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Bone Conduction Headset

Old 30th Jul 2015, 17:26
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Bone Conduction Headset

Hi all,

When I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge once, they gave us headsets to communicate. The funny part was that they did not go over or inside our ears ,but, on our cheeks. Everything that the other person was speaking could be heard clearly. It is apparently bone conduction technology and I was wondering if such headsets exist compatible and certified for the A320. I believe they would be way more comfortable than the public headsets we use on our aircraft. So if anyone could share a link or something about it, it sure would be much appreciated.


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Old 5th Apr 2021, 08:52
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Just curious, I retired several years ago, having become almost deaf in one ear.

To my utter amazement yesterday, I donned a pair of bone conduction wireless headphones to discover near perfect stereo quality sound not heard for many years.

The microphones easily pick up and deliver even quiet conversational voice, auditory canals are not obstructed to ambient noise and conversation is not masked unlike conventional ears buds.

So my question, not that I’m desperate return to work in the current climate, is “Do any of you know if such equipment yet has been approved by regulators/medics to overcome otosclerosis or similar in ATC/Cockpit environment?”

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Old 17th Jun 2022, 16:59
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That's incredible. I clicked on this thread because I thought you'd typed Bone as a typo, meaning to type Bose. This has blown my mind. If you wore a bone conduction headset (if such a thing existed) on a flight deck, would you then also wear earplugs?!
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Old 17th Jun 2022, 20:31
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There was a danish company quite a few years ago that was developing a bone conducting headset, they partnered with my back then employer (Air Berlin) for field trials (i was in the group for that) but sadly went bust before they could finish it. Haven’t heard from anything similar yet.
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Old 17th Jun 2022, 21:05
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Various versions available for cyclists. Great on a bike where you need your ears to hear traffic.
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