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Indigo orders 180 A320 Largest Jet order in History of Aviation

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Indigo orders 180 A320 Largest Jet order in History of Aviation

Old 13th Jan 2011, 22:53
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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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The fact is that the new generations Boeing 737 (700 and so) have been involved in a lot a crashes recently,
And just how many of these are technical, rather than pilot error?

Serious buyers of aircraft will only be put off if there are known technical problems, Boeings are not difficult to fly and have an overall excellent record.
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Old 18th Jan 2011, 06:06
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Think About It!!

I believe that INDIGO is planning to dominate the LCC sector of the INDIAN Aviation market, the growth potential is there, so why not be the first one to dominate the market with HUGE ASSETS (180 planes) thereby increasing capacity. Though KIngfisher has done this, try to dominate the Indian skies in M&A (Kingfisher & Deccan), the expansion was not as successful as they plan it to be. INDIGO's plan to dominate the skies is tried and tested by AirASIA which now flies more and more airplanes all over Asia dominating LCC sector in the South East Asia, and still is growing it's capacity. So, Indigo in esense is just copying the model of AirASIA. However, increasing capacity doesn't mean increasing margin/profit. Also LCC in India can be dominated by one carrier (say INDIGO), but I also believe they have plans to tap Regional as well as International sectors. With this in mind, I just hope they have the MUSCLE to compete with MAJOR CARRIERS in the REGION, coz fishing in the pond is very much different from fishing in the ocean (I just hope their nets wouldn't break when they catch a whale)...just my 10cents worth..

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Old 20th Jan 2011, 01:38
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When it comes to suicide, some jump off a bridge, some get a rope, and some use a firearm.
Indigo have obviously decided to use 180 A320s to commit suicide.

(where the fcuk do they think they're going to find pilots? India.)

Willie Everlearn
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Old 20th Jan 2011, 05:25
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Foreign meat..
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Old 20th Jan 2011, 07:18
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(where the fcuk do they think they're going to find pilots? India.)
I guess the chaps at the indiGo management are hard at work with their better halves, trying to squeeze out a few more babies, just in time!
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Old 20th Jan 2011, 13:11
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The CEO, Rakeesh Gangwal, and his twin idiot brother Rono Dutta (also Indian national), swapped spit between two carriers in the US (US Scare and Untied) for 10-15 years. Both ended up running the show (CEO) there, and both carriers ended up Chapter 11, one of them twice. Gangwals history of failure doesn't bode well for Indigo. I am just glad that him and his idiot sidekick are now screwing up Indian airlines, instead of US ones.

Good luck to you all who choose to work there. I hope you don't need it, but history says you probably will.

And yes, the misspellings of the two US airlines was intentional. If I misspelled Gangwals' and Duttas' names, I could care less.
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Old 20th Jan 2011, 14:52
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180 planes will take forever to be delivered, that is if it doesn't become obsolete
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Old 21st Jan 2011, 00:26
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that's just the kind of comment that comes from a misunderstanding of fleet management.

i cannot understand the kind of venom that indigo is getting here. they're one of the top airlines in India, with a robust and profitable business model, and a good customer base.

even if you consider this is on top of their original 100 A320 order due to be completed by 2015, this isn't exactly illogical. they are continuing a proven formula that has given them (and others such as Ryanair and Airasia) success. In the LCC world, volume is king, and India at present still has no such volume operator.

from my end of the LCC world, this is definitely audacious, but it is not misplaced. it is going to take a lot of hard work for Indigo to make it work.
what would have been illogical is if indigo ordered widebodies!
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Old 21st Jan 2011, 00:52
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hmm... i agree i'm a greenhorn at fleet management..

care to enlighten everyone how are they gonna handle the huge order?
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Old 21st Jan 2011, 05:26
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Guys pls look at the details? How many FIRM orders? (30) How many new NEO's versus old? Airbus needed big numbers here it is all a shell game. Do you remember ADAM Air (of course not). The ordered 30 new A/C in 2006 or 2007 per Airbus and them. Was it real - hell no. If Indigo is so good why did the very solid sharp CEO Bruce A. leave after his contract was up? Please ........ No one in the wildest mind could grow at this pace and survive. Only slow steady growth like my heroes South West allows you to survive for years and years>>>>>>>>>>> Just my 1.5 cent worth......
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Old 21st Jan 2011, 07:08
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adam air. ooohhh brings back not so good memories.
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Old 21st Jan 2011, 16:48
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what a joke ,looks more like buy the planes now sell them later with a profit
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