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BMI Intercepted by French?

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BMI Intercepted by French?

Old 20th Aug 2003, 04:58
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Bad taste oh I don't know.
let me paraphrase some RT over Germany a couple of months ago on my command route training.
Ahead is a line of clouds with embedded CB's on radar. Not sure if we would clear it we ask for 20deg right.
Behind is a BMIbaby 737 same level same track.

controller:babyxxx do you wish 20 right
baby: no thanks were VMC on top
controller:well the speedbird ahead same level and track is avoiding
baby:its ok we've got instrument ratings
(I haven't said anything as its training)

we avoid (upwind) a cb which topped out about 500' above our level. Knowing the baby would definately hit it we waited in amusement for the call.

baby:request 10 left due weather.

ie downwind and barely missing it. I wonder did their passengers have a smooth ride after the smart-arsed comments? What do they teach at BMI? Anyone know?

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Old 20th Aug 2003, 05:57
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I'm sure the crew of that US spyplane 'intercepted' by the Chinese air force a year or two ago would have something to say about the risks of being in close proximity to a fighter.
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Old 21st Aug 2003, 09:47
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Do military sqwaks show up on TCAS?

I guess not, as you'd be obliged to climb and dive in response to the RAs......?
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Old 21st Aug 2003, 11:55
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As of a few months ago (maybe 6 or so), the fighters switch the Mode C off before they intercept to avoid the civilian having an RA.
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Old 23rd Aug 2003, 19:36
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ATC Watcher - methinks your post shows lots of professionnalism on the part of the fighter jocks, and a clear lack of basic airmanship on the part of the 737 flight crew.

First, in the post-9/11 situation, they "forget" to call the right frequency when approaching Paris, then when they belatedly see a Mirage off their wingtip, they interpret it as an airmiss instead of an intercept - without first wondering what the fighter might be doing there in the first place...

Then they dive 10,000' and turn 60 degrees (I wonder if they were cleared by ATC for that "evasive" manoeuvre), which surely must have created an increased risk of collision with the French Mirages. Funny how I recall from my PPL days that when intercepted, DON'T do anything of the sort - actually, don't do anything unless told so by the intercepting aircraft!

Apparently, the French Air Force/Navy don't need any more practice intercepts on airliners; they seem to be getting enough "real" ones!
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Old 23rd Aug 2003, 21:45
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My lot have had two that I know of. One was over Switzerland and one over France.

Neither had 121.5 selected.

Personally I use the ACARS to get any en route weather and keep 21.5 on whenever I can. Most of the time during the summer months you can just keep 21.5 selected as you don't need to get any weather - you can see for 200 miles in cavok! (Ops manual states only "relevant weather" need be recorded on the plog).

We followed Air xxxxxx (Spanish Charter outfit) up from "down south" the other week. They failed to talk to Brest and London and were intercepted by two TCAS blips over southern England. So at least we are on the ball in UK as well. I was surprised how long it took though before we heard the RAF on 21.5 . I would have thought they would have met the Air xxxxxx at the UIR boundary.

All ended fine with the Air xxxxx apologising for their finger trouble and the Brylcreme Boys peeling off home for tea and medals all round.
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Old 25th Aug 2003, 23:59
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Thumbs up

Fougamagister ( nice name, my first jet trainer ) , yes the Mil guys were above average this time ( I have also seen much worse unfortunately ), the 737 guy made a beautiful heroic report of it later in the local press, but that is another story.

We wondered if TCAS did not play a role there, but going down 10.000ft with 5ooo ft/min, you have to end the dive yourself sooner or later , or something else will do it for you.

I hate to imagine a similar situation on the Pakistan/ Afghan / Indian border.... or even in the US of A one month after 9/11 as it was.
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