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atakacs 19th Jan 2016 20:38

Any news about the FDR readability?

RYFQB 20th Jan 2016 02:00

It was said yesterday (article in Norwegian) that the recorders were sent to France a week ago, that two Swedish investigators are currently in France, and that they are confident they will get something out of the recorders within in a week.

pattern_is_full 26th Jan 2016 16:01

AH reports today (1/26) that both recorders have data, are readable, have been read, and a prelim report is expected within 1-2 weeks, following analysis.

750XL 27th Jan 2016 08:50

Crash: West Atlantic Sweden CRJ2 near Akkajaure on Jan 8th 2016, lost height after emergency call

ATC Watcher 28th Jan 2016 20:00

Heard rumors of a possible collision with a UAV. anyone has more info?

captplaystation 28th Jan 2016 20:32

That would be, to put it mildly, slightly disquieting. . . . . . .

cappt 30th Jan 2016 15:01

Originally Posted by ATC Watcher (Post 9252009)
Heard rumors of a possible collision with a UAV. anyone has more info?

Well that's interesting, what else do you have?
I have to admit the thought crossed my mind but was quickly discredited as highly unlikely due to the remoteness of the area.
Let's hope the FDR has some useful information that will lead to probable cause and not more questions.

ATC Watcher 30th Jan 2016 16:32

I do not have anything more than a rumor that "someone" apparently lost a UAV in the same area at the same time, but nothing confirmed , therefore I was fishing here.
Maybe I should have posted this on the military forum:suspect:
But seen the impact crater , it is doubtful physical evidence will be easily found before the snow melts or if at all, and unless spotted visually before by the crew,I do not think the CVR/FDR are going to help much to validate or invalidate that possibility..

AAKEE 30th Jan 2016 17:37

The Swedish board of investigation said they managed to read out the CVR(I Think with help of BEA) and that efter that they have some ideas what happend. Nothing more said yet, they would analyze the FDR first.

I would'nt put that much to the rumour about UAV's.

golfyankeesierra 31st Jan 2016 02:08

origin rumors of collision?
On the avherald.com link there is a readers comment section and someone calling himself "military" says he has "some inside track", FWIW:

By Military on Wednesday, Jan 27th 2016 14:29Z

I have some inside track. Rumours Are flying about pertaining to a mid air collision with a military aircraft or asset . Watch this space .....

Melax 31st Jan 2016 12:48

Oh boy, I hope it's not another Night Ship 282 !! (FEDEX 208 feeder crash maybe due to collision with an unknown object)

NTSB: 'Collision With Unknown Object' Killed Mobile Pilot | Aero-News Network


'Red marks' confound accident investigators | News: Aviation International News

Livesinafield 31st Jan 2016 16:22

Had never heard of that, but dam its spooky!

Melax 31st Jan 2016 17:04

Yep, The craziest thing is his sister (If I remember well), a substantial amount of time after the accident on her own recovered more than 700lbs of debris, including the 3 propeller blades from the swamp ! :ugh:That says a lot about the investigators. She is is a 727 pilot, this accident is still a mystery. The pilot was a 9-11 Hero. Very sad.

PrivtPilotRadarTech 31st Jan 2016 23:04

Thanks Melax, that "Night Ship 282" incident is an interesting read while we're waiting for info from the CRJ CVR/FDR. A mid-air seems unlikely in this case, but strange things happen like the ASG-29 glider vs. Hawker XP800 near Minden, Nevada. No fatalities, but you should see the photos of the Hawker.

b1lanc 31st Jan 2016 23:46

Given the number of UAVs in the air and the altitudes they can operate at kind of reminds me of the late 40's and 50's in the US where a number of mid-airs occurred between military and civilian ac due to lack of coordination between the military and CAA. I hate to think of how many military, intelligence, homeland security, local police, state police units may be operating what at this point but I suspect coordination with commercial aviation authorities is not necessarily well established.

PrivtPilotRadarTech 1st Feb 2016 00:21

Hughes Airwest Flight 706 midair with an F-4 happened in 1971. Thankfully they learned some lessons from it.

AAKEE 1st Feb 2016 06:36

This accident happened virtually on the border between Sweden and Norway.
In Sweden, but airspace delegated to Norwegian ACC.

Air surveillance radar systems from both countries cover the area and pictures already released from this.

Nordlys - Her forandrer flyet brått kurs før det styrter

Anyone seeing more than one A/C ?

We might not be 100% sure that the picture is'nt modified but the source is norwegian and the airspace Swedish( from a military view).
If unknown A/C wasn't Swedish, the swedish interceptors would have been launched.
If it wasnt Norweigan, would Norway then edit the picture?

No, there was no other A/C around I say.

Machinbird 1st Feb 2016 07:25

No, there was no other A/C around I say.
That is a transponder based picture. What about a non-squawking machine?

ATC Watcher 1st Feb 2016 08:32

AAKEE : I do not want to add to this UAV rumour, but the picture you posted is from a synthetic display where anything can be filtered out, specific SSR codes and even Primary returns.

What would be interesting to see is what the Swedish Military primary radar displays show. On the other hand a small ,slow moving and mostly composite UAV would not offer much returns.

RYFQB 1st Feb 2016 09:49

1. That image in AAKEE's link was released by the Norwegian military.
2. This is the largest UAV in use by Norway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AeroVironment_RQ-11_Raven
3. This is the largest UAV in use by Sweden: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAI_RQ-7_Shadow

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