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Mike Whiskey Romeo 15th Jan 2010 13:14

Lufthansa Pilots to ballot on strike action
Source: Nachrichten | Aktuell | BR

Urabstimmung der Lufthansa-Piloten läuft

Frankfurt am Main: Im Tarifstreit zwischen Piloten und der Deutschen Lufthansa hat die Urabstimmung über einen Streik begonnen. 4.500 Piloten sollen bis zum 17. Februar entscheiden, ob es zu einem Arbeitskampf kommt. Neben den Lufthansa-Piloten ist auch das Cockpit-Personal bei der Frachttochter Lufthansa Cargo und bei Germanwings betroffen. Die Tarifverhandlungen zwischen der Piloten-Gewerkschaft Cockpit und dem Unternehmen waren Ende vergangenen Jahres gescheitert. Bei dem Streit geht es vor allem um die Zusicherung von Arbeitsplätzen.

Which translates as:

Frankfurt: The wage dispute between pilots and Lufthansa German Airlines has started a ballot for strike action. 4500 pilots shall decide by 17 February whether there will be an industrial dispute. In addition to the Lufthansa mainline pilots, the cockpit crews in the Freight subsidiary, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings are affected. Wage negotiations between the pilots union "Cockpit" and the company failed late last year. The argument is especially for a guarantee of employment.

Seems like they are at it again.

Anyone got any more on this?

CptRegionalJet 15th Jan 2010 19:31

The whole matter is much more complex than just a "guarantee of employment".I`d much rather call it a fight for existing working conditions,since not a single job is currently at stake within mainline LH,compared to other carriers within the Lufthansa Group.
Failure of both managment and VC during recent years lead to the current situation which is nearly insolvable without either party making huge sacrifices.
I wish them all the best for securing their working conditions,they have every right to do so,though that could very well put my employer in severe difficulties.At least they have the full support and backup of VC ,unlike so many other carriers in Germany.

Dani 15th Jan 2010 22:21

Of course they have full support of VC - they are VC...

After all, VC never helped other pilot corps, why should they, they are helping themselves.


warmkiter 15th Jan 2010 23:14


VC is really mean to all guys who dont work for LH, didnt make DLR, bla bla bla and so on...

there is only one winner when the pilots dont have a union. Thats the employer.

Wheels turn slowly but changes do happen. How much longer do you want to wait to get all pilots for AB united and fight for their rights? As long the Pilots fight eachothers there is one guy laughing whos got a funny hairstyle:} When do commuters in Germany start to join some union, any union? doesnt have to be VC. LH is the only airline in Dland where most of the guys pull the same direction. Thats the only way not to deteriorate our conditions.

Any union is a copy of their members. If LH presents the majority, then VC will be close to their interests. Whats the problem? Maybe you should have joined a VEB some 20 years ago and try another approach:} Didnt work too well...

What i dont get is, why does german language implement a jelous attitude towards the achievments of others? Its the only area in the world, where achievements are not respected by others. If the flag carrier in one country gets worse conditions to work for, this will immediately influence negative downstream the whole airline industry. Thats a fact! So if a B744 CPT gets a paycut, the F50 guy will earn less after a while too...

An industrial action has been a long time due! New guys in the leadership on both sides will show their power and lets wait and see what happens...

happy fuel flow

411A 16th Jan 2010 00:00

An industrial action has been a long time due! New guys in the leadership on both sides will show their power and lets wait and see what happens...
New guys...talking of strike action, during a real downturn in airline ops.:eek:
Quite typical....shades of CX some years ago.
New guys never learn, it seems.:rolleyes:

DBate 16th Jan 2010 01:28

New guys...talking of strike action, during a real downturn in airline ops.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...milies/eek.gif
Quite typical....shades of CX some years ago.
New guys never learn, it seems.:rolleyes:
The 'new guy' leading the negotiations for the pilots is a former president of the 'Vereinigung Cockpit', i.e. the pilots union. He lead the VC during the last strike actions of Lufthansa pilots in the year 2001. So at least HE is not a 'new guy'.

