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Here's another one...P2F Phillippines!!

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Here's another one...P2F Phillippines!!

Old 16th Apr 2014, 04:37
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Here's another one...P2F Phillippines!!

Job Description:
First Officer Line Training Programe For Commercial Pilot Lisence Holders on Piper Seneca PA-34-200T
On Job Training Program:
First Module of Programe-

Those of you who want to take Flying as a career; (CPL++OJT) is the first step towards it.

This experience qualifies you to apply in Commercial operations, including any Airline. Our CPL course with Program is finely tuned to produce graduates that Airlines would like to Employ. It has been carefully structured to develop the Flying skills most suited for any Airline environment. On Completion of CPL++OJT, the candidate would have acquired 500 hours flying experience in total of which over 300 hours of flying would be in Multi-Engine Aircrafts. The Program provides the training required for a candidate, to Command and Fly our Multi-Engine Aircrafts. Engaged in Cargo and Charter Air Service"s. The candidate who has successfully completed our program shall act as Pilot in Command in our Airplanes under lnstrument Flight Rules (lFR) in controlled airspace. . This provides the candidate with invaluable actual commercial Flying experience including in busy international Airspaces.

The few hundred hours gained here will become your launch platform for a good start of
Candidate's Flying career.

Entry Requirements:
-Valid CPL with lR which can be validated in Philppinnes
-Passed a course of theoretical exam as set out by C .A .A .P (Civil Aviation Authority Of Phillipinnes)
-Medical exam (to be conducted in CAAP)
-Take,C. Exam
-Cleared check ride

-Training Description;
-Candidate will have to Fly 15-20hrs (is included in the package) in the Aircraft registered
In the Philippines before giving the skill test for the purpose of getting rated in Piper-
Aztec PA23-250, ( BeechCraft Baron 58TC, King Air B-200), Piper Seneca PA-34-200T
After successful completion of the Training for 15-20 hrs the student will be endorsed to
Fly for Skyworld Aviation Cargo/Charter operations for a stipend of USD (300)U$/month and
Incentives Upon Signing Agreement with Skyworld Aviation candidate will be
Also provided Accommodation for the duration of the Training Programme. At the end of
The term 200hours to 300hours (Depends upon the candidate's package) if candidate performance is found to be excellent during their entire
Training program both in terms of conduct and Flying skills they may be recommended
For the job in associate Cargo/Charter Companies ( OR) offered job for Skyworld Aviation
Cargo/Charter Service"s (With ONE Year Extendable Contract) whereby candidate shall Fly as Commander., Salary and other
Benefits that shall be disclosed to them at the end of the Program before signing the
(Memorandum of Agreement) With Company.
.Duration of (on job training) programe will be 4 to 7 months

After completing this 200hours on Multi-Engine Aircarfts, We Give Following Options to Our Applicants,
Completing 200hours on Multi-engine they can directly apply in any Southeastern Airlines located here we give 99% of Assurance of job but at the end 1% depends on how applicant perform in simulator"s
Completing this hours we apply for Multi-engine instructor rating lisence for applicant's so he can work in any of Flying Schools based here .we give 100% assurance on this.
Completing this Hours applicants can work with us also with 1-year extendable contract in our Cargo/charter service's Offer 1-year job contract with us after completing Training.

Sky World Group Of Aviation Services
AAOP HANGER 2,Domestic Airport Road,
Pasay,Manila 1300

India Contact Number:+91-7758896192
Phillipinnes Contact number:+63-9176038360

Apply now

......Here we go again!!!
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Old 16th Apr 2014, 17:09
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There aren't really a lot of laws in SE Asia...
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Old 16th Apr 2014, 17:41
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Just what the airline world needs... another puppy mill.
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Old 9th Mar 2015, 16:55
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Guys is this real? I'm planning to enrol here.. Please reply asap..
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 02:45
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Who would do this over there? I thought locals get hired with 250 hours by the airlines anyways?
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 05:18
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Here's another one
Careers - Air Republiq Airlines
$30,000 for a one year contract flying Jetstream's!
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 06:51
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Complain to CAAP , they will shit it down pretty quickly considering they'll do anything to keep their category 1
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 08:04
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First officer on a Seneca? Bwahahahahaha .. what a joke!!

This experience qualifies you to apply in Commercial operations, including any Airline.
Since when do airlines require time on type in a single-pilot piston aircraft, unless the likes of Emirates have changed their minimum entrance requirements lately. hahahaha
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 18:55
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This is a scam?
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Old 10th Mar 2015, 20:32
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I think you are a scam
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Old 2nd Apr 2015, 05:48
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Thumbs down CAREFULL

Its another real scam .... read the lines... stay away don't be fool
with these idiot's.
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Old 2nd Apr 2015, 16:32
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Thumbs down

I know who these guys are they gonna suck everything you have, they are big time thugs and even after reading this if you are going for it, then probably you deserve it.
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Old 25th Jun 2015, 19:21
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A fraud, not a P2F

This company doesn't exist, it's just three, or could be more, Indians trying to steal your money.
They were fishy from the very beginning and after some checking with the authorities I found out it was a fraud.
I wasted my time and money to go there and to some extent felt in danger so take my advice: Be smarter than me and look somewhere else!
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 09:13
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Why would you P2F on a seneca in the first place dude... come on...
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Old 30th Jun 2015, 05:30
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I love their "vision statement"... clear as mud ...

Vision : is to faster the vision and to create dynamic and highly efficient young talent in the aviation industry.our commitment to customer satisfaction is driven across all our processes and staff levels.Every member of skyworld team works single mindedly to meet our customerís requirements and deliver value beyond expectation.vices to our clients.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 01:37
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Thumbs down Scam Alert

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Old 24th Jul 2015, 06:59
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know who these guys are they gonna suck everything you have, they are big time thugs and even after reading this if you are going for it, then probably you deserve it
Pay to get a job is in many professions nowadays - not only flying.

Article in an Australian newspaper. "A law firm plans to charge newly admitted lawyers an upfront fee of $24,000 for a two year graduate position. The law firm's manager was confident the business model was legal and that it provided an investment for unemployed graduates".
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Old 27th Jul 2015, 09:18
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I didn't make up my own perceptions, I sign the contract only because u said u would put me in the apartment I was supposed to go right after signing it and never happened.
The aircraft wasn't even a company's one.
I had doubts right away but it might have been just me thinking bad.
But after checking with the authority I had no more doubts and it's insane that u say that the authorities are wrong because the company works in collaboration with other companies...so what?
And just so u know I've nothing against Indian people, but I do towards those who scam others.
You said you were a pilot back then and didn't even know the speeds for your plane
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Old 27th Jul 2015, 14:00
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Two wrongs don't make a right....
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Old 28th Jul 2015, 12:07
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Complete scam once CAAP finds out that they are taking money for hour building with passengers on board they will be shut down
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