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Indigo orders 180 A320 Largest Jet order in History of Aviation

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Indigo orders 180 A320 Largest Jet order in History of Aviation

Old 11th Jan 2011, 21:02
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Cool Indigo orders 180 A320 Largest Jet order in History of Aviation

Indian airline IndiGo has signed an agreement to buy
180 Airbus A320 single-aisle aircraft in a record sale worth $16.4 billion (12.6 billion euros), the European plane maker said Tuesday.

"It is the largest single firm order number for large jets in commercial aviation history," Airbus said in a statement.

The low-cost airline has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire 150 of the new A320neo versions equipped with more efficient engines and fuel-saving wing tips, which Airbus plans to start delivering to clients in 2016.

The other 30 planes are to be standard versions of the A320.
The price of the deal was not announced, but according to Airbus' catalogue price is worth $16.4 billion.

The order will make IndiGo the launch customer of the A320neo, which Airbus unveiled only last month.
"This order for industry leading fuel efficient aircraft will allow IndiGo to continue to offer low fares," said Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia, co-founders of IndiGo.

The aircraft are expected to deliver fuel savings of up to 15 percent, as well as consequent cuts in pollution.

"Ordering more A320s was the natural choice to meet India's growing flying needs. The opportunity to reduce costs and to further improve our environmental performance through the A320neo were key to our decision," they said in a statement.

"This order positions IndiGo to take full advantage of the predicted growth in Indian air travel and we are delighted that they continue to build their future with Airbus," said John Leahy, Airbus' Chief Operating Officer for Customers.
Airbus said it has delivered some 4,500 of the aircraft to 310 airlines, with another 1,300 on the order books, making it the world's best-selling single-aisle aircraft family.

Airbus says IndiGo to buy 180 A320s for $16.4 bn - Yahoo! News

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Old 11th Jan 2011, 21:05
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I dont wanna sound skeptical....

But anyone else see a business model viable for so many aircraft ?

On the other hand more jobs for Indian CPL holders

You just have to wait a few more years for it though...
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Old 11th Jan 2011, 22:01
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Old 11th Jan 2011, 22:36
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 02:22
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i'll believe it when i see it

- poor infrastructure
- lack of qualified ATC's
- uncertain future
- Not enough experienced pilots


oh and looks like its only 30 till 2016

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Old 12th Jan 2011, 03:24
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Since deliveries start form 2016 onwards perhaps most of the aircraft will be replacement aircraft for the old A320
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 04:34
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As much ridiculous perhaps, as the 600 or so backlog from Boeing for the 787 Miraclecruiser......
Let's see and wait for the future.
The fact is that the new generations Boeing 737 (700 and so) have been involved in a lot a crashes recently, so even if nothing is as simple, the star of the American company has been fading a little bit away recently.
But Airbus needs some compettion in the long term, so I wish they will stay in the business anyway.
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 04:47
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Thumbs up

Thanks for posting the article first off Cyril

Yes Airbus will do well in the future. Reasons being why airlines prefer it is more technical in nature-

Crew Compatibility with A318-A321 version series
Crew adaptability to flying A330s in 1 week
Fuel Efficient IAE and CFM engines
Airbus Neo also known as the A320NGs of the future
Design correction for fly by wire system with more engineering friendly concepts on the NEO

We all are just negative in mindset. India cannot do this, India cannot do that. This sucks, that sucks.

Once, all indian airports used to suck. Today, corporate governance takes more responsibility in building projects and every construction company understands that Future BID it needs, so it works on building better airports. The major enhancement that Delhi has is its 3 lane push back taxi system which no other airport has.

Next, being late is worrisome, but it removes many errors that airport may have. Take the example of Delhi International, who can point out those innovative design concepts Delhi has that major International Airports do not have. Lets start from the Ground itself.

Who in this forum can tell all of us, what designs Delhi has that it has taken from its peers both domestic and International.

- I just gave you a 3 lane taxi system.

Good Luck
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 06:05
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I think the previous order for the 100 A320's should be done with by 2015 and this 180 aircraft order starts only in 2016 thus making it a total of 280 aircrafts on order.

Correct me if im wrong. Indigo runs the airline like a business should be run unlike some like KFA who juz start an airline on a whim n fancy of starting one.!
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 07:40
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it s an agreement only ,

anytime, they can cancel the agreement. it s not the first time that airlines canceled their order.

advantage: they order planes in advance when the 320 is fully booked for the next 3-4 years.

disadvantage: Indigo loose money if they cancel their order with airbus, and no one know when the big crisis in India will come.

to finish: dont belive there will be a pilot shortage in india.
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 11:12
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amazing! could indigo know things that the others like KFA don't?
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 12:05
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I am surprised but not shocked and also many are going to start their pilot training with this as a reason (maybe an excuse)
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 12:18
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I'm sure some of the new aircraft will go on lease to other airlines... Indigo already has some of it's 320's out on lease.

I doubt that in the short to mid term Indigo plans to be operating a 180 aircraft fleet.

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Old 12th Jan 2011, 13:13
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Pilots you can find. There are hundreds if not thousands wanting to pay to sit in those shiny new jets. Technicians to maintain them properly? Why I think I see a fly in the ointment.

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Old 12th Jan 2011, 14:07
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thats how IndiGo business model works...out of the 30 odd existing fleet only about 4-5 are owned by IndiGo.........IndiGo(Interglobe) sells the A320s to leasing companies (makes a premium there) and leases it back for the airline...I guess when the 5 year lease ends, IndiGo will not renew the lease on those airplanes but would want to lease brand new A320s from the same/other leasing companies keeping the average age of the fleet very young...moreover, only a small number out of those 180 will come into the airline...most of them will be leased/sold to other airlines...

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Old 12th Jan 2011, 14:13
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I have heard something similar as to what google mentioned .

They lease the aircraft when new and give it back by the time it has a scheduled 'D' check .
They then lease new airplanes to replace it and the same cycle begins again hence saving them a ton of money
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Old 12th Jan 2011, 15:23
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I'm sure this is 'my dick is bigger than your dick' flick of the fingers to other Indian airlines. It's all about status and, as someone has already stated in a previous posting, this could be cancelled (or significantly reduced) at a moments notice.

I too will believe this when it happens.
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Old 13th Jan 2011, 00:55
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100 out of the 180 to be used as a replacement for older A/C.
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Old 13th Jan 2011, 02:06
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It still means 180 new airplane to build.

What would do the aviation industry without asian market?
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Old 13th Jan 2011, 21:17
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If the deal goes ahead as planned and at least some of the aircraft are delivered directly to Indigo would it make the company worth working for?

Are there any expats already there and in any numbers to comment on life v work in general. Anything appreciated.
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