And the VC is fully aware of the responsibility they have during a economic crisis like the one we are facing at the moment - they won't take a foolhardy risk by starting a strike if not really necessary....

hetfield 16th Jan 2010 09:47

I wish all the lufties good luck! There are many around here who admire your VC, me too....

Keep going!

Dani 16th Jan 2010 11:15

First time I agree with 411A!! (Am I getting old :confused:)

The only winners will be the competitors, or BMI and Swiss. They will take over during strike.

GS John 16th Jan 2010 11:52

Turkeys voting for Christmas next :rolleyes:

warmkiter 16th Jan 2010 15:24


yeah BMI and Swiss are taking over, what a deadly scenario...

if you start to agree with 411A and think BMI and SWISS are taking over anything then i strongly advice not continue using those mind altering drugs:}

VC cant really choose that much when to Stike. The contract must be over, votes from all the members in and so on. I am sure nobody flying in a LH cockpit wants to harm our company. Its a career airline and everybody is looking forward to retire here.

But sometimes its time to use the power. we have got...and now that time has come...

CptRegionalJet 17th Jan 2010 05:07

"I wish all the lufties good luck! There are many around here who admire your VC, me too...."

Nothing much to admire anymore.
With the current VC president being a puppet of the LH classic delegation it is all to clear who runs the show.Given the fact that the vast majority of VC members are mainline pilots I don`t blame them,I would also try to defend my own turf.But then VC should stop pretending that they are a union for every airline in Germany.Or what is their reaction to the current lay-off of 40+ pilots at Contact Air?Imagine something like that happening at LH classic...
Don`t get me wrong,I always was a fan of VC , liked the idea of one single pilot union and have been a member since flight school days,but things are way out of balance now...

Nevertheless,good luck to the colleagues at LH,at least show management that we need to be treated with respect again!

jetopa 19th Jan 2010 15:12

Being envious is a German speciality - that's so true, unfortunately.

I couldn't care less about my LH-colleagues' salaries. Somebody is paying them. It will all be over as soon as LH cannot get the ticket fees they're asking for any longer and/or load factors start going south.

So far, VC has been a very effective lobby organization for their LH-dominated clientèle and it has been right in doing so in principle. There is a tendency of underpaying aviation enthusiasts who would 'fly for food'. And I find recently published examples of poorly trained and not adequately rested/paid regional pilots rather alarming, who fail to do the right thing when encountering ice during approach...

High salaries are no guarantee for good pilots, but for the boarding passengers it must be comforting to know that the term ' low cost' did not apply to flight crew training or maintenance.

Should more companies have strong unions as VC? Probably. But egoism and a general lack of solidarity are quite common as well, so this will never happen.

So, let's lean back and enjoy the show as LH pilots start start flash mobbing in FRA, whining about their ridiculous low pay and holding posters in the air, demanding 'top pay for top performance'. Excellent timing, guys & gals.:ok:

MD11F 19th Jan 2010 15:40

another smart guy here :mad::ugh:
you definatly know whats going on,:D

Brenoch 19th Jan 2010 15:44


New guys do learn, and then they become old guys... :}

FRying 19th Jan 2010 15:58

The German have guts. THEM ! Unlike many here who are perfectly happy being walked all over.

German EZ pilots made it clear that there would be no messing with them. British EZ pilots are....huh...wimps ?

Cityliner 17th Feb 2010 11:17

It is official now, between 93 and 94% voted for strike actions.
Just received an email from a friend saying that from next Mon to Thu Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings pilots will go on strike!!

I have just a little hope that there will be any kind of arrangement before that date in order to prevent a strike.

good luck and good nerves to all involved

hetfield 17th Feb 2010 11:30

Good luck Lufties:ok:

babemagnet 17th Feb 2010 11:41

Please go on strike! 1 other airlines will benefit from this
2 less congestion in the european airspace (less slots)
3 fewer demand for Jet-A1 prices will go down

We can all say thank you lufthansa for striking

tb10er 17th Feb 2010 12:11

Lufthansa strike
well done:mad:

I am booked to return with LH on Monday.

To those of you who have voted for strike action, I hope the thought of standing in the unemplyment queue when the airline goes under makes you think again.

Get Real.


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