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Yes I respect the fact you are a fool with zero integrity thats willing to work for poor pay and benefits, diluting this industry even further. I think we call that desperate.....they love guys like you.
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Well said

Well said Hunter....
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Have some guts, pilots! Don't just lay down and let companies abuse you with bad work rules and pay. The industry is infested with too many mice and scabs willing to degrade themselves for an hour and a dollar (or Yuan).

Keep this up and the profession will be no better than airline janitorial services.
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Rollingscissors, I appreciate your point of view but on some occasions you have no choice. Do you realise apart from being qualified to fly multi-million dollar aircraft, most pilots have no other qualifications.

A friend of mine ( Captain 767 ) found himself unemployed and couldn't even get a job stacking shevles at a large department store between midnight and six a.m. Reason- No previous retail experience. !!!

So spare a thought for the unemployed with a family to support.
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Has anyone been to an interview lately that wished to share their experience?
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Economics 101.
Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand

No one takes a low paying job by choice. As long as there is more supply of pilots than there is demand for their services, there will be employers taking advantage of the opportunity to buy talent at a rock bottom price.

And by the way, as a consumer you do the same thing. You don't go to the car dealer and offer to pay an extra $xxxx over asking price for a car because you are impressed with the quality. You shop around and negotiate for the best price you can get. Why shouldn't employers do the same?

definition of insanity: unwillingness to accept reality as it is.

just GoForIt!
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Gents - the management of SQ are absolute masters of pushing the limits of poor terms and conditions - just have a look at SQ Cargo - or the early days of SQ Cargo and the contracts that where offered.

"Scoot management" - and the word management is used generously, may even ask candidates to pay for THEIR time ( as in the management) in conducting ill prepared and badly organised interviews!

The only candidates who suit a Scoot contract are retired pilots who really don't need the money and who simply like to fly as a hobby.
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Does anybody know if it is possible to live in Malaysia and commute from there in order to reduce expenses ??
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For starters on a Scoot roster there's hardly enough consecutive days off to make it worth living off the island when you're not on duty, but if you're brave then consider this...

You willl hold a Singaporean work permit which will smooth the way through Singaporean Immigration (presumably without the usual Entry Card or date stamps), but if you're not Malaysian then entry into Malaysia, whether it be Johor or KL, will be as a tourist (Social Visit Pass of xx days). Fortunately Malaysia has done away with the Entry Card (don't know why Singapore persists with it), but the entry stamp and corresponding exit stamp will take up one half of a passport page each time - 8 times in a month, that's 4 pages of a typical 32 page passport... do you like filing for new passports all the time?

Then there's the Causeway, anyone who's crossed during rush hour (which seems to be most of the time except the wee small hours) would know it's probably faster to swim. Tuas link works better, but it's a longer drive and more toll. Fly to KUL or SZB, can, but when you take the time required and cost of the fares you're just buying yourself a headache.

Malaysians in SQ have commuted in the past - it only really works for them, not for anyone else.
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Has Anyone screened in Jan.

Hello All,

Please advise if any candidates attended a recent Scoot screening. Any comments, intel, etc..., I turned away on the opportunity, just curious.


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Scoot selection process

Hi there.... Has anyone on here, who's attended the Scoot selection process, be kind enough to share the relevant details. As in what to expect in the written test, the sim profile etc.

Thanks in advance.......
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I would imagine that one of the tests is to have confirmation that the applicant is really stupid and not faking it to want to work at Scoot on what they are offering
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Your point is taken Millerscourt. I understand that a lot of people have posted negative comments on here w.r.t Scoot.

Be that as it may, I would appreciate it if someone who has been through the selection process, would kindly share details regarding the same. Especially the sim profile, and the type of questions covered in the written test.

Once again, thanks in advance.
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Which bit of 'selection process' are you referring to? The bit you have to do at home first or the bit you do once you haul your @r$e to SIN and smile sweetly?

Because you said sim I'll presume the latter. The sim is straightforward like any other reasonable airline with reasonable examiners - visual circuit work, handling skills, some basic IR and of course OEO handling - nothing exceptional. HR on the other hand is quite something else, but it's Singapore so I shouldn't be surprised.
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@Cross Check......

Thanks a lot for that info. mate.... much appreciated.

Also, could you share some info. on the written test as well. I ask because I'm from the 'other side' (Airbus FBW)......
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I like to say but not aware of one. If they're wondering why your online psychometric test results were astronomical they might make you resit them. Other than that I can't comment with any certainty.
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@Cross Check....

Thanks for your input mate. So it's possible that they don't conduct a written test, is it. That would be a first for me, 'cause whoever I have worked for so far has always included one in their assessment process.

Once again, thanks for your help. Safe skies...
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By written tests are you by chances referring to aptitude/IQ/personality tests administered by pencil n paper (or perhaps some by computer) like say EK or EY? If so then yes, Scoot also does them, but you wont be in Singapore for it. Similarly for the first stage interview. You won't even leave home for them.
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As of now, Scoot is asking for a 57,000S$ banker guarantee or a surety for the 777 training bond! Sounds like a strong heritage from SIA.
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@Cross Check......once again, thanks for that information mate. I was actually wondering about a technical exam (written). In the event they do administer one (online or in Singapore), I wanted to know the kind of questions one has to answer on there, and if there is anything specific to the 777.

@Kosu..... wow that's quite steep. And would this 57K be over and above the amount one has to pay upfront ?

Thanks much for info.
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