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India bans ex-pat pilots...

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India bans ex-pat pilots...

Old 9th May 2012, 16:50
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India bans ex-pat pilots...

India axes foreign pilots - Telegraph

Well I reckon they'll be rethinking this one pretty quick...
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Old 9th May 2012, 18:20
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Yawn. This is a yearly re-print. Expats aren't going anywhere. Good night.
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Old 9th May 2012, 18:25
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Yawn. This is a yearly re-print

Well I reckon they'll be rethinking this one pretty quick...
Yes, or else there will be too many locals (Read - babus) counting too many holes in the ground!
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Old 9th May 2012, 20:34
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The last smoking hole the babus encountered in India was caused by an expat at the helm. Let's not jump to conclusions.

On an unrelated but relevant note, expats aren't going anywhere any time soon. As mentioned, a yearly exercise in futility.

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Old 9th May 2012, 22:49
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also jet is still hiring expats for B-777 fleet according to a job portal.
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Old 10th May 2012, 05:23
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I don't understand why India is thinking curbing foreign pilots while other Asian operators like Cathay Pacific are welcoming Indian pilots with open arms.

Where's reciprocity these days ?
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Old 10th May 2012, 07:03
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Since 2007 DGCA is banding expats...yes expats will go away ( my estimate) close to 2017-2020 !!! Are expats God's gifted to aviation ? no they are not and I am an expat. I have flown with excellent Indian Aviators and expats and also I have seen expats that they are a disgrace to the profession ! with that beeing said Same goes for Indians ! People go on accusing guys for flying A320's or 737NG's with 250 hours and upgrading at 2500 hours total time ! It's not their fault..I can not blaim someone who has invested hard earned money ( or a hugh loan ) into become a airline pilot for accepting a job ! Who I blaim..I blaim DGCA and Airline managment !!! DGCA is an embarrassment of Indian Aviation !!!
They are doing nothing to help the development of aviation industry in India !

Here is a little story ! Alot of Indian CPL holders or even Airline Captains put the blaim on expats for taking the job/jobs of Indians ! Firts of all a 10000+ hour expat Captain is not taking the job of a 250 Hour F/O !!!
Signing a contract with an agent/airline expats coming to work ..not to take or steal etc etc .. on the other hand certain Indian Captains ( who are pro -union but they run their own recruiting agency for expats ) and managment personel are making money from expatriots !! How is that ? Well for every expat depending on company mangment guys make 4350-5500 USD per year of employment... 2 of those ( pardon my language) are in SpiceJet !!! those 2 have been thrown out from JET..Kingfisher and now are in Spice doing what they know best...scam money from people !! The big boy is charging 20-25 lacks for any Indian wanted to join Spice and also makes around 4500 USD for every expat he signs per year..with that being said the 25,000 INR that young aspiring Indian CPL holders pay to give the test for joining SpiceJet guess where they go ....oh and by the way they have been scammed cause company has already pre-select who they gonna hire !
So its to their benefit to bring expats...keep them for 1 year or less and then send them away so new can come and make more money...so here is my question Who is hurting Indian aspiring pilots ????
What bothers me is that everybody knows about it BUT nobody is doing anything !!!
There are Indian managment guys(Chief pilot or Training managers etc etc) in Spice and Jet and Indigo that they are an honor to work and know and unfortunately few crooks just like the above mentioned ( I think everyone knows the names) that instead of being kicked and prosecuted, they are ALLOWED to be in management positions destroying ( believe me ) airlines so the can make few crores and so they can be wealthy !!!

I am on my way out of India and I am really honored that I have worked here and befriend with a lot of Indian pilots. I thank them for their hospitality and their friendship..real friendship and I am sad to leave them !!!
Spice Jet has one of the best CP I have the honor to work with and some of the best Instructors....names are irrelevant cause we all know them ...Thank you

To my fellows young aspiring CPL holders that are looking to get jobs and to the new comers into the airlines !!! YOU are the owns who will change Indian Aviation and put India among the leading in the Airline Industry...Do not accuse Expats for this...THEY WORK just like you...Away from family home love ones...Fight corruption and i am begging you ...do not pay crooks to get a job ! I know its tough to be unemployed !!! BELIEVE me I do ! But they are hurting you nothing else...
As far as the Mangalore accident...It was an expat captain yes...and an Indian first officer both very experienced...BUT very tired...very very tired...nobody talked about fatigue..why DGCA did not let NTSB to help in the investigation ? why the F/O despite the fact that he did say go around HE DID NOT GO AROUND ? and now in India there are new FDTL rules because of that accident...they were both at fault and the biggest fault should be on DGCA and AI Express for sacrificing safety !!! cause thats what they did....

I did not intent to insult people or nations BUT I think we should all educate our selfs !!!
Happy Landings
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Old 10th May 2012, 10:17
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gypydriver I applaud your post which seems to have come from the heart.

Thank you for saying it like it is.
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Old 10th May 2012, 12:00
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Are you talking about the new ftdl regs that allow more hours per week, month with less rest time between flights and no seventh day rule, no change in international rest rules yet? Sounds like the dgca is really interested in safety!
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Old 12th May 2012, 08:47
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Expat pilots


your post seems heartfelt but lost you there when you talk about the corrupt management pilots ???

Most logical Indian pilots understand the need for airlines to hire experienced foreign captains/TRI's/TRE's. But the kickbacks and nexus between agencies and a few individuals within these airlines also add fuel to the thought that their progression is impeded by the expat. Do not shoot the messenger.

All the best for your future gypy .

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Old 12th May 2012, 11:09
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India bans the employment of experienced EXPATS

India has now decided to ban the employment of all expat/highly experienced pilots on 737NG/777/A320.......etc etc, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa what a joke?.GOOD LUCK TO THE TRAVELLING JOE PUBLIC.This has not happened in around 58 other countries..........I wonder why?
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Old 12th May 2012, 12:47
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well said!!
I like the way you've expressed yourself!!
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Old 12th May 2012, 19:54
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as far as phasing out expats is concerned its an annual practice of DGCA to come up with a new deadline evrery year.......nothing happens........ it's just other DGCA thing...

@gypydriver........RESPECT........!!!!! and thanks for sharing not only the information but also your emotions......
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Old 13th May 2012, 08:08
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I read your post and least i can say is,very well said.
Thank you
Best regards
Prashant Sharma
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