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New Exodus at Cebu Pacific

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New Exodus at Cebu Pacific

Old 4th Aug 2013, 04:10
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Cool, thanks for that, St.Ex.... like I said and you confirmed - different pay structures in force.

... and yeah heard through the grapevine about various folk transitioning to 330, merely for reasons of wanting to fly a different aircraft or trying longhaul...

Anyway gotta go fly happy landings!
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Old 12th Aug 2013, 03:16
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Hi folks-
Could anyone who has had a sim check recently with cebu pac for a 320 fo job share what's the profile like? Much appreciated.
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Old 26th Oct 2015, 03:20
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Update from FlightGlobal


Cebu pilot misinterpreted runway lights before A320 excursion

Pilots of a Cebu Pacific Airbus A320 should have executed a go-around rather than pursue an unstable approach into Davao, which resulted in a runway excursion that damaged the jet.

The aircraft passed through a burst of intense rain as it neared touchdown and the captain “misconstrued” runway edge lights as centreline lights, states the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

It says the weather conditions “severely affected the judgement and decision-making” of the captain, who was flying, and that the rain “obscured” visibility of the runway.

The aircraft “failed to maintain” a stabilised profile during the VOR/DME approach and was still left of the runway 23 centreline moments before touchdown.

Investigators point out that the first officer was calling for the aircraft’s course to be shifted more to the right. But the subsequent correction took the aircraft too far to the right of the centreline, aligning it with the right-hand edge lights.

It landed about 30m before the touchdown point, some 190m from the threshold, close to the right-hand runway edge and crabbing about 3° to the right.

All three landing-gear assemblies had left the runway by the time the aircraft had rolled some 500m, and the jet travelled another 330m on soft ground. There were no injuries among the 165 passengers and six crew.

The jet had been landing at Davao in darkness on 2 June 2013.

Investigators found evidence of “lapses, omissions and contradictory words” by the crew, adding that the captain was probably apprehensive about landing in poor weather, at night, using a non-precision approach.

While a go-around was “necessary”, it was not carried out, possibly because the pilot’s attention was “narrowed” by his focus on the difficult conditions, says the inquiry.

Missed-approach procedures in such conditions were “seldom practised” during recurrent training, the inquiry adds, and the “over-use” of airports with centreline lights “deprived” crews of the chance to improve flight skills at airports without such systems.
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Old 13th Nov 2015, 13:08
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So what's the latest word on the NEWEST exodus from Cebu Pacific?
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Old 14th Nov 2015, 00:38
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Most of the Expats are gone, the locals are leaving for Viet Jet and other airlines. LYG has even asked Viet Jet to "please stop poaching my pilots".

And of course, the remaining Pinoy pilots are all to glad to take up the slack and work over to make up for the losses.
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Old 18th Dec 2015, 14:02
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Based on A1 information, somebody will take the cudgel of this mess. Next year will be the time for reckoning.

To CebPac pilots, Hold On!!! Wait!!! Give LYG a fair chance for "cleansing" & "reparation". He is still the "BIG BOSS".

Hope for a "Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year", if not, "....Come to Me and I will give you REST!!!..."

Arigato Gozaimas :) :) :)
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Old 18th Dec 2015, 14:34
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LYG is only interested in profit, and he will replace Kingshitt with another money grubber to do his bidding.

As long as the local pilots are willing to pick up the slack, fly illegally and when sick then there will be no change.

Only when the airplanes get parked will LYG come to the table.
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Old 19th Dec 2015, 06:13
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The reason an expat is always at the helm of Cebu Pacific is no mere coincidence. The position demands that profit is maintained no matter how inhumanely the employees are treated. There is probably no Filipino out there who is capable of forgetting humanitarian requirements and to some degree safety for the sake of financial gain. Having said that maybe Mr. ABR comes close as well as Captain MCI of the Long Haul Division.
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Old 19th Dec 2015, 15:22
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Hi Guys,
Does Cebu Pacific Airline still employ foreigners? I am married to a filipino gal and would like to spend some time in the Philippines, I don't have any jet time but i have turboprop command time on B200/B1900 i have an oz cpl + completed atpl subjects.

