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jay_joshi89 13th Mar 2013 05:38

HELP: DGCA cpl conversion
Hello friends need help with dgca cpl conversion regulation. I have my canadian cpl which i need to convert to my indian cpl. I started my flying in 2007 amg as from dgca lic conversion flowchart saying regulation of 200 hrs flying in preceding 5yrs. About 125 hrs of flying would lapsed by end of march 2013. But confusion is some friends say that all i need is current canadian cpl and recency to get indian lic. Called dgca but got no good answer on that. Bcoz if the 200 hrs preceding 5 yrs regulation is on i need to get my flying done asap before rest of my flying get lapsed. Can anyone here help me with thid issue.

equinox123 13th Mar 2013 06:26

@ jay_joshi89......get your flying done ASAP......you need 200 hrs in the preceding 05 years and this must be strictly followed..........What the rule says is that on the date of application you need to have 200 hours within the preceding 05 years.......infact if you see the format of CA 39 form (in the CPL application form itself) you will see something like this EXPERIENCE IN LAST 5 YEARS FROM THE DATE OF SUBMISSION OF PAERS IN DGCA (FROM .. TO ..)

And believe me ...DGCA is very particular about the FROM and TO dates you would mention

Overview: you need 200 hours within the last 05 years on the date of application.

Good luck mate

cyrilroy21 13th Mar 2013 08:01


Its time you stopped believing what your friends have to say . If they say something ask them to prove it with documentary proof

Everything from the flow chart to the Aircraft rules 1937 Schedule II to the CPL application form say the same thin

You need the 200 hours within the past 5 years
and you need to fly them asap .

The DGCA will count the hours backwards from the date of application at the DGCA .

But you also need the following within 5 years

1. 200 TT
2 100 SOLO
3. 50 SOLO XC over 100nm
4. 40 hours of Instrument ( Min 20 on aircraft , max 20 on SIM )
5. 300nm XC

All these requirement should be met within 5 years from the date of application at the DGCA and not just the 200 TT


Also before you go back to Canada for flying get the DGCA FRTOL and Student Pilot license so that you can come back and immediately give the skill test in India
Only go to Canada once you have these two in hand . Some people apply for it and leave only to come back and find out the DGCA still has not issued it

jay_joshi89 13th Mar 2013 10:01

Thanks equinox, cyrilroy
Thanks for Viewing and replying to my thread. .......................as ur reply got me everything covered and yes i do have indian SPL and FRTOL (R). Just checked my logbook and foundout i m in big mess need to get my lapsed flying done by oct or else my 180hrs would lapse out. But thanks for the info will have to do the procedure quick asap.

Jetway12345 17th Mar 2013 22:13

HELP: DGCA cpl conversion
Hi i have a question here, does dgca ask for police verification at the time of submission of papers for the issue of CPL.
How to get it done?


jack s 18th Mar 2013 03:04

Go to your local cop station with some connected person give a small bribe and its done..:ugh:

stiknruddr 18th Mar 2013 05:08

police verification not required for license conversion.

it might be required for the flight school in india where you do your indian skill tests. depends on the flight school. some need it some don't.

clarify it with them when you book your skill tests and also clarify what all documents they will need from you for issuing the SPL.

SPL is required along with RTR and FRTOL for doing the skill tests. the school gives you spl but rtr and frtol has to be in hand before you go to the school.

jay_joshi89 18th Mar 2013 06:03

Indian RT
Another question. I have my frtol(R) valid till 2017. And i also have my canadian rt which needs to be converted to indian rt. So can any1 help me here with conversion documents and requirements. If anyone cam forwars those docs to my mail [email protected] or can paste link to documnts here.

aviator86 21st Mar 2013 19:09

How did you get your FRTOL without RTR (P)? or did I miss anything here?

Anyways to get RTR (P) is quite easy except for the endless waiting that you have to put up with. This link created by one of the pprue users will help you out
WPC RTR P Initial Issue :ok:

Three.Green 22nd Mar 2013 03:24

If you hold a valid passport then you don't need a police verification. The flying school requires police verification in case you don't already hold a passport.

clearblueskyy 19th Apr 2013 20:18

What if the first logged flight is in 2008,january . Would that mean I would have to fly all my hours again ? Can these be flown as an instructor if I have the rating ?

cyrilroy21 19th Apr 2013 20:54

The DGCA is very strict on the 5 year requirements

Its quite likely that your first flown flight wont be counted....

