2012, 23:08
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I was a big fan of these, but once you've seen a few you've seen them all. Although as the above poster said, companies are investing more into them so they are becoming better.

I don't think I've ever watched the same one more than twice as unlike a film it's quite an intense few hours of watching.
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Old 13th May 2012, 21:41
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Air America? for sheer exhilaration of flying by the seat of the pants.
Millions of rivets and big round engines... one of my favourites.
Maybe thet's because I flew DC-3s in a developing country and staid airline jet flyings for many more years.
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Old 13th May 2012, 21:43
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If you want DC3's then the Just Planes Buffalo airways cockpit vid and a full set of ice pilots DVD's will do the trick.
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I've bought several from ITVV. If you only want one DVD, get Concorde (5 1/2 hours, 2 discs). As an interested non-aviator, I find the whole experience amazing: the workload, professionalism & still lots of spare time & mental capacity to chat to the multiple cameras on the flight deck.

If you only want two, also get the Virgin Atlantic 747/400. Again, huge amount of talking to camera by the crew. As with very clear explanation of many procedures. I also have the Virgin 747/200 - again very good, & nice to see the older technology.

I've watched these three many times, & often just dip in at random just for the fun of it.

I also like their A320 simulator DVD, showing dealing with engine failures etc. Those 4 are IMO the best (I've not seen them all). A couple of the ITVV others don't have the crew 'patter' - they're just doing their jobs & not talking to the cameras about they whys & wherefores.

Hope this helps.
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I've got a few just planes DVD's, and really enjoy them!

I usually pick lots of the ones of my favorite type, then build up my collection as funds permit
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