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Another ground handling issue.....

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Another ground handling issue.....

Old 30th Sep 2002, 20:35
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Another ground handling issue.....

Signing of Loadsheets:

I've probably started this thread in the wrong forum so if it gets moved fair enough....

I'd like to know what people in the industry think about this issue. Where I used to work the load controller who produced the loadsheet entered his/her name on the loadsheet to indicate that he/she had checked the loadsheet and it was correct. Where I work now however, this isn't the case. The loadsheets are signed by despatchers who have no load control training and in some cases don't understand what they're signing for.....

Any comments anybody?
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Old 30th Sep 2002, 21:15
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I'm sure it's fine. After all whoever heard of a cargo aircraft falling out of the sky because it hasn't been loaded properly?



...actually, now that you mention it...
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Old 30th Sep 2002, 21:32
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If it's a computer loadsheet, they will probably say...."the computer could never make a mistake..."
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Such a deal
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Old 30th Sep 2002, 22:14
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Not only do I put my name on the loadsheet when doing a computerised loadsheet, I also sign the loadsheet.
The company I work for has the load controller not only doing the weight and balance but also despatching the aircraft.

411A - I have seen the computers make mistakes, remember that old computer phrase GIGO.
Mostly the computer has database errors for a few days when fleet weights etc change.

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Old 30th Sep 2002, 22:31
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Signing of Loadsheet's.

With ref to the above and as an ex Loadcontroller myself - it is quite correct that the loadcontroller to put his name on a automated loadsheet - what the dispatcher is signing for and is required to do by the ANO is to MAKE SURE that the way the load be it cargo/passenger's or baggage is loaded as per what is on the loasdsheet.

He/she does not need to be a fully a qualified load controller but they do need a little knowledge of weight and balence - but all they are really doing is to ensure that the loading is as per the loadsheet instructions and are to signing to that effect.

I hope this help's..
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Old 30th Sep 2002, 22:36
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Our load controllers print their names at the top of computerised load-sheets and both the captain and dispatcher sign them in ink
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Old 30th Sep 2002, 23:41
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Quote from one of the wittiest and most accurate books about our business I have ever read - "Bluff your way on the Flight-Deck" by Capt Ken Beere:-

"The Loadsheet. This legal document details the way in which the aeroplane has been loaded - passengers, luggage, freight and fuel. The information it contains determines the total weight of the aicraft at take-off and shows whether the aircraft is in trim. The aircraft cannot leave until the captain agrees the figures and signs it.

That the captain cannot possibly know whether the information is correct but must sign it anyway if he wishes to take off is one of those quirks of the system which he has learned to accept.

A good Queen's Council keeps this nugget of information so that if he is ever engaged in litigation of a flying nature he can get the captain weeping at the unfairness of life with his very first question"

How very, very true! - Now that's the stuff the Air-Law textbooks should tell you before you start out in this game!
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Old 1st Oct 2002, 09:14
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When I was in Ops we had to sign and check the loadsheet then keep on file for minimum of 90 days. We also had to attach the loadplan (signed by the loading team leader) and all relevant communications to the loadsheet before filing
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Old 1st Oct 2002, 10:02
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Centralised load control

BMi used to have their load control done centrally in the UK somewhere. Why did they stop ? SAS do all their loadsheets for airports outside Scandinavia in BKK I think. BA does most of its non UK loadsheets from various area CLC centres around the world.
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Old 1st Oct 2002, 17:24
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The practice of the Load Controller signing the loadsheet stopped long ago for many operators. Numerous airlines (BA, VS, etc.) have Centralised Load Control (CLC) where the loadsheet is produced in (taking the VS example) LGW for flights departing pretty much everywhere worldwide.

There are certain advantages with this. For a far-flung Caribbean island with two flights per week it is very difficult to keep a local Load Controller fully up to speed with all the system entries associated with a 747-400 carrying freight, dangerous goods, etc. There is a very valid argument for keeping this in a specialist cell who are (hopefully!) fully up to speed with all the required system entries.

Of course even at local airports the Load Control office may be some distance from the gate, so it will invariably be a different person delivering the loadsheet.

Of course you are then reliant on the person producing the loadsheet to check the data before hitting "Send", and on the Despatcher at the other end to understand what they're looking at. This can work very well, but in many cases Handling Agents have used it as an excuse to 'dumb down' the despatch role, in which case you've got a Despatcher who doesn't know his ZFW from his elbow signing everything off to ensure that the aircraft has in fact been loaded in accordance with the paperwork.

My lot's having a blitz at the moment to target the Despatchers to ensure they really do know and understand what they are checking and signing, but the message, for ground staff and flight crew, has got to be double-check everything.
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