1) You will be required to sign a training bond, about $30,000US (it varies).
2) The training is sub standard, actually "sub standard" would mean there is actual training. It's well below sub standard. Ground training is a joke, and sim training consist of having a local (expats are not allowed to be instructors) screaming and yelling while giving unrealistic problems and multiple emergencies. Be prepared to attend classes that are taught in Tagalog because the instructor could care less about you.
3) Being an expat, you are relevant until you're not. You will be looked down upon and will get firsthand attention of just how racist the Filipinos will be against you. In their eyes you are "stealing" their jobs.
4) Scheduling is horrendous. 8 hard days off per month, but you will get calls to fly on those days, and you are not allowed to decline. Typical schedule has you flying in on your last day arriving midnight or after, day off and showing at 1am on the next day. You cannot bid schedules, they are assigned. ATR flies 6 to 8 legs a day. Crew Schedulers are the equivalent of trained monkeys.
5) Pay. Dismal. FO's make about $2000/month.
6) Vacation. 2 weeks per year, that's it. And you are charged vacation days on your scheduled off days. So if the 2 weeks you pick for vacation have 3 off days, they make you take vacation for those days.
7) Domicile. Manila. Forget "cheap living" unless you want to live in a slum. On FO pay you cannot afford to live in Manila, period.
8) Captains (locals) will treat you like the scum of the earth, and when they screw up, you will be blamed.
9) Safety. The destinations of the ATR are small airports within the Philippines. Except for a very few (5?) the rest don't have instrument approaches or ATC facilities and no radar. You will fly with Capts that will concoct home made approaches into mountainous jungle terrain during monsoon weather. You will fly with Capts that have zero knowledge of aircraft systems. Several ATP locals have about the knowledge of a Private Pilot in the rest of the world.. Limitations? What's that?
10) You will pay for your own work permit (about $1000 US), you will pay for your own license conversion with the CAAP, you will pay for your own company medical exam. In essence, you pay for EVERYTHING required to gain employment. While attending training until you are released for line flying (about 6 months) you will receive a "training allowance" (no other pay) that is less than $500/month. Think you can live in manila for $500 a month?
11) There is no flow through to the A320 or the A330 as they are different companies. If you go to the ATR (CebGo) you are stuck there, period.
12) Captain upgrade. Forget it. Locals get priority on upgrades.
13) If you do get lucky enough to upgrade (kiss enough ass) then you will be required to sign another training bond of $30-$50K US, that will run concurrent with your FO training bond.
14) Sick days. Unpaid. That's right, call in sick= no pay. And if you call in sick, you are required to go to a doctor, get a grounding slip. Then when you are better, you are required to go back to a doctor and get a release slip.
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Old 20th Dec 2015, 02:15
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Black Crow

sim training consist of having a local (expats are not allowed to be instructors)
That's not entirely correct as far a Cebu Pacific is concerned. Not sure about CebGo
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Old 20th Dec 2015, 05:18
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I am assuming the bond would include a type rating on the aircraft? If i came with my own A320 type rating would the training bond still apply?
Yep, they will tell you it pays for the "training" they are giving you. In reality it's just a scam to keep you there for 3 years.

Is this on the Airbus or ATR?
ATR. You might make $2500/month on the Airbus.


You paint a bleak picture are there any positives at all?
Nope. It's an indentured servitude type employment. They own you, and your only purpose is to make them money, without question.
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Old 20th Dec 2015, 05:21
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That's not entirely correct as far a Cebu Pacific is concerned. Not sure about CebGo
Unless it's very recent, expats as Instructors doesn't happen there. Instructor positions are not awarded to pilots who can teach, they are given as rewards to locals regardless of their teaching ability.
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