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STN Ramp Rat 12th May 2021 19:02

Mid Air in the US
seems a Metroliner and a Cirrus SR-22 had a coming together on approach to Centennial Airport. https://coloradosun.com/2021/05/12/t...eek-reservoir/
I have seen a picture of the Metro and it's a miracle it remained in one piece.

Chiefttp 12th May 2021 19:15

Amazing the Tail section stayed on!

aa777888 12th May 2021 19:27

Article and more photos here: https://avherald.com/h?article=4e74b6e5

Airbubba 12th May 2021 19:28

The folks walked away from the other plane as well.


70 Mustang 12th May 2021 19:57

What a mixture of bad luck and good luck in the same event.
both on approaches at the same airport? Poor position reporting? No local radar? No tower?

citabria06g 12th May 2021 20:28

KAPA is very much a towered airport. Looks like the Cirrus was on right base and overshot his turn to final... by quite a bit!

Metro pilot should go and buy a lottery ticket.

7AC 12th May 2021 21:05

He has used his lottery ticket.

roundsounds 12th May 2021 21:11

70 Mustang

The only thing that seems to be missing was an effective lookout. A lookout completes the “Alerted see and avoid” traffic avoidance method. There’s way too much reliance on ATC and technology, a proper lookout scan and Situational Awareness (mental picture of surrounding traffic) will prevent these types of accident.

slacktide 12th May 2021 21:31

They called the Metroliner in-sight prior to the collision. It's possible that the called the wrong traffic in-sight, that has happened to me on occasion.

See and avoid is difficult and not 100% reliable even when practicing good situational awareness. I find that I cannot reliably and quickly spot Metroliner sized traffic until it is within 3nm, Cirrus sized around 2nm, and that's when I'm actively scanning for traffic reported by ATC or on ADS-B. Add to that, the Metroliner was essentially painted in a camouflage paint scheme, and the Cirrus was higher, so it would have been difficult to pick out against the ground and terrain.

Not overshooting the centerline while turning final would have been a much more reliable way to prevent a midair collision when landing at an airport with parallel runways. The Cirrus overshot the centerlines of both runways 17R and 17L during it's turn.

Joejosh999 12th May 2021 21:47

Metro liner didn’t know he’d been hit? Can that be right?

Airbubba 12th May 2021 22:07

He thought he had a right engine failure and declared an emergency. After landing, he taxied to the ramp at the Signature FBO.

Key Lime 970 checks in with APA tower at about 22:30 into this clip (the time mark seems to depend on the browser used):


EXDAC 12th May 2021 22:32

SR-22 had departed from KAPA and made numerous recent flights from KAPA. Seems to have been based there so should have been familiar. Makes me wonder if it was an instructional flight with both pilots head down working on the glass.

SnowFella 12th May 2021 23:07

Vas Aviation already has the video out it seems.

krismiler 12th May 2021 23:11

I can’t believe the Metro held together, after loading the aircraft someone was often needed to lift the tail up so the rear door could be closed afterwards due to fuselage distortion.

JanetFlight 12th May 2021 23:32

Wow....First Student Solo!

citabria06g 12th May 2021 23:49

KeyLime : "I'm good, I'll just park over at Signature"

BFSGrad 13th May 2021 00:30

In addition to the see-and-avoid failure on the part of the colliding aircraft, seems ATC shares some blame.

1. ATC called Cessna and Metro as traffic to the Cirrus. Cirrus responded with “traffic in sight,” and ATC never followed up to verify that Cirrus had Cessna (lesser conflict) and Metro (greater conflict) in sight.

2. ATC never called Cirrus as traffic for the Metro.

3. Given the proximity of the parallel runways at KAPA, seems ATC should have some type of scheme to deconflict simultaneous visual approaches.

KKoran 13th May 2021 01:32

The controller told the Cirrus about the Cessna he was to follow and the pilot reported it in sight. The controller then cleared the Cirrus to land and pointed out the Metroliner as additional traffic going on approach to the parallel and the Cirrus pilot reported it in sight.

bcflyer 13th May 2021 03:52


Give me a break. The Cirrus pilot overshoots the centreline of both runways after being told of traffic on the other runway and somehow you think ATC shares the blame? I hope I never have to share airspace with you!

Cloudee 13th May 2021 04:28


I wouldn’t have thought a Cirrus was a suitable aircraft for a first solo. If it was a first solo this student has demonstrated why.

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