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Private Airlines in India to go on strike !! ??

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Private Airlines in India to go on strike !! ??

Old 31st Jul 2009, 20:22
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Private Airlines in India to go on strike !! ??

Private airlines threaten one-day strike on Aug 18

Whats the logic ?

As always, as with everything else ... strike or no strike, the one who is going to suffer is the STUPID COMMON MAN who pays his taxes.
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Old 31st Jul 2009, 22:16
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Here's why they are doing that
People of India own private airlines: Vijay Mallya
Old 1st Aug 2009, 06:44
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Airlines on Strike

As always, as with everything else ... strike or no strike, the one who is going to suffer is the STUPID COMMON MAN who pays his taxes.
Oh please stop with this common man ............. There is nothing common about a man who flies, and more importantly more than half of India's COMMAN MAN does not pay taxes. If they did maybe the government could reduce taxes across the board as is being requested. People are Taxed in India to pay for the in efficiencies and irrational demands of public opinion for poor farmers (who by the way in 2006 and 2007 where the largest purchasesrs of Premium cars).

The entire farce that is being played out is the doing of "Low cost" guru's like gopi that thought of a great model on how to give a ticket for a buck but took the easy way out of running away when the time came to show money is to be made from it. Lets face it once the lure of the 1 buck ticket to the COMMON MAN (yes that was his logo too) was given it has become practically impossible for the airlines to take it away without facing huge protests and abuse.

Are the airlines correct in striking, well if the 2000 employees that were laid of from jet and who created such a stink were allowed to do so, then maybe business owners should also pay back in kind.

To the demnd of lowering taxes on fuel which are in the region of 26% (so that the common man can enjoy subsidized fuel to cook at home and drive his BMW) and the high rates of taxes that private airport operators are charged (which in turn they pass onto the airlines) I would also add a better and more efficient labor policy that allows re trenchment and part time / hourly employment.

And oh yes lets not forget Private airlines losses 10,000 crs, Air India 7700 crs. Lets start saving private tax payer money there first by shutting Air India down.

Would have a ripple effect of giving better load factors to all airlines, and therefore reducing their pains a bit. Pity about the 300 employees per aircraft they have, but most of them anyways are in the last percentile of thier shelf lives so maybe retirement homes will do well.

Now thats what I call killing 2 birds with one stone.
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Old 1st Aug 2009, 06:59
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All a big farce

Its all a big farce. This was probably pre-planned, even the aviation minister is in on this. He had already prepared a statement regarding this, meaning he knew this is going to happen.

The pvt airlines have a one-up on this with the help of the corrupt ministers, the govt should not give in to this stupidity.
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 09:40
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the aviation minister is on the payroll of Jet & Kfa...

The only logic that makes sense for the pvt airlines to fight for is the tax on ATF and the stupid 5 yr ban to fly intl'....while the Middle East airlines come and grab the market share in these 5 yrs.
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 18:26
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Shanx - If the logic was to be understood, we probably wouldn't have arrived at this stage to begin with.

Wannabe Flier - Agree with you. Very close on this one. Although I would not comment on the Common man part, the Air-India problem is certainly grave.
What I would like to add is, after they asked for a Bail-Out, they started selling tickets for almost Zero Base fare. That like always got things worse.

LeftWing - Wish to explain the Minister on Airline PayRoll ? (Or did you mean the Payroll under the Table) ?
I do agree on you regarding the Ban for International Flights and ATF.

My Take - It is just being done to save the National Carrier from sinking. And why would they want to do that, I guess our democracy has an answer to it.

But what concerns me is - Its out in front that NACIL is a big mess. But is something going to be done about it?
If Yes, the Strike served its purpose.
If No, the airlines might save some money not flying on the 18th Aug and refunding its Pax and continue as before.

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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 18:49
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Indigo and Spicejet have withdrawn from the strike, so most probably it looks like its going to be just KF and Jet that will finally go on with the strike!!
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 19:38
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FIA calls off private airlines strike
FIA calls off private airlines strike- Airlines / Aviation-Transportation-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 07:24
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Airline Strike called Off

Seems like the airlines blinked first. Was it public reaction? or did they realize it was ill timed or did they read the tax law and realize it is a state issue. Either way it still brought the real and possible danger out into the open and with the threat of ESMA being invoked, it shows how crucial this sector is to the country.

That said I am sure in typical fashion conspiracy theories about the nexus of politicians and airlines et al will arise. No one can stop that but, what the aviation minister said on TV today was the reality

"Airlines are in trouble no doubt about that. Air India is in deep trouble, no doubt about that. There is no question of a government bailout to Air India. The Government owns Air India and like any owner is pumping in more equity to keep it

Maybe the private airlines should do just that and all the while keep pushing for reforms etc in taxes as well as routes and labour issues. Also they should understand that they alone are not in the soup. Every industry across every country is facing these issues.

On a lighter note, loved GOPI on NDTV with a caption reading "Aviation Expert" giving his flip flop views on the strike. Dude you are partly responsible for it maybe for once it would better if you kept quiet as your 1 Rupee thoughts (pun intended) are not required here
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Old 4th Aug 2009, 04:30
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Well said , that's the beauty of it.Old Gopi seems to be the "only" aviation "expert" available in India ..well at least according to the media.Was reading about his "expert" views about the situation and according to him there should be more competition to stimulate demand so as to increase the number of travellers so as to revive the industry.....well after all these years the bald moron hasn't realized that seats being filled up doesn't bring in the money...realistic fares do....and that's exactly what the Indian aviation industry needs more competition to send a few more carriers to the grave...a la Gopi...Gopi is living proof that hair loss is directly propotional to brain loss...keep going Gopi the country needs you..
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