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Any helicopter schools in the Philippines?

Hey guys I live in the US now but was wondering if there are any helicopter flight schools in the Philippines. I am interested in obtaining my commercial license. I have found nothing on the net on helicopters specifically. Maybe some people don't put some stuff online (yea right) Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ey bro,

Airworks Aviation offers PPL/CPL on the Robinson R-22 Helicopter. You can contact Airworks at (+632) 8512228.

Airworks is a very good school. Standard flight training, well worth your investment. All the best in your endeavors bro.
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Masters flying school has a Schweizer 300 based in Plaridel. Give them a call at 632 8517042.
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trust condom clb my idol!!
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I think you will find the cost of flight training here about 50% to 100% more expensive than the US. That combined with the fact that the couple of places that do training only have a copter or two at the most, means any down time will delay your training. Both of these issues will probably way offset any potential savings on food, lodging, etc. But if you are looking to do it in the Philippines because you want to be here that is a differnet situation.
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Down time ..

I saw a Colibri doing repeated take-off and landings in Manila Airport, and doing a few orbits as well, around the Bay Area.

Not sure, but somebody mentioned a Chopper school there.

Not sure if the Colibri was doing training or some other tests.
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@p.loco - there's several heli flight schools in the Phils. - one is Airworks (the best, imho), but i saw their R22 on ground (timed out?)

masters and yokota in plaridel are also giving heli training...

why not do it in the USA instead? more schools, means competitive rates...

good luck !
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how much hourly

Does anyone know how much Airworks in the Phillippines is renting their R-22 per hour with instructor for? Also, how much is Master's charging for their Schweizer 300c?

Where I am training now, the instructor is $40 dollars an hour for ground and the R-22 is $265 dual and $245.00 solo.
Another school I could train at in Schweizers is charging $305 and hour including instructor.

Thanks David
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flying helicopter school

you can try islandhelicopter services, inc. they have a bell 206 for training
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I just asked Master flying school in Plaridel, Philipines and they charge unbelievable 25,000 Philipine pesos for a Schweizer 300. It is $570 usd per hour.
Why would anybody go to Philipines to train? It seems they are the most expensive compared to any country including Hong Kong.
Anybody has any updated info about other chopper rentals in Philipines? Would not mind to rent at some reasonable rate.
There does not seem to be much info on the internet.
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