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AC runway videos.

Old 20th Nov 2017, 09:06
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AC runway videos.

On Rumurs there is a topic about B747 departing the runway during RTO. There is a u-tube link to an ATC video of an Iberia B747 aborting safely. The ATC guys think "cool, we have it on camera." So it was an amateur moment.
The number of incidents/accidents on departure & arrival are large. ATC radio, radar & RVR's are archived. In investigations much reliance is on FDR/CVR. There has been talk of cockpit cameras to aid investigation. There are many hurdles to that and the debate is on-going. However, cheap & easy and with few hurdles would be ATC filming of every arrival & departure on an e.g. 2hr loop. It would only be preserved if there was an anticipated investigation. Does any airport do this? Is there an XAA in the world that require it? If not, why not? There is CCTV all over the countries; there is NPR coverage: all that in the name of crime investigation and anti terrorism which covers 99.9% of anything. Why not a video of the most dangerous part of aviation and the area where there are the most instances to investigate.
Often, the investigators are lucky and some plane-spotter has a phone video. Why not the airport authority as well?
Just curious.
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London Underground CCTV cameras
Please note that images from London Underground's CCTV cameras are normally only retained for 14 days, however if you would like to request access to images of you that may have been captured by London Underground's CCTV cameras please use the form below:
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The Iberia abort was filmed from the flight deck of another aircraft waiting at the holding point. It was NOT filmed by anyone in ATC.
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Eventually there will be video recording of the flight deck. There is already in some training schools for debriefs. The root cause for several recent incidents/accidents would have been immediately apparent had video recording been accepted. The bandwidth is even available for streaming the video recordings together with FOQA/DFDR to 'the ground'. But it is going to be a long, hard fought rearguard action against its introduction.
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They wanted to video the flight deck after the Air France disaster, because nobody knew what the F/O's instruments were actually indicating. The FDR only recorded the Capt's. There was also an incident at my old airline where they wanted to throw the book at the crew based on the FDR, the event was recorded on a GoPro and it was obvious that although lessons could be learned, the crew did not mis-handle the aircraft and were not negligent.
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I thank you for your responses. You quote hurdles; you mention flight deck recordings etc. What about the question. Thee are no union, privacy, significant cost issues with having cameras on the tower aimed at the approach & takeoff path. The local CAA mandates it and it is done. My question is why is this a missing link. Why are NTSB & AAIB not pushing for such investigative tools. Damn sight more useful than some of the other mandated recorded parameters of ground based systems.
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