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Indonesian Airlines upgrade expats ?

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Indonesian Airlines upgrade expats ?

Old 23rd Jul 2014, 01:52
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Indonesian Airlines upgrade expats ?

I know that Rishworth is currently advertising a Command Upgrade Program for expats (B737NG) for Lion Air. I also heard that in the past few months Lion Air has upgraded a few expats from right to left seat. I'm not interested in the Lion Air program, I'm just interested in any info if indeed the DGCA has approved any Captain upgrades for expats in any Indonesian carrier (i.e. has the DGCA validated a foreign license to PIC after flying for that same airline in the right seat)? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 24th Jul 2014, 08:47
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From what I was told by a Lion Air captain involved in recruitment, was that foreigners can be upgraded to Captains but need to use their home license and have this validated by the DGCA. It needs to be an ATPL (obviously) and have the type rating endorsed on the license. Reason for this is that the DGCA no longer issues licenses to foreigners including new ATPLs. I've posted a link to these DGCA regulations here on PPRuNe (look for them in post history).
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Old 24th Jul 2014, 12:33
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Anyone knows if Lion has an age limit for this captain upgrade program?
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 11:15
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Thanks tw. I know that expats cannot obtain an Indonesian pilot's license anymore. Only way is to get a validation based on the mother license. My question was more like if anyone here on this forum knows of any expat FO who had been upgraded from right to left seat by an Indonesian airline (not direct entry captain). It seems that the DGCA is not treating all airlines the same way regarding upgrading expats
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Old 5th Aug 2014, 12:26
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Thanks for info
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Old 5th Aug 2014, 12:33
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Hiring process

HI, Does anyone know the duration and process of intake at wings or loin air? after Rishworth says, your application is good and waiting for approval ?? is it DGCA approval or work permit ???
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Old 3rd Nov 2014, 08:54
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Any one here have more information about if DGCA has approved in the last six months any Captain upgrades for expats in any Indonesian carrier.

Itīs a quite strange that i see some "Upgrading Captaincy program" because DGCA is asking 250H as PIC on your logbook and then DGCA can proceed with your validation letter to work as a PIC.
Upgrading Captaincy Program-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs

This happens to a friend of mine that did all Captaincy program ( simulators + line training ) and pass but when was the time to get a validation letter (from DGCA) as a PIC the DGCA rejected

Reason :
Need 250H as a PIC of the type rating

Means that you need to come to Indonesia allready captain to have at least 250h PIC on type.

The funny question is:
If you finnish your captaincy you donīt have 250 PIC because the PIC is all the time the instructor

So how can DGCA want expats to have 250 on type as PIC ?

Any one have a different scenario ?
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Old 5th Nov 2014, 13:09
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I got to ask.. what is Rishworth and Aviationcv upgrade programme in Lion is offering as SALARY..

Is it going to be paid in USD or local???? they going to have 10wks on and 2wks off like the expat capt already there...

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Old 6th Nov 2014, 08:30
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the way things operate in indonesian DGCA might b quite strange for an outsider. well, that's how it is.

sometimes decisions depend on the personal opinion, if u like mood, of the person in charge. there is hardly black and white rule for decision making. lots of gray area which might b exploited for almost everything. use ur imagination to figure out what those might b
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Old 16th Nov 2014, 20:01
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Did anybody actually do the command upgrade program, and is a captain now? It would be very interesting however I have my doubts that it can be trusted...Without any first hand infos it would be to risky to quit a current FO job...
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 06:39
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Why they do not upgrade you where you are, and where they know you?
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Old 17th Nov 2014, 10:01
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If your home licence has a PIC rating for a 737 then you validation will say so. If you have a PIC rating and you have satisfied the company upgrade program then you should be able to fly PIC. The only thing the Indo DGCA stipulates is that you must have 250 hour "on type" for a validation. It doesn't specify which seat.

If they have rejected the upgrade then the guy should call his agency and unleash hell on them.

But as stated above its really at the whim of whoever you deal with at DGCA on the day.
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Old 19th Nov 2014, 15:58
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Pic rating is not an issue, the question is how long it actually takes, and did it actually happen. The only thing that could convince me going there is, if I could speak to someone who is actually there and has done it. Cos I know for a fact that that contrancts cant be trusted in these kinda countries.... cant be trustes especially airlines.....
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