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China Info

Old 2nd Nov 2019, 16:31
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China Info

Can anyone point me in the direction of some study material for the Chinese ATPL exam?

How is it performed?

How many questions out of how large a data base?

What are the main subjects?

Any Info regarding the exam is highly appreciated.

Ned Kelly
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 06:32
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Here's a tip, try the search function at the top of the page.

If you expect to be spoon fed, you're not going to last very long in China or in any expat job for that matter.

Good luck...
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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 11:00
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That info is probably a bit old now and in need of a refresh...

Do not fall into the trap of "studying" for it. Most people who do that, end up failing quite badly. There are some books on the Chinese ATP but the one I know is 15 years old now. The questions on the day will be overwhelmingly of the Chinglish variety. That is to say very bad translations of questions from an FAA question bank but increasingly they are writing their own questions also of the very bad English variety. The best thing to do is get a hold of a subscription or buy a Test Prep software. Most agencies recommend and even provide you with a free account to use with: but it's in Chinese although they provide an English "manual" for you to use to navigate your way around. If you use Google Chrome you can get built in translation which is very helpful. There is also a software you can buy by a company called Dauntless. Most say their questions are out of date but the company claims to have the latest (don't know as of when).

How is it performed? The test is delivered to you by a computer screen at one of the CAAC's testing centers. You have about 3 hours (I think) to complete the test and can skip/return/navigate around the question.

How many questions out of how large a data base? 100 questions, pass mark is 70%. Feizhiyi has about 3000 questions in it's database.

What are the main subjects? Everything as per any other ATP exam. They like to concentrate on Law and Performance based on my experience. On the day, you'll get a big binder with lots of charts and data you will need to refer to in order to answer questions.

Good luck

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Old 3rd Nov 2019, 11:50
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Sounds like a nightmare 🤦🏼*♂️
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CW247, Thanks for the info itīs much appreciated.

Cedrus, thansk for your comment. If you donīt like the question you donīt have to reply.
I appologize if I've upset you in any way.
There are may threads in PPRuNe, some with up to 10.000 replies to sift through to find the info (I've tried)
If every new thread should have been a search then this forum would soon grind to a hold.
This is my second post in this forum since joining in 2006, let me assure you, I've done quite a number of searches in that time.
I've done just fine as an expat for more than 20 years, thanks for your concern, and thanks for suggesting that I won't make it as an expat.
Brings to mind an aircraft owner that scolded me many years ago for not wanting to fly for him for free, and telling me I'd never make it in this industry.
I took pleasure in him applying for an F/O position 10 years later in a company where I was flying as CPT on the B737. He didn't get the job, and I
had nothing to do with it, as I don't get involved in things that aren't my business.
In this case though I should probably just heed my own advice, and just not reply to something that really warrants no reply.

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Old 15th Nov 2019, 08:09
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Hi everyone.
Hoping to get some info on the medical for China. After 40 you have to do a MRI and thatís the only part thatís getting to me. Iíve had one done before and it felt claustrophobic as hell...! So thatís messing with my mind a little...
any options to do a CT scan instead or get knocked out for the MRI? Is the MRI a thin tube or wide tube..? Your input and experiences would be of a great help. Iíll be going to Beijing to do the MRI middle of December.

cheers to all
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Old 15th Nov 2019, 13:37
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They do MRI, don't do a CT scan. Unnecessary radiation, always avoid unless unavoidable.
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Something you're gonna have to deal with, unfortunately. They won't let you opt out of it. Shanghai is thin tube. Close your eyes and take long deep breaths. That's what got me through it.

Good luck.
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Thereís an app on iOS called ďChinese ATPL Pilot Exam PrepĒ. Has over 4,000 questions and provides explanations to the answers. You can create your own exams etc and bring it with you and study wherever/whenever. Got me through it handily enough.

And thereís no point ďstudyingĒ; do the questions over and over until you recognise the answers as some donít make sense due to translations. I probably put about 6 weeks of moderate effort into it and you realllllly donít want to have to redo it. Guy with me scored 69%...
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Originally Posted by BoeingDriver99 View Post
. Guy with me scored 69%...
I scored exactly 70%. Thatís what I would consider a perfect score. Didnít study a minute more than necessary.
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