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Hong Kong Express

Old 1st Mar 2005, 10:09
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BS, in regards to the information given, its the contract i have been offered. So information is pretty valid. Also been given a start date - so things are on the roll.

Lets see how it all pans out -
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Old 2nd Mar 2005, 00:44
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I don't want to get into a discussion on pays on the public forum like I said PM me or email.

I thought the rates were slightly different, but I could be wrong.
It is not written in my Terms & Conditions !
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Old 2nd Mar 2005, 01:11
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was told different pay scales also,
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Old 2nd Mar 2005, 01:16
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CR Airways has been in Hong Kong at least 3 years and seem like it the CRJ is always on the ramp. If they can't make 1 crj work i dunno how they can make 4 EMB-190's fly either...
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Old 2nd Mar 2005, 01:47
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The Pay is $8500USD for Capt. and $6000USD for F/O.
$30,000 hkd ($5000AUD) Relocation allowance , first 2 weeks accomodation paid by the company , medical insurance , life insurance , return tickets for self and dependants to home country (once a year), 30 days paid leave p.a. , provident fund. No housing allowance, No education Allowance. Possibility of working 7weeks on and 3 weeks off (reduced salary).

Hong Kong Express Airways is not associated with CR Airways .
It is the jet division of Heli Hong Kong .
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Old 3rd Mar 2005, 01:37
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don't be fooled..........................

The business name, HeliHongKong, is no more as they have consolidated both the helicopter and jet operations under the Hong Kong Express Airways banner. The helicopter service now operates as HeliExpress.

Of more significant note to those of you still considering a future with this operation, be advised they have implemented a policy on the helicopter side whereby if a copilot is selected for upgrade, he/she must agree to pay the company not less the HKD$45,000. This amounts to "buying" a command and is a sham as there is absolutely no guarantee they will be promoted.

My point is, it's a glaring example of how this crowd does business internally and I see no reason whatsoever the same mentality will not spill over into this new jet dream of theirs. Do not forget, the same people that decide what happens with the helicopter operation decide what happens with the 170's.

Word is there is a hardcore movement afoot to slash costs at every level and no idea seems too far fetched. To think the fixed-wing side will not be affected in the same way would be very naive.

This is not scare-mongering on my part, it is statement of fact as I have sources very near the sharp end. Do your homework very carefully boys and girls.
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Old 3rd Mar 2005, 04:22
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Thanks Captn'w & Mark Six,

Could an FO live on US$6000 a month with a partner and what would you expect to pay for accomodation?

Also if you where to take a job and work out your contract (eg 3 yrs) and then get on with CX or Dragonair would you be considered a local and therefore not entitled the housing allowance from CX

Cheers for any help, VneII
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Old 3rd Mar 2005, 05:18
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Yes, you can live okay on US$6000 per month. As PC, GH, RP, etc will confirm, that's about what I get paid. If you want the big money, become an engineer...
Impossible to answer the question about housing as it is so dependant on the area you live and the size of your house/apartment. I suggest you look at this web site:
There is a lot of info there about living costs. You should do a search of the site because any questions you may have will have been answered before.
Dunno about the policy regarding locals/expats and housing allowances.
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Old 4th Mar 2005, 02:13
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Mr Six

Have spoken to GH and RP, and while we agree you can live on US$6000 per month, your pay would have to be questioned.

US$6000 a week perhaps?
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Old 5th Mar 2005, 02:21
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any news from guys who applied for this outfit? i personally dropped my cv at their office in Central yesterday. place looked real busy..
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Old 6th Mar 2005, 09:23
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jonjie, do you live in hongkong?

are they open to expat?

I think they don't check even if e-mail.

can you give me some infomations?


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Old 7th Mar 2005, 05:42
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i'm in hong kong at the moment on holidays. i emailed them too before coming over but also no response. got their office address on the web.
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Old 7th Mar 2005, 11:42
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Has anyone else had difficulties loging in to Website - Application Form. Haven't been able to get in after creating account. Can anyone help.
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Old 8th Mar 2005, 09:00
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still waiting for reply.

did anybody got reply?
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Old 9th Mar 2005, 01:51
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Try this link

I had no probs getting back in once my account was created.

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Old 9th Mar 2005, 07:27
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HI Fifthleg, Did u get a response from HK Express? I have send my application but still no reply from them.
Anyway, do you mind to share your previous experience and how long you waited after sending the application.
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Old 9th Mar 2005, 14:53
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Just applied via the online application.
Got an application number of 1002-401 back
Does that mean that there are 400 applications in front of me?
I hope not...
But good luck to the ones ahead anyway!
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Got an application number of 1002-401 back. Does that mean that there are 400 applications in front of me?
Or maybe 1,002,401 applications in front of you.

Cheers, HH. (Always the optomist)

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HK Express

Alas, another wet dream destined for failure.

Maybe when he gets tired of this one he will start up a space program.....
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Old 13th Mar 2005, 03:19
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hi guys..i got 1001-433 it must mean there's 33 going for of luck to all of us!
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