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Ejector 4th Oct 2011 01:22

Just a way for the gooks to save face :ok:

PantLoad 4th Oct 2011 05:28

Visual Approaches
Don't have the FAR Part 121 reference, but the Part 91 reference is 91.129 (e) (2) (i).

In essence, if you're conducting a visual approach to a runway served by an operating ILS, you must remain at or above the electronic glide slope.

Fly safe,


TANUA 5th Oct 2011 14:14


You really should have a good look at yourself. That post is pathetic & extremely rude.:=

olepilot 5th Oct 2011 14:30

Ejector could maybe been a tad bit more diplomatic but the facts remains. That's the way it works!

TANUA 5th Oct 2011 14:31


Your comments on a hard landing & the TRE involved are very naive. I know this individual well & he is a very good Pilot & one of "Nature's Gentlemen".
Not everything in Vietnam is as it appears & that is part of the "charm" of the place?:ok:

unwashed 5th Oct 2011 14:55

"1520fpm sink rate was too much to maintain a 3deg flt path at 238kts." 238 KT GS yes, but any tailwind and the correction for IAS/EAS/CAS could easily give you a 276 KT GS.

unwashed 5th Oct 2011 14:59

"In essence, if you're conducting a visual approach to a runway served by an operating ILS, you must remain at or above the electronic glide slope." only between the OM and MM before or after it is really up to the pilot to "do that pilot stuff"

TANUA 5th Oct 2011 15:15


This approach was from the North & they were carrying out a visual right hand circuit at 1500 ft to land to the North-everyone is missing the point-this is much to do about nothing!

They were not doing an ILS but a visual circuit to join the ILS for a landing-its all BS. The conditions were VMC when this event occured.:ugh:

St. Ex 7th Oct 2011 00:53

The EGPWS mode that triggered the event was the terrain clearance floor or TCF. The SOP for this is select OFF the 'TERR' pb on the EGPWS panel on the overhead captain side. The requirements are that the approach is visual and in vmc.

The logic is that on some visual approaches, the terrain is not in the database and the computer reverts to a standard model that does not recognize special procedures pertinent to the specific visual approach at the particular location.

This is in the FCOM 1 in the NAV section.

longobard 11th Oct 2011 10:11


are you talking about FCOM DSC? If not, i never heard about a "NAV" section in the old FCOM 1.

I never even read anywhere in the world that if "The requirements are that the approach is visual and in vmc." you have to turn off the EGWS. Is that what you mean?

please be more precise on your references. thank you.

ia1166 23rd Oct 2011 14:48

supercooled. Are you a TRE? i doubt it. Maybe before you pass judgement you should try base training cadets.

It's interesting, extremely.

UALSIC 19th Nov 2011 16:31

TANUA what is a "Nature's Gentlemen" ?! :uhoh:

TANUA 19th Nov 2011 23:25

A nice individual who is fair minded, competent & professional in all aspects of life.:rolleyes:

Adrian Cronauer 20th Nov 2011 00:58

Have you heard about capt L _ _ g's hard landing during fo's training...exceeded 2.4G's...whilst VAC's limit's are set at 2.1G's. No penalty, No reprimand, No issues, No rumors....hahaha.......Just so you know....he's the chief pilot...
Air Vietnam pilots never do any wrong. 90% of incidents at Vietnam Airlines caused by the expat pilots. They tell you this during initial and recurrent ground school (The same place where they tell you that you need good altimeters for RMP) :uhoh:

The other 10% are acts of god (at least thats what the local hero said over the last incident in Korea…."that flight not flown by pilots…the god saved them…"

Some history…. A320 chief pilot hard landings, A320 instructor declares mayday over FUNCTIONING auto-thrust (chien) , Vice President hits runway lights when landing in crosswind , A320 Captain nearly hit terrain in Korea, A330 captain allows F/O to hit runway approach lights during landing; A330 TRE captain unstable in DAD; both VN pilots sleeping during flight when intercepted by military; VN pilots have heavy turbulence with injuries but continue flight for 10 more hours; VN pilots in prison for theft in japan, money laundering in Australia, etc, etc.

But Expats cause 90% of incidents!!!:confused:

I know this individual well & he is a very good Pilot & one of "Nature's Gentlemen".
Have flown with him on several occasions mate. He is -- standard -- at the best of time.

Sciolistes 20th Nov 2011 10:01

The crew was performing a day visual approach in cavok conditions in Danang, report shows that during a descent at 1520ft/min, 238kias they overflew a 1050ft hill at 2642ft RA making the EGPWS trigger PULL UP warning for 3 seconds.
2642 RA?
What 1050' hill in Da Nang?

Slasher 21st Nov 2011 02:45

I recall my Pacific days when approaching DAN from HAN I'd
either do a wide left circuit for a visual on 35R, or just go over
the top for the full procedure. A wide circuit in that the island
to the NNE was a pain in the butt for the GPWS (737) during
a visual - damn thing would start yelling its head off causing
the FO to have to reach down and flick it off.

As for the topic I dunno - VN has traditionally tended to pick
on people who are undesirables. Any more to this story that
doesn't meet the eye?

TANUA 21st Nov 2011 03:34

Hello AC-you have been quite for some time & now have a lot of negative comments.

What contribution did you make to Vietnam or VAC other than "head butting" your First Officer over a few quite one's in a public bar?

"Standard at best"-I guess that sums you up ACE.:D

Captain Revolution 21st Nov 2011 07:33

2642 RA?
What 1050' hill in Da Nang?

9nm north of the field...and the airline spread a flight safety notice reporting as the crew being low on the flight path for a visual....

Sciolistes 22nd Nov 2011 13:12

9miles 2700ft ?????? i never read somewhere that on visual approach we have to follow glide path of 3 ° except in cebu pacific airlines
More like 19nm if doing a circuit.

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