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Jet Airways F/O 737

Old 7th Jan 2008, 21:01
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Unhappy Jet Airways F/O 737

Hello everyone

Just wondered if anybody was going along to this and had any more information about JA, I did my screening session just
7 month ago( 6th,June,2007) and Ive done all the thing that they told me like a employment Visa and aslo I received yet my secur Clearence but no news about the contract or date of begin

somebody in same situation

Any info would be greatly recieved
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Old 7th Jan 2008, 23:42
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My friend had to wait for a long time as well. Nobody knew when he'd start. But, he is there flying now. Don't worry.
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Old 8th Jan 2008, 15:17
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Danger Jet Airways F/O B737

Ok I don't have any other choice just wait ...

anyway thanks for the information.....

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Old 9th Jan 2008, 06:05
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Hey Fede

Hey I had a word with HR last month and they tild me that they no longer need FO on the 737. they've stopped recruiting as of now .
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Old 10th Jan 2008, 07:39
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Thats India for you. I hope this experience gives you a little taste of how things work over there. Everything is slow. Things doesn't get done unless you kiss somebodies feet or give them money for tea.

Man I ran for my life from that part of the world. There is too much nonsense over there. If you kiss a girl people think you are bad. Some might even beat the hak out of you if they can. Not at all civilized in my opinion.

I don't know why all these westerners these days are ready to leave their great home to go live in India just to fly an Airbus. Lol in India sometimes you will watch in the morning some goat taking a dump in front of your five star hotel. Added with that you will see maybe about 10-15 people standing still watching that on their way to work. Can't blame them. There isn't much to do over there, so you gotta keep entertained yourself somehow.
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Old 10th Jan 2008, 09:09
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just a airbus? hmm... not civilized at all?????

I have been in many places and India is not the only place such things happen. kind sir, Please be a little more polite while voicing your expert opinion on this country. Its bad its ugly, but that does not give you the right not b***h about it.

and btw fedemelnyk, there was a thread on this a couple of weeks ago... that might give you more insight.
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Old 10th Jan 2008, 12:03
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Reply to airplane crazy

India is such a wonderful country with a touch of variety. you see LIFE in every corner of the streets.I admire the way they live in the country with what they have .there is a big difference in quality of life.But I believe you can live in india with 100 rupees as well as with 1000 rupees.(its your choice).Next time when you see something like that take a picture It might help you when you get old and lying in a nursing home (you may have the wisdom ). its not nice to say bad things about any country or its people or its living conditions. Remember you have given a lot of good things in life by your creator so be gracious about it.
Its a shame, you could have had a wonderful life time experience if you would have stayed.Anyway good luck .
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