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My TRAVEL Chief Pilot- Gone

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

My TRAVEL Chief Pilot- Gone

Old 14th Oct 2002, 18:59
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My TRAVEL Chief Pilot- Gone

Just heard uncle Norman's Gone- Anyone any info!
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Old 14th Oct 2002, 19:26
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With all due sympathy to the gentleman who may have lost his job,

Is that not mytravel, or is it MyTravel, mYtRAVEL etc....
What's wrong with good old Airtours, and how much did that wonderful new title cost?
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Old 14th Oct 2002, 19:35
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PTC- Its Mite Travel
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Old 15th Oct 2002, 02:10
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New Dancing partner required.

Ball room type exits stage left.

Could it be he stood on the truck drivers toes during the paso doble !!

Note. Only those with HGV experience may apply for the position
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Old 15th Oct 2002, 08:40
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MyTravel has become WhyTravel by now.

how many more good people will leave before this farce settles down?
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Old 15th Oct 2002, 19:44
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DB and all the sycophants he towed along from Salvesen won't be happy until ALL the pilot force is gone. They can then take their bonuses and start screwing another company. Sorry, I meant use their synergies and rationalise elsewhere.

So by the end of the week there'll be no pilot managers, other than a CP for AOC purposes, just a bunch of suits and HR cronies with not a clue how to run an airline, but very good at finding scapegoats and sacking people. They've been very successful at that recently, and fear does not make for a happy or productive workplace.

Don't miscontrue my words as subjective sentiment, I realise hard business decisions have to be made. But it seems to me there have been too many incorrect decisions. Morale amongst flightdeck and crew is lower than I've ever seen it in 8 years, and the city aren't too happy either....

All the best Norman, at least you cared.

ps. Before anyone cries about hanging dirty linen out in public, some things are best aired on the open forum. Forewarned is forearmed and all that.
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Old 15th Oct 2002, 23:46
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well said msngr
for all your faults uncle norn, good luck.
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Old 16th Oct 2002, 11:32
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Well said msngr
Air 2000 morale amongst crews is at rock bottom, for the same reasons as your company.
Whatever happened to Career prospects?

Old 17th Oct 2002, 10:28
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After seeing 70% wiped off of the value of MT shares this morning, I think he got out at the right time, whether it was enforced or not.

I wish him all the best.
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Old 17th Oct 2002, 10:45
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How is it that one of your senior managers can preside over such a dramatic fall in the value of MY TRAVEL and yet walk away with over a million pounds in his pocket.

Something very wrong about that
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Old 17th Oct 2002, 11:24
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MYTravel group plc has apparently been one of the best payers in the industry for their senior executives (somewhat is contrast to what they pay everyone else). The argument being that they had to pay to get the quality of manger required etc.
So when highly paid manager(s) make a total pigs ear, what is the justification for rewarding them for their failure?
Sure their contracts will have clauses for compensation for loss of office; what galls me is these people have the nerve to take the money.
Sadly this is a common trait of senior executives worldwide, who continously reward themselves excessively in times good and bad.
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Old 17th Oct 2002, 13:37
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I agree entirely Bigrab, it appears today that the S***e floats to the top.

You get people with no experience of a particular market sector entering a company with a view to trying to run it. They enjoy huge salaries, and share option plus a golden f**koff written into their contract.They stick around for a bit with their nose in the trough and not performing well enough. At the same time the employees suffer with layoffs /poor terms and conditions.

Said nonentity in suit then gets the boot, takes the loot and enters another corporate trough they can bleed dry.

If they are highly successful at this, they sooner or later get a knighthood for being a totally useless provided they toady up to which ever government is in power at the time, with a view to getting somemore lucrative positions on quangos for a couple of 100K a year for 2 days "work". the same goes for failed politicians whom disapper off to Europe to milk the EU gravy train.

People then wonder why the country is in such a state with such "sh**e running it.

The only management I ever respect is management with a proven track record in their field, and not gravy train prostitutes.
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