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Nok Air Pilot Walkout

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BE VERY CAREFUL of Brookfield

Im still owed many Euro from contracts with Brookfield and I have friends that spend many months getting paid from them.

As well, wire transfers that "mysteriously" got lost and took several months to resolve, though other Agency's never had a problem with my transfers.

Also, friends that had a great relationship with Brookfield. However, that doesn't recoup the Euro Im owed.
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Nok, Expats and Kuhn Patee

Patee? Isnt he the guy that with "Tony-Ranban" tried to convince then "DGA", that Thailand should ban expat pilots and only promote within.

Guess what Patee. You saw what happened to Tony RanBan when he tried that concept at Thai Lion. Maybe CAAT has a job for you also.
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Sorry to hear that IMBme to be fair they at least paid me on time in USD however they seemed to have no Firkin idea about Licensing in foreign countries etc etc nor cared as I guess like alot of these 44444's were simply cutting a so called management charge anyway.
BTW Do you mean Tony Rayban's? If yes, he is a rather silly little legend in his own mind isnt he. I met him once while working in the land of smiles.
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There's a saying in Thai which is far too rude to post, but it refers to water monitors.... Tony is now in 9*.
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To Funny, Elvis is at 9*.
So St Hill went over the hill again?, or he working for Elvis at 9*. I told him last year that you may shine at CX, but Cambodia and Thailand operate a bit differently.

Had dinner with some Korean friends that have been in SE Asia aviation for some time. Now they have started a leasing company and have a good handle on who is who in the Tourist Aviation market. In casual conversation, he mentioned that Crystal Thai had a little clout, U-airlines not much and 9* none at all. But no problem, Elvis will fix it.
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Wonder if the Ex Basaka Farang is with him at 9,,,,,, as well.
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Originally Posted by galdian View Post
any other agencies advertising on behalf of Nok??
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thanks Joe
I've obviously had an incredibly sheltered existence - but I've never heard of

Off to have a little lookie in the WWW!

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Saw this advert with Wright Aviation,
Maybe Elvis is behind it?

Aircraft type:
Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321
Job description

Ref. # 9TGIWAI/16/BKK/A320

Hiring now A 320-200 trainee first officer, first officer, Capt. TRE/TRI

Vacancy open with A 320-200 trainee first officer, first officer, and Capt. (TRE/TRI will be an advantage) position for Bangkok, Thailand.

In order to keep our services at a higher level and meet our customers’ maximum satisfaction, suitably qualified candidates (non type rated CPL holder with multi engine rating or expat/type rated pilot with minimum 5000 on type hours) are invited to fill the vacant position available with us as follows.

Job title :

1. A 320 Trainee First Officer

2. A 320 First officer

3. A 319, A 320 Capt., Captain (TRE/TRI)

Job Hours:

Full time as per company roster and schedule

Job Duration:

Renewable two year contract.

Remuneration package offered including accommodation allowance, transportation, medical, uniform, air tickets, insurance etc. will be covered by us.


For Trainee First Officer Post:

Valid Class I Medical (no restriction)
ICAO English proficiency level V or above

For First Officer Position:


ii. Valid class I medical, without any restriction

iii. ICAO English proficiency level iv

iv. A 320 type rating with minimum 1500 on type hours

For Captain, TRE/TRI Post,


ii. Valid class I medical without any restriction

iii. A minimum 5000 on type hours is a must (for those applying TRE/TRI position)

iv. Designated TRE/TRI will be an advantage

v. Incident accident free record

vi. Age not more than 52 years.


Interested applicants should submit their expression of interest including curriculum vitae with photograph (MUST) on it and cover letter via e-mail at: [email protected]

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Closing date:

Open Vacancy


Salary is negotiable for A 319, A 320 Capt. TRE/TRI

Non type rated pilot will have to bear type training expenses.

Apply now
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Old 6th Mar 2016, 23:32
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Patee apologises in Nok damage control
Bookings down since Valentine's Day fiasco

Bangkok Post

Writer: Boonsong Kositchotethana
Position: Deputy Editor Business

Published: 7/03/2016 at 06:30 AM
Newspaper section: Business

Nok Air boss Patee Sarasin issued the company's first formal apology to customers on Friday, nearly three weeks after mass flight cancellations triggered by a pilot strike and sudden resignations.

His five-paragraph letter was emailed individually to customers by name largely to explain the issues that have troubled the budget airline since Feb 14.

In the letter, Mr Patee talked about the actions taken to address problems that led to some 20% of Nok Air flights being cancelled with several other flights operated by other airlines on its behalf through charter arrangements.

Some industry observers felt a formal apology was long overdue, a move to restore the airline's diminished credibility as shown by significantly slower bookings, clouding its business outlook. There has even been a management shake-up at the SET-listed carrier.

"Nok Air's name has definitely been tarnished by the turn of events and clearly it will take time to regain passengers' confidence," said an industry observer who requested anonymity.

"Much depends on how concrete the remedial action is, how well it is implemented and that no additional setback takes place."

A looming obstacle for Nok Air was the allegation by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand that the airline and its pilots breached legal flight time limits over the past three weeks. That will raise questions about the airline's safety oversight, an issue that has plagued the kingdom's aviation industry in general.

If found guilty, Nok Air and pilots are subject to penalties such as fines and suspension of air operating licences, which could halt more flights.

In the letter, Mr Patee singled out the pilot strike on Valentine's Day for causing the fiasco, which has resulted in the airline operating at roughly a third of its capacity.

"We have been working on several issues in our organisation as the airline plans future cooperation with European partner airlines, and that requires Nok Air to upgrade its standards to the higher levels of the European Aviation Safety Agency," he said.

"As a result, certain pilots did not accept the changes and went on strike to express their discontent, which affected our passengers and was followed by additional pilot resignations, causing a pilot shortfall and more flight cancellations."

Some 20 pilots left Nok Air.
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NOK Board of Directors

What I find truly amazing is after such a major disruption in credibility, public service and financial discord , the NOK BOD has not chimed in on this.

Any respectable carrier's BOD would have lost all confidence in Kuhn Patee by now and shown him the way out the front door....permanently.
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Opinion about Nok Air

Hi all,

I am considering Nok Air for potential employment.

Not sure what is exactly going on there at the moment. Does anyone have any detailed information or any opinion from pilots who currently work there would be highly appreciated?


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Any updates? Heard that the tide may be changing?


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Originally Posted by Pin Head View Post
Any updates? Heard that the tide may be changing?


Careful of a riptide
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Can I ask typical package in Thailand for 738 line pilot?
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Can I ask typical package in Thailand for 738 line pilot?
Basically, US$11k nett with Nok and TLM. Others less.....

Nok are probably not hiring any more expats until 2nd quarter 2017 though as numbers are stable. Though, a few more expats joining by the end of the year and recently took a bunch of ex TG pilots too.

Q400 hire is ramping up......
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Originally Posted by JoeMcGrath View Post
PM me for an insight if needed

Last edited by Swazi; 29th Dec 2016 at 06:11.
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How difficult is the medical examination there ?
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How difficult is the medical examination there ?
No need to do a medical in Thailand as it is a validated license & medical process.
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