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Lies, Damn Lies and Official Collusion. (EI)

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Lies, Damn Lies and Official Collusion. (EI)

Old 3rd Jan 2003, 01:51
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Am I still here?
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Send Clowns and Big Tudor,

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in my reply,

Our FTLs are as follows :

" 900 Flying hours in any consecutive 12 months"
" 100 Flying hours in any consecutive 28 days"

These, I believe are in line with those in CAP 371 and I know from experience that the IAA pay close attention to these.

The reason for variances between JAR compliant authorities is that ther is still no agreement on the content of subpart Q of JAR Ops and until this is achieved there will continue to be anomolies between JAR operators.
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Old 3rd Jan 2003, 17:43
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Yes, that is all clear. If you read the original post you will see that the problem is that the IAA refuse to confirm to BALPA what rule is being applied to Ryanair employees. Since their licences are on the line this is important - do you want you colleagues hung out to dry?


If that is the case then why did the IAA get stroppy with BALPA? This is nothing to do with empire or any of that crap (but since we still pay for your economic growth and guarantee your security, there is little difference).

Some of our citizens are working for a company based in your country. It may or may not be that company is setting them up for a potential fall. If that is not the case then I have nothing against Ryanair, but if it is then it may be that they are also corrupting your government regulator, so you lot should perhaps get your house in order. You are no longer part of our empire (never were actually - you were part of the UK) so take responsibility for yourselves
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Old 3rd Jan 2003, 19:14
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Send Clowns, as a citizen of the Republic of Ireland I'd like to say that (sadly) I have to agree with everything you just wrote.

This country has its head up its own arse as far as defense is concerned and its not that long since we even had to rely on the RAF to provide coastal air sea rescue cover too (and still do to a large extent). This is an island nation with a large fishing fleet!

The Irish Air Corps and Army is a laughing stock, and the 'neutral lobby' want us to ride on the backs of every other EU state.

If Hitler reappeared again tomorrow in Europe we'd still be looking for excuses to stay out of a justified war. It's pathetic and I for one am ashamed of my countries spinelessness.

It has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with money and cowardice in my opinion.

Same goes for the IAA..

PeterJ...Deo Gratias?

Moratore te salutamus!

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Old 3rd Jan 2003, 19:42
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FR bashing? Xenophobic? Not a bit of it. This is about lies on crucial safety matters fron the very top level of a national aviation authority and one of the largest airlines in Europe. It direcly affects the central credibility of both.

1) Ryanair held its pilots to duty hours based on an IAA exemption which they clearly stated that they had.

2) The IAA denied existance of this document, and confirmed that any individual - not company - caught at this would be punished (But only AFTER an incident, mind you...) Now that's an impressive attitude to responsible enforcement, isn't it?

So who was lying - clearly at least one of the two was.

3) IAA stonewalled a high-level BALPA enquiry and then made a ridiculously inept attempt to bluster their way out of the hole they had dug for themselves and Ryanair, thus firmly attaching them both in the lie.

Is that or is that not official collusion. Corruption is another name for it, and it STINKS.

Now this finally has come out as a third party generated statement isn't it about time other Aviation Authorities started to deal actively and thoroughly with cheats and liars like these?


perhaps there never was a document, do you think this was yet another of the IAAs notorious "verbal exemptions" and FR (or rather their poor, misinformed individual pilots) discovered just how much back-up they'd get when it finally became public knowledge?

Still, chilling to think how many more of these cancers there may still be lurking just under the surface, never to be known of until "after the incident". Scary.

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