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Cafe City 4th Feb 2015 04:04

TransAsia in the water?
Taiwanese news channel showing footage of an ATR72 in the water off the end of the runway. Not sure where exactly.
40 rescued. 12 still on board.

TedCrum 4th Feb 2015 04:14

BBC News - Taiwan TransAsia plane crash-lands in Taipei river

Going Nowhere 4th Feb 2015 04:17

Check out a few tweets on twitter. EFATO? Note the difference in pitch of the #1 and #2 props



mingocr83 4th Feb 2015 04:24

Check this out...https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.n...01a70158d6e4c3


News are saying there are 10 still trapped majority survived...

VictorWatcher 4th Feb 2015 04:28

It's come out from SungShan Airport (TSA) taking off towards the east and then landed about 4km away from the end of the runway somewhere around here:

25.064216° 121.613841°

I work around 3km from there and can not exactly place it from the pictures but it's certainly in that region +/- a 100m or so.

Update - the resting place is 500m ESE of the coords above.

PastTense 4th Feb 2015 04:58

The crashed TransAsia Airways ATR 72-600 turboprop was less than a year old, delivered to the airline in April 2014.
Data from Flightglobal’s Ascend Fleets shows that the turboprop was built in 2014 and delivered to the privately-owned Taiwanese carrier on 14 April 2014. This comes from an order placed by the airline in 2012.
The ATR 72, registered B-22816, was powered by Pratt & Whitney PW100-127M engines and had accumulated 684 flight hours totaling 956 flight cycles as of 31 May 2014. It is owned directly by the carrier.
TransAsia has a fleet of 20 aircraft comprising of 11 ATR 72s, seven Airbus A320 family and two A330s.
Crashed TransAsia ATR 72 less than a year old - 2/4/2015 - Flight Global

Going Nowhere 4th Feb 2015 05:01

Live streaming of the rescue



Looks like it departed via the MUCHA TWO DEP http://eaip.caa.gov.tw/eaip/history/...hics/86114.pdf

JanetFlight 4th Feb 2015 05:23

Someone recorded the last seconds of the flight inside a car on the motorway:


BG47 4th Feb 2015 05:32

Domestic passenger flight crashes in Taiwan with 58 people aboard

Map of Taiwan locating a passenger plane crash on February 4, 2015
A passenger plane with 58 people on board plunged into a river outside Taiwan's capital Taipei on Wednesday, with 17 people rescued and dozens trapped inside, according to television reports.
The TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop plane was on a domestic flight when it hit a road bridge before ploughing into the river, the reports said. Rescuers were trying to reach the trapped passengers.
Television images showed rescuers standing on large sections of broken wreckage trying to pull passengers out of the plane with ropes. Those who were rescued -- including two children -- were put in dinghies and taken to the shore.
Some were then loaded on stretchers and all 17 rescued have been taken to hospital, reports said.
Officials at Taiwanese emergency services were not immediately available to comment.
The accident happened just before 11:00 am (0300 GMT), a few minutes after the plane took off from Taipei's Songshan airport en route to the island of Kinmen.
Last July 48 people were killed after another domestic TransAsia flight crashed onto houses during a storm on the Taiwanese island of Penghu.

Strait Times reports: The crash happened shortly after the plane took off from Songshan Airport in Taipei and was suspected to be due to insufficient propelling force, according to United Daily News.

The pilot of flight GE235 radioed a "Mayday, Mayday" distress call shortly before the crash, but did not respond when air traffic controllers answered, the report said.

JanetFlight 4th Feb 2015 05:39

it declared mayday with engine flame out at 23:25.

armchairpilot94116 4th Feb 2015 05:40


LIVE telecast from the scene. They showed a lot of people getting luggage out of the back section but the front section remained submerged. Some divers are working the front section of the aircraft. But the passengers in that section of the plane are believed to have died. Some 30 remain missing and are believed to be in the front of the aircraft according to the spokesman.

The spokesman further said that they are waiting for cranes to lift the front part of the aircraft.

28 people were rescued but at least 12 are DOA at the hospital. Two were children and 25 were adults. The children are believed to be alive.
Of the 12 dead, 6 of them were found drifting down the river , away from the fuselage.

Currently awaiting heavy lift cranes to lift the front fuselage. Some passengers believed to be still trapped in the back section as well. They are trying to free them.

One more person rescued from fuselage but DOA, bringing the count up to 29 persons pulled from the wreckage .

Helicopters searching downstream for any signs of more bodies. Unsure how many are still trapped in the front and how many are drifting down river.

edit: they plan to lift the fuselage. A large crane has arrived on scene.
Divers said visibility under water is very bad and they do not want to enter the fuselage (with good reason).

A net has been set up downstream to catch any bodies flowing past.

Bedder believeit 4th Feb 2015 06:22

looks like the person/people in the yellow vehicle in front of the camera car were in the wrong place at the wrong time

Massey1Bravo 4th Feb 2015 06:26

A better view:


It looks like the ATR fell fast while remaining wings level, until a wing dropped as it crossed the bridge. The aircraft seemed to have already stalled before the wing drop.

Initial speculation: Double engine failure? Even with autofeather failed I can't see how it can fall like a rock while remaining wings level.

Blind Squirrel 4th Feb 2015 06:34

Less than a year since TransAsia's last hull loss

TransAsia Airways Flight 222 (GE222/TNA222) was a scheduled domestic passenger flight that crashed into buildings during approach to land in bad weather at Magong Airport, Penghu Island, Taiwan, on 23 July 2014. The ATR 72-500 operating the flight was travelling from Kaohsiung International Airport with 54 passengers and four crew members on board; only 10 survived. The exact circumstances of the accident are under investigation, being led by the Taiwanese Aviation Safety Council.

TransAsia Airways Flight 222 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

unworry 4th Feb 2015 06:34

looks like the person/people in the yellow vehicle in front of the camera car were in the wrong place at the wrong time
but are probably feeling quite fortunate to have survived ...


VictorWatcher 4th Feb 2015 06:37

The guys in the taxi (yellow car that was clipped) are okay according to the local news.

Something else is that I am not sure it clipped any bridges at all. In that area there are a couple of elevated highways that run pretty much long the sides of the river and it looks like it clipped the one on the south bank. The bridges across the river I think were all missed.

So it looks like the plane flew down the river line, clipped one of the elevated highways along side the river (probably the South one) and then crashed into the river close to the NanHu bridge - which is a bit lucky because there is a metro bridge next to that bridge and if it had hit either then it would have been much worse with possibly a metro train falling 20m into the river.

If you use google earth to go to
25.063120° 121.611826° and then enter street view from the top of the bridge you can see the highways both to the N and S of the river and then the metro bridge a few meters to the East, The plane is approx 800m to the east of this bridge even though there is a plot of the planes route putting it crashing to the west of the bridge. (There are a bunch of traffic webcams in the area and I can see it on one of them).

TWT 4th Feb 2015 06:44

The 4th ATR accident resulting in fatalities for Transasia

pattern_is_full 4th Feb 2015 06:46

Looks like he tried for a Sully, in the one place not covered with buildings (the river) and just didn't have the speed or altitude to quite make it.

Ugly situation...

atakacs 4th Feb 2015 07:39

TransAsia in the water?
That there are survivors is just amazing...

McWho 4th Feb 2015 07:45

Yes as TWT said, media claiming 4th ATR72 crash for this airline and the last one was just last year, not good.

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