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IL-86 Grounded?

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IL-86 Grounded?

Is there any further info concerning the following news item?

>Thu Feb 13, 6:23 AM ET
>MOSCOW - A regional aviation agency has suspended permission for the
>Il-86, one of Russia's largest and most widely used passenger jets, to
>fly pending an investigation into a crash that killed 14 crew members
>last summer, an aviation official said Thursday.
>Rudolf Teimurazov, head of the crash investigation section of the
>Interstate Aviation Committee, said the probe could take up to a month
>more to complete. In the meantime, the safety certification for the
>airliner has been suspended, he said in a telephone interview.
>The interstate committee oversees air traffic in the Commonwealth of
>Independent States, a grouping of former Soviet republics.
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Is there any further info concerning the following news item?
What other info are you looking for?

Il-86 certification has been suspended.
It will now take two Tu-154s to do the job of one Ilyushin-86.

Not too many happy campers in that outfit.
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It's still flying

I understand that the suspension gives individual administrations the option to continue Il-86 flights, and that the Russian authorities have chosen NOT to ground the aircraft.

From what I hear Ilyushin has added a supplement to the ops manual which the Russians believe clears the aircraft of any possible problems.

GSGA chief Alexander Neradko is quoted as saying that the Russian authorities are "unanimous" in viewing the Ilyushin measures as "providing the appropriate level of flight security" and that the aircraft will therefore not be grounded.
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Try this
and this.

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MAK (the aircraft certification board) has recommended to GSGA (CAA) that certain IL86 should be inspected for horizontal stabiliser problems. The inspection/possible grounding order affects 41 of the 106 aircraft built, the technical reasoning I am not fully briefed upon at this time...presumably build standard or AD mod. standard related.

MAK also noted that the Pulkovo Airlines aircraft crashed at SVO 'did not meet several airworthiness requirements under its' type certificate'. All IL86's were inspected for horizontal stabiliser problems post this incident.

It should be noted that the joint MAK/GSGA investigation panel still reports that the cause of the SVO crash was pilot error and this has again been reaffirmed...

Tomorrow morning (Monday 17) there will be a further meeting of MAK, GSGA and Ilyushin to confirm the arrangements for selective inspections and continued operation of the aircraft.

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Thumbs up

Summary: Under pressure MAK reverses certification suspension

17 February 2003
According to Svetlana Volodina, spokeswoman for KrasAir, MAK has decided not to ground the airline’s Il-86 after the
aircraft’s designer OKB Ilyushin, RAKA and the GSGA provided the agency with documentation which was reported to include
changes in the aircraft’s operations manual.
The new materials were discussed by the various agencies and the airline’s operating the aircraft, at a meeting chaired by
the GSGA on Friday 14th February. The meeting then led to what was reported as a “unanimous decision” to reverse the
suspension of the aircraft’s certification only a day after it was imposed pending further work on the 28th of July 2002
Il-86 crash.

The MAK change of heart on the status of the Il-86 is reported to have involved no physical changes in the aircraft.
According to Volodina, the GSGA had rechecked KrasAir and other operators of Il-86, to confirm the correct operation of the
aircraft’s horizontal stabilizer and had found no problems. Krasair’s Director of Operations Alexander Zosimov, stated that
the airline had had no problems with the Il-86, and believed the aircraft’s safety levels to be as good as or better than
foreign equivalents.

MAK’s rather speedy reversal of its decision to ground the Il-86, suggests that it may have backed off in the face of
widespread industry and government criticism and the potential crisis in capacity that any prolonged grounding could cause.
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One crash in 20 years!! Not a bad record if per the Moscow Times. Considering everything that is truly amazing. Must be safer than the Concorde?!
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Il-86 dispute starts to boil over

19 February 2003

Following last week’s rather undignified spat between MAK and other air transport agencies combined with Russian carriers,
over the Il-86 certificate suspension. Interfax has reported that the Russian Government is considering the withdrawal of
its delegated authority over aspects of civil aviation from the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK). It is expected,
according to Interfax, that the agency’s Russian authority will be with drawn from the 1st of July 2003.

Established in its present form under an agreement in 1998, when the government of the twelve newly independent states
adopted the structure of the organization created out of the merger of the old Soviet bodies in 1991, certain functions were
delegated to MAK by the respective governments including Russia, which included safety, certification and accident

If Russia does withdraw from the agreement it is likely that the functions will revert to the GSGA, which under decree 994
issued in 1996 carefully defined the functions of the FSVT, the GSGA’s predecessor, in relation to those of MAK. A
withdrawal is likely to mean however, that all the international agreements signed by MAK relating to certification and
other relationships with international supra government bodies would have to renegotiate on the new basis. The move would
also be likely to lead to the organizations demise given that few of the other members have the ability or resources to
sustain it with the loss of its major member.

More pragmatically, given current Russian dominance in MAK and the Russian’s desire to strongly influence aviation within
its sphere of influence, dissolution seems an unlikely option given that little benefit would appear to accrue to the
Russians from the organisation’s demise. The Interfax report or the leaks that created it, may therefore be more motivated
by creating favourable conditions for a change of senior personnel at MAK rather than a withdrawal. The latter potentially
alienating fellow CIS members’ currently major Russian air transport customers and a market for the aerospace industry’s
current and future output. The views of MAK’s head Tatiana Anodina on the reported withdrawal are unreported.
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