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Air Astana

Old 2nd Sep 2017, 16:50
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Hi all, looking for information on A320 pilot interview with Air Astana.
Any info would be appreciated!
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Old 12th Sep 2017, 06:07
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So anyone here work there or know someone who does?
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Old 19th Sep 2017, 18:09
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Hello, yes Air Astana is searching pilots at the moment.
There is no expansion in Almaty, all new pilots go to Astana since this will be the major hub for Air Astana.
Even Boeing flights starting to be flown more and more only from Astana (no more night stops on European flights in Astana for Almaty crew).
Since Air Astana will exchange the 757 with some A321's and 321LR, the single ail Boeings are leaving the fleet 2018/19 giving an increased need for A320 pilots.
Towards the end of 2018, also expect some new Embraer delivery including possibly an increased hiring, again for Astana base.
From what I knew, the city of Astana is possibly not the easiest place to live, specially in the winter with up to minus 40 degree and always very windy (but clean air) and not too much traffic. Expats preferred Almaty, despite having now a very very high pollution all over the city and very bad traffic!
Because of the devaluation, living is relatively cheap but the food is probably not really the highes quality (like Pizza etc....).
The training is straight forward, just about one month and you are on line. You have only a 6/2 contract or a full time contract to choose from. Other possibilities the company does not accept.
Like in many expat jobs, some pilots stay longer but usually pilots are leaving after 2-3 years. There are pilots who stayed already for 6-7 years in the company, usually some captains since they terminated many FO's (I think it was 2013 specially on the airbus fleet because of many cadets were arriving). So be prepared, if they don't need you the situation can change quickly. Air Astana is now focusing on connection traffic from east to west, south to north (China, UK or Russia to India...) and by this the company is hoping to get a higher margin on the tickets. If that strategy is working in the future we will see. I think still some work is needed in many aspects. I want to give one example: Arriving as PAX to Astana, you would have to go out of the new terminal 2 and enter again into terminal one (i believe it's domestic?). There were no signs at all and some ground staff at the airport hardly spoke english or did unterstand that I was looking for terminal 1 so the connection was not very well organized, also you had to do security again....

The interview is straight forward, a personal and technical interview, followed by an usual SIM session and to be followed by a Skype interview with HR of Air Astana asking just about your motivation, maybe what you knew about the company etc.

That's about it.
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Old 17th Oct 2017, 13:43
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Any information about the rosters for fo's ? Layovers,hours, how many nights away from base?
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Old 28th Nov 2017, 14:22
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Air Astana is advertising for a fast upgrade for FOs with more than 3000h, anyone there can elaborate or is it like at my current airline where it's a joke !?

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Old 13th Dec 2017, 16:43
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Air Astana !

Iím new in this block.
I would like some information about the operating experience in Astana. Iíve heard that nobody speak English and the F/O must translate everything for you, even from the ATC. But the pilot who said that was in Astana 6 years a go. You know if is there any contract cancellation fee, I mean can I go any time if I donít like it without paying any fine?

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Old 5th Feb 2018, 07:12
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Any thoughts on the best agency to use for KC? If you join on a direct contract with the airline can you still opt for the commuting contract (6/2)?

Are staff travel tickets with KC upgradeable to Biz?

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Old 7th Feb 2018, 12:27
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Originally Posted by Frozen Turtle View Post

Any thoughts on the best agency to use for KC? If you join on a direct contract with the airline can you still opt for the commuting contract (6/2)?

Are staff travel tickets with KC upgradeable to Biz?

Direct Personnel are the one to go with.
All expats are contracted through agencies. If you join direct you are on local terms.
Staff travel is Biz class - space positive.
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 21:45
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What's the A320 Capt Net pay on commuting contract? They honor this commuting 6x2 or it's just to catch the fish? Air Astana Pilots have rebated tickets with Turkish Airlines (codeshare)? How long does it take until cleared online? How is the treatment with expats? Fair?
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Old 16th Feb 2018, 17:40
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I see this airline advertise for pilots almost on a weekly basis. It's starting to bug me. Are they having such a hard time filling positions? If so, then how about making the offer more attractive so people would actually want to work there? And stop polluting the pilot recruitment pages with your freaking spam advertisements for pilots.
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Old 10th Mar 2018, 04:33
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Hi all,
I'm considering applying to KC. I've had a read through the forums to get a general idea.

I was wondering if there are any expats currently working at KC if you can please private message me. I'm interested in getting a feel for what it's like on the ground, company sentiment, rostering practices etc.

Thanks very much in advance!

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Old 19th Apr 2018, 16:19
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Hello everybody

My name is Marco im Embraer 190 first officer. Recently i applied for Air Astana online but until now no reply. Can anyone give me a contact or something like that in Air Astana so i can contact them. Thank you
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Old 7th Mar 2020, 00:01
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Can anyone presently working at Air Astana give an update on how it’s going now?

Particularly for expat Captains. Are Captains still flying Max hours?
What base is likely if joining in the next few months? Any chance of Almaty?

Roughly what percentage of new hires are going to FlyArystan/ Air Astana? Any significant difference for pilots between the two?

Are there many expat pilots there with their families? Kids at international schools etc?

Do they really upgrade expat FOs to Captain as claimed?

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