While I believe you can count the instructor hours towards the total time , you still need 100 SOLO and 50 SOLO XC over 100nm and 40 hours of Instrument ( max 20 on sim and all logged as DUAL only ) within the past 5 years on the day of application

keyur 11th Nov 2013 22:11

I was just reading on some other thread that 100 hours PIC requirement can include the PIC Dual flight times that i flew after getting my private pilot license. Do you have any updates on that? is PIC allowed or does it only have to be SOLO??

a0404 8th Apr 2014 21:41

Licence conversion to dgca
Hi guys,

I am a Canadian Citizen and I hold a Canadian CPL, Canadian Radio proficiency certificate and I have Language Proficiency endorsed on my licence. I am looking for the DGCA conversion process. I did start this process in Jan 2014 where I have applied for the security clearance n computer number(which I did not receive yet), I am aiming to give the DGCA exams in Oct... I got my category II medicals done and got the file number... I came back and started my multi engine rating on a twin Comanche PA 30 followed by the multi IFR on the same... One of my friends told me that DGCA will not approve my multi rating on PA 30... :ugh: Is it true? :{ Can somebody help me on this? Also please guide me on the conversion process.. How should I proceed after I get the security clearance and the computer number? Most importantly what can I do about the multi rating and then the multi IFR? :confused:

Thanks in advance...

Abhinav Dutta 17th Sep 2014 15:49

DGCA Conversion
Hello guys.... i am planning to first write my DGCA exam and then go for training in the US or Canada. pls let me know the pro's and cons. And alos pls let me know to what extent doing BTech Mechanical will help in these exams as i have already done it from a very reputed college.Thanx!

VT-ASM 18th Sep 2014 04:44

1) Try for the IndiGo cadet program first. Consider training privately as the second option
2)Clear your class I medicals before investing a penny in aviation
3)With B.Tech. in mech., You stand an advantage over the rest in the Tech. Gen. paper. Not in others. (I'm an aerospace engineer from a 'reputed' college)
4)Do your own research before choosing a flight school. There are many agents around who'll be ex students of flight schools and get a commission for referring every student.

All the best

Kai2014 26th Dec 2014 10:13

Help : CPL conversion
Hello Guys i was checking this forums and i had a problem with DGCA processing i read that we should have 200 hrs in last five years.I have first flown on 7 Nov, 2009 and i submit my docs on 7 Nov, 2014 and on this day i had 200hr and 13 mins but my application was rejected and after talking to DGCA they told me i should hav submitted by 6 nov but it was guru nanak jayanti so DGCA was closed i told him due to holiday i submit it on 7 nov, so he says show me the rule were it says hours on date of submission will be counted...please if anyone knows the rules reply ASAP :(

cyrilroy21 26th Dec 2014 23:21

The DGCA counts the hours backwards 5 years from the date you apply at the DGCA
It does not matter when your first flight was

On the date of application when you count backwards 5 years you should have 200 hours , 100 PIC etc

If you applied on 7 November 2014 that means they will count from 8 Nov 2009 onwards

So from 8 November 2009 to 7th November 2014 you should have 200 hours and the other flying requirements

There is no doubt that the date of application is the date from which they count backwards as this is clearly given in the INSTRUCTIONS section of the CPL application form

You can also look at 1 e)
Microsoft Word - Section L.doc

flyinpimp 2nd Aug 2015 06:19

Hello Guys,

I had done my FAA CPL in 2010 and cleared all my conversion papers in 2014 excluding RTR, I took time to clear my papers because I had work commitments and all my flying hours has been lapsed.

I have a question, can I do my whole CPL training from Canada? so that ill get RTR Converted directly and also I have cleared conversion papers based on my FAA CPL, will it be a problem when I submit the papers to DGCA for conversion?

A little help would really be appreciated.

cyrilroy21 3rd Aug 2015 13:24

The DGCA wont care if you do your entire training once again in Canada as long as you meet the requirements for issue of license

I understand the need to go to Canada and get the CPL and RT but why not finish the necessary 200 hours in U.S itself ?
Go to Canada , get the Canadian CPL and RT and then head back to the U.S to finish the rest of the flying

I am pretty sure you should be able to find a cheap C152 at a Part 141 flight school
As far as my knowledge serves me right Canadian flying is usually more expensive than the U.S

However the recent appreciation of the U.S Dollar and depreciation of the Canadian Dollar with respect to the U.S Dollar might make Canadian flying a lot more cheaper

As of this writing i.e 3rd August 2015

1 USD = 63.9 rupees

1 CAD = 48.67 rupees

So do the math first

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