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Kidnappinig in Philippines

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Kidnappinig in Philippines

Old 5th Sep 2011, 09:46
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to amihan

Scare tactis to keep people away??? My buddy ..I am not tour operator let's say in Bali to get foreign tourist to Bali instead of Boracay neither am I chinesee airline recruiter to get Airbus pilots in China instead of Philippines...I have NO INTEREST to keep expats in or out of Philippines whatsoever! Got it?

You are doing pretty good job keeping people out yourself and for scare tactics please take leave of absence from your company at least for couple of months and start calling US state department,British,Japanese,Canadian,Australian,Taiwan,Hong Kong etc.....governments who issued travel warnings for your country and then start calling media from north to south pole who had reports or articles about safety issues in Philippines telling them that is all wrong and that should not use "scare tactics" to keep their citizens out of Philippines

Sooo here are few examples of "scare tactics" as you call it:

1. Canada - Philippines Travel Advice and Advisories | Government of Canada and says and I quote "Canadians should be alert to the danger of kidnapping in the Philippines. Although government action has reduced the frequency of kidnappings, there remain reports of planned kidnap-for-ransom of business people. Kidnappings have occurred throughout the country, including in Manila and several resort areas, and deaths have resulted in some cases. Canadians should be cautious when travelling to, and around, coastal areas and island resorts. "
2. US - Philippines and says and I quote " Crime is a significant concern in urban areas of the Philippines. Though U.S. citizens are not typically targeted for kidnapping, kidnappings and violent assaults do occur in Metro Manila and elsewhere. U.S. citizens should remain aware of their surroundings and exercise good judgment. Reports of confidence games, pick pocketing, internet scams, and credit/ATM card fraud are common."
3. Brits - Philippines travel advice and says and I quote "There is a threat from kidnapping in the Philippines, particularly in the southern Philippines. Kidnapping could occur anywhere.."
4. Australia - Travel Advice for Philippines - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says and I quote "Violent crime is a significant problem in the Philippines (see the Crime Section below).There is a danger of kidnapping throughout the Philippines, particularly in the southern Philippines, including coastal and island tourist resorts, dive sites, and live-aboard dive boats including in remote locations in the Sulu Sea. Terrorists have kidnapped foreigners from these areas in the past." and also says "Violent crime is a significant problem in the Philippines. Criminal gangs that drug and rob or assault unsuspecting tourists are active in Manila, including the Makati central business district, and in provincial resort towns."

You want me to go on? So must be worldwide conspiracy...nothing to do with "real" situation

As for again comparing isolated incidents in London and Norway with Philippines is ridiculous..

And you know what is your problem? As most Filipinos you get very touchy when truth about your country is revealed and just FAIL to see the real picture. That's why your country is in a such state.In order to fix problem first step is to recognize that you have problem !
Now ...believe or not (really don't care) I DO have lot's of great Filipino friends for life..and hurts me also (as my kids are half Filipino) to see once great nation and country in such state.Mind you that in 50's and 60's Philippines were BENCHMARK for other Asian nations before Marcos introduced corruption and started to pamper military ....I will never forget when one old Filipino (still important in Philippine aviation) was showing me family photos of Manila in 1930's...my god...makes you wonder..what happened?? Manila was wonderful place....

And there is a saying "Its not important how you see yourself it's important how others see you" and never forget that one my friend

And AGAIN for the VERY last time purpose of my post is... and now read my lips... I D O N O T W A N T T H I S T O H A P P E N T O A N Y B O D Y ! and THAT'S IT no hidden agenda...no conspiracy against Philippines (if it has happened in Europe I would do the same) etc..

All fathers here will understand me and what I am trying to do....and only fathers can understand what I went through...and why posting...this was living HELL and I will do everything possible, as much as I can ,to prevent this to happen to anybody else !

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Old 6th Sep 2011, 05:48
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Bottomline is.. Stay safe anywhere.
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Old 6th Sep 2011, 22:06
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It is still unclear how can kidnapping happen in a crowded airport unnoticed. All you've told so far is:
Day 1. Abduction
Day 2. Ransom demands
Day 3. Payment
Day 4. Release
No mention of negotiations, bargaining or proof of life. $50000 cash is available instantly. Everything went by so fast and smoothly that by the end of Day 4 you were already ppruning.
You said they were on their way to immigration when they disappeared which means they've already checked-in with the airline. The airline would've looked for them and notified airport police since they didn't board the plane. You never mentioned any of these. However, you did tell those fathers considering a job at CEB PAC to be careful..
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 00:19
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Scare tactics?????

If I can get my hairdresser to give me a nice head of goldilocks, I may possibly get to be top dog at cebu pac now that the other much in demand expats are wont to come! Thank you; maraming salamat po!
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 01:15
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to amihan

Since you have also problems understanding over and over again let me clarify it for you one more time... UNLESS you are are Philippine NBI or PACER Manila team member you will get NO further information on public forum...information I gave so far is quite enough for NORMAL people to increase their level of safety and to be more careful so this does not happen to them...

And you mentioning bargaining and "proof of life" ...haha..you watched the movie right ha? and now you are "specialist"...when somebody kidnaps your baby daughter..hey by all means.. then you go ahead and "bargain"

Anyway...enough people saw this and think that message got across throughout at least pilot community
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 06:18
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time to close this thread. Mods kindly do the deed.
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 06:45
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The intent is to raise awareness of the rash of kidnappings in the Philippines, so why would you want to close it? Let others share their experiences.

I have heard of several attempted family abductions in Saudi Arabia from ex-Saudia crew. One guy told me he would have not ventured into Saudia had he heard of the earlier kidnapping attempts that happened prior to his employment there. It would have saved him the anguish and feelings of helplessness when the authorities there turned a blind eye when he reported it. In fact he was almost victimised instead and his family had to beat a hasty retreat from the accursed place.
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 14:07
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Sounds like a load of Crap. Too much bleating from Bbratuse. Yes there are kidnappings in the Philippines. But as a streetwise visitor I have never had any issues there with my family. Yes you get the beggars and scammers, but if your head is screwed on correctly, No prob. A poor country with the most adaptive, resilient and warm people I have ever experienced.

Crime is everywhere in the world.
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Old 7th Sep 2011, 22:10
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I have lay overed many times in MNL; not the safest of places and I am always wary of venturing into unfamiliar places, being prewarned by fellow pilots and our station manager.

In bbratuse's case it is claimed that it happened after immigration and security checks at NAIA; it had to be a superbly and meticulously planned operation possibly with the collusion of insiders. The ransom must have been planned to be very large sum; kudos to bbratuse to have only parted with $50,000...must be really result of deft and shrewd negotiation.

This happening to people with such close ties to Filipinos who are so keenly aware of such crimes is indeed disturbing and mystifying. NBI, Avsecom and all the relevant authorities must really check this out!
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Old 11th Sep 2011, 16:06
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i feel sorry for you...booo hoooo hoooo.... don't come back to this country called philippines....boo hooo hoo...
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Old 11th Sep 2011, 18:55
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Leemankin.....Uncalled for remarks; infantile behaviour and a disgrace. Your fellow Asians will cringe at your pathetic remarks notwithstanding any doubts they have about the holes in this story.
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