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Ryanair Incident in Beauvais?

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Ryanair Incident in Beauvais?

Old 17th Jul 2003, 04:34
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A mesh grill of some kind is not a bad idea during ground power runs with engineers near by. Take it off though before flight.

Maybe a nice safety device during maintenance, but would do more harm than good in flight.
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Old 17th Jul 2003, 06:26
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Having grills manually put on is something that would get forgotten or left out - people rush and take shortcuts, thats human nature and unfortunatly leads to tragic incidents.

I never thought of the icing problem with the grills - maybe if they were retractable somehow so that they would be deployed only
when required.

Umm have a few ideas of how that could be done... maybe I should be going to the patent office rather than sharing my ideas here....hehe

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Old 17th Jul 2003, 08:08
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I'm sorry to have the sketchy reports I started out this thread with confirmed in such a grisly manner. I can't even start to imagine the horror the man felt when he realised what was about to occur to him. I hope he recovers his health physically and mentally after this trauma.

Asheng your piece was very well written. Almost 'slick' in fact. I don't know what you do in FR but you should consider the PR department...you're too good to be true.

Who cares about 'the company'...a man was maimed and almost killed.
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Old 17th Jul 2003, 19:07
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Ash you claim to know all the facts yet you share none. Surely the merit of this forum is sharing knowledge to prevent accidents like that happening again. I am not interested in Ryan bashing, but Iam interested in enhancing safety. What are you interested in?
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 04:46
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Couple of points to make here gents.


Let me make one point perfectly clear,I in no way work in any PR department let alone Ryanairs. I wouldnt take the pay cut for a start.
I am just an honest guy who tries to do his level best to keep Ryanairs fleet servicable and above all safe.

I am also fully aware that a man was very nearly killed and every day anyone of us can make an error and in extreme circumstances, unfortunatly somebody may get hurt but we all work to make sure this isnt so. I happen to know this all too well and I also happen to know the guys who went to Beauvais to pick up the pieces, and know the guy who was running the motor at the time.
A number of my collegues Know the person who was injured personally and tell me he was extremly experianced and but for a lack of judgement he now has to live with the consequences.

As your name suggested you Dont Know so dont make sarky remarks about what you dont know.I hope this point is understood!


You are correct I do know the facts but am not at liberty to tell you.This case could be dealt with in an entirely different manner to what is normally expected in the UK and I for one am not about to place this info on any website let alone this one.

I'm sure the facts will come out sooner or later but not before they are ready to be released.At the end of the day if you were the persons involved how would you want it portraid.

My interest is as stated above and an accident of this kind makes all professionals in my line of business stop and take note,that I can assure you.

I am sure some experts on this site have already made up there minds as to what has happened but this is always the case when dealing with armchair experts.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 08:18
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My handle has nothing to do with my knowledge. You definitely are a PR merchant if you choose to think so.

You've slathered plenty of sympathy on FR and now hint that the injured party was at fault through 'a lack of judgement'.
Just like the previous event?

Forget PR...you'd make a better Lawyer.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 14:43
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When a new player changes the rules of the game the first reaction of the incumbent players is to claim it is not fair or safe. This is usually a good clue that the new player is on a winner.

What is the difference between a South West Airlines 30 minute turnaround and a Ryanair 30 minute turnaround? SWA has one of the best safety records in the business.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 15:16
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SLF - Perhaps you could elaborate on FR's poor safety record.
Old 18th Jul 2003, 16:26
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My point is that SWA have proved beyond all reasonable doubt that a 30 minute turnaround is not inherently unsafe. Unless there is a substantive difference between SWA and Ryanair practice, there is no reason to believe that Ryanair turnarounds are unsafe.

I don't know whether Ryanair are safe or not - but any suggestion they aren't based on the bare statement that their turnaround time is too short is fundamentally flawed.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 18:33
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I think B737NG was referring to the "Keith Chaplin" incident in 1999. Chaplin, a line engineer, lost his lower right arm while working on a Ryanair Boeing jet.

Ryanair were taken to court, and roundly criticised by Judge Sean McBride for allowing their safety standards to lapse to an alarming degree. The airline, which pleaded guilty to four charges under the Health and Safety Act, was fined 3,750 for the breaches. and had to pay costs of 1,000.not perhaps the heaviest penalty levied!

I have some sympathy with asheng, who says he knows exactly what happened at Beauvais. However, it is the "why" not the "what" that needs analysis and explanation.

I hope the relevant authorities will seek diligently to establish that all reasonable steps were in fact taken to prevent injury to those carrying out the work. If not, then they must take appropriate action.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 18:43
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I mentioned on another thread that Frank Whittle put a sheet of mesh over the intake of one of his original engines to keep test fitters, visiting air marshals, cats and other FOD out of the hurtlin' blades, after one of them (the original W1, I believe) was damaged by an object. The idea of wheeled grilles sounds pretty simple.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 19:38
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didn't the Lightning have a grill fitted over the intake for engine runs? I can't remember whether it was just for idle runs or it could take full thrust. It could also have a blank fitted for FOD prevention.
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Old 18th Jul 2003, 20:12
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We mustn't forget that we are all individually responsible for ensuring we work safely and that correct procedures are followed.
Old 18th Jul 2003, 23:08
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Sympathies to the chap injured, and a wish for his speedy recovery.

asheng... you wrote

'having worked for a number of companies over the years I can honestly say that Ryanair probably puts more into the wellbeing of the operation than the majority of others including at least 3 national airlines and 1 competitor in the UK low fares market'

While I do understand the reasons for your original post, the following paragraph was out of line with your own sentitments, please don't hit on Ryanair - then you proceed to pass comment on others, albeit with your 'probably' caveat.

By the 'grace of God go we- all' accidents happen to the best of us. I can tell you the other 1 compeitor in the low fares market takes it operational wellbeing every bit as seriously as you do- no need for that comment.

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