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CRJ pilot job in INDIA...

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CRJ pilot job in INDIA...

Old 9th Dec 2006, 00:34
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CRJ pilot job in INDIA...

Hi everyone,

Winter is coming here in Canada and want to escape ... Looking for a CRJ position in INDIA any good places recommended.

Any informations about airline, website, living in INDIA are welcomed...

Thanks and have a nice day.

Over 8000 hrs. total and 700 hrs on CRJ..
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Old 9th Dec 2006, 03:03
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As far as i know only Air Sahara in India operates CRJs.But a new startup 'Indus Air' will start ops using the CRJs on Dec 14.You may want to have a look.

Here is a news article about Indus air.

Good luck.
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 16:42
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Exclamation CRJ jobs in INDIA

Many thanks Divinesoul...

And what do u think about Air Sahara, safe and a good place to work ?

Do u know if they hire expat...

have a nice day...
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 19:11
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Not the most current, but try this link for a job advert:


Almost all the Indian companies are hiring expats on a contract basis these days. As far as safety, a colleague who is on a 737 contract gig reports that many FO's are very low time (maybe a few hundred hours) so your workload and the need to be alert is higher.
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 19:46
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Arik Air in Nigeria has got some CRJ200s, and they recently received a couple of 900s directly from Bombardier.
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Old 11th Dec 2006, 04:28
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OK Mr Loverman ...
Only two companies in India operating CRJ-200's as of now...
1.Air Sahara(6 of which four operational ,rest online early next year)www.airsahara.net
2.Indus Air www.indusair.biz ( 2 aircraft and expected to start operations "soon")

Air sahara do have foreign CRJ pilots(but mainly instructor/examiners) and are looking for more ....usually hire through agencies though and believe there are ads out there....

Indus have a strategic tieup with air sahara to get them going (pilots and maintenance provided till they can walk on both feet) ....

Hope this helps and best of luck .
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Old 11th Dec 2006, 08:31
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Hope this helps

Air Sahara and Indus Air has entered into an agreement where Indus will utilize (Read Borrow) Sahara's CRJ manpower (Pilots engineers)and materials for some term..

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Old 11th Dec 2006, 12:43
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RJ jobs in india

hello to all:
I am an FAA ATP typed on the CRJ and I am considering working abroad. I was wondering if Indian employers assist in the conversion pocess for expats, also if anyone can shed a little light ont he subject of salaries and employment packages. (housing, insurance, benefits ...etc) Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Old 11th Dec 2006, 13:32
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India CRJ jobs

Avionco in Canada is hiring CRJ contract crews for India. check the website Avionco.com Good luck,
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Old 15th Dec 2006, 21:18
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BEWARE Of Avionco inc.

[quote=CRJWildcat;3013909]Avionco in Canada is hiring CRJ contract crews for India. check the website Avionco.com Good luck,[/quote
A word to the wise. If you value you aviation expertise and want to know that you will be treated fairly. Then STAY Away from AVIONCO inc And Mr. JOSH DODD.
Over the years he has built a reputation of paying late as much as 60 to 90 days late) and sometimes short pay.
Right now he is involved in the Arik Air startup in Lagos which is fast becomming a big fiasco. The majority of "experienced" pilots here are leaving on one way tickets.Even his former employee's /Contractees at AERO contractors next door don't have much regard for his tactics nor his company. Every single pilot that he has here is not very happy with his terms and conditions,especially the CRJ pilots who are about to take a $1500.US cut in pay for the same job they did last month.
So before you sign with Avionco inc. just do alittle home work, it may save you a BIG head ache later.

happy landings
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Old 16th Dec 2006, 12:04
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Hey acy rj driver

Hope this DGCA CAR is of some use,


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Old 16th Dec 2006, 20:45
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Thank you

Hi every one,

Just wnat to say thank you to all of us for the input...

Hope to see u soon in INDIA...

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Old 8th May 2008, 16:30
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Two sides two the coin

I thought I would just give my 2 cents worth to this debate. I am not here to try to say that what everyone is posting is incorrect, as I truly do not know all circumstances or details on all of problems that have arisen.
I want to make this very clear, the following is totally unsolicited by Mike or Josh but I believe there needs to be some balance to the forum.
Fellow pilots my name is Wayne Gillis and I am an Avionco pilot.
I took early retirement from a major airline, and after 29 years decided that I still loved to fly just didnít like who I flew for. So decided to give contract flying a try, I read the forums at the time (certainly not as many postings as now) and after looking around decided to give Avionco a try. A friend of mine was already working for them and after talking to him I was hired Jan/07.

Contract #1 was in India as the 1st of 2 expat pilot into the Indus airline project. Iíve been to India twice on assignment, and have to say that the India DGCA is the Indian airline industryís worst enemy. What should take 2 weeks anywhere else takes 3 months, if at all.
I never flew on this assignment until the last week , during the 2 months prior to this I was paid on time with no hassles. At the end of the third month the two Aircraft were seized due to none payment of leases. The contract ended I was fully paid by Avionco. The interesting part of this is the company has never paid Avionco and to this day. I know this for a fact!

Contact# 2 Gabon, Africa first pilots in , 3 month contract and we were paid late once, the last month (interestingly enough Avionco wasnít paid by the Gabon Airline until the end of the 3rd month). But Avionco still paid us on time the first two months they were late the last month a couple of days.

Contract #3 India once again first of two pilots into the project and after 7 months we were only paid late once by 2 days again due to none payment by the airline. I was there for nearly 7 months.
I am now into contract #4 so far so good.

So for some of you that were waiting for contracts in India I can tell you that Avionco isnít the problem it is the Indian Government and Indian culture. As I said in the beginning what takes 2 weeks in most other countries takes forever there if it happens at all. Promises are made perhaps to people based on bad information from the different airlines. Sometime the airlines actually are lying
So to finish this up in almost 17 months of work Iíve been paid late 3 times.
Iím note saying that it is a perfect world, because it is not.
But I truly believe that there are two sides to every story , and this is mine.

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Old 3rd Dec 2008, 05:11
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Avionco is taking no more pilots for India.

The word is, that this project is winding down as more Indian pilots are coming on line.

As far as Avionco goes? I would stay away from them. Had some bad experience with these crooks and don't want anymore.

Dobie1: No personal offence to you, but there are those that have been, and those that will be cheated by Avionco... That's just my two cents worth.

Good luck with your escape.
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Old 27th Apr 2020, 23:18
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CRJ Pilots Jobs in India

Hi everyone, have you heard about Zoom Air in India, which would be offering CRJ Captains jobs?
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Old 29th Apr 2020, 19:44
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Zoom Air Operations has been temporarily halted due to COVID-19 situation and as per Govt of India, Ministry of Civil Aviations regulations. We shall resume operations post Lockdown as per Permissions granted by Moca, DGCA. All bookings shall be on hold till COVID -19 travel advisories are lifted by Director General of Civil Aviation. Inconvenience regretted.

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Old 30th Apr 2020, 13:33
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Zoom Air

Many thanks, my friend.
Hopefully all airlines will return soon!
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