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Stowaway Falls

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"His body was an ice block"
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It happens in the US, too.

Can't post link.
Google Charlotte Airport Stowaway.
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Originally Posted by WingNut60
And you would hope that aircraft servicing personnel who might yet aspire to a better life in the first world would be warned against the dangers of trying to stow-away.

Kenya stowaway 'may have been airport worker'

Seems that I may have been wrong.
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Some people were wondering how often stowaways survive. The BBC has some facts and figures on this:
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Originally Posted by marchino61
Some people were wondering how often stowaways survive. The BBC has some facts and figures on this:
Though, as discussed earlier (and acknowledged in the BBC piece)

"many stowaways don't make it to their destinations, making it difficult to gauge the number of incidences"
So in fact it's pretty well impossible to gauge the survival/death rate with any degree of confidence.
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Surely a simple installation of 360 degree web cam ( and probably an internal light) would give the crew a view of the entire space within the wheel wells? Possibly other unrelated benefits to this too.
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Devil 2 stowaways in L-1011

Hello from Mssissauga Ontaro Canada. Our airline provided maintenance support to a Caribbean L-1011 operator in YYZ. The contract required one AME to work the pushback with the headphone in case of any last moment problem. As the aircraft was moving back from the gate the AME suddenly saw a pair of legs sticking out of the left main landing gear door from the small gap in the MLG door at the MLG cutout in the lower wing. The AME stopped the push back and returned it to the gate. The left MLG door was carefully opened an a very groggy young male slid out. He asked where his buddy was! At this point a very sheepish contract ground crew lead admitted that they had found another very groggy male under the aircraft and had placed him inside the warm up shack under the bridge. The AME climbed up inside the wheelwell and found a 3 foot cut to a fiberglass panel that led to an unpressured area in the forward fairing next to the AC PACKS.He found a bag of food and drinks , some cigarette butts , a 45 colt handgun , and a 7/16 box end wrench !! It looked like they had loosened a clamp on the main bleed air duct just enough to get a stream of hot air to keep themselves alive. It later turned out both males were wanted for murder !!!
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Update to the OP.
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Thanks for posting that. Investigative journalism at its finest - and from Sky! It's a shame we don't see more pieces like that these days.
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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK
It would be more accurate to say that only a very small proportion of stowaways who survive have travelled in a wheel-well. The rest will have been in a cargo hold or other pressurised compartment. The statistics probably underestimate the imbalance, since the wheel-well occupants are more likely not to figure at all in the stats if their fallen bodies have remained undiscovered.

While it's always difficult to counter misconceptions among the vulnerable, I can't help feeling that education would help. If potential wheel-well stowaways could understand that the odds of survival are hugely stacked against them (even compared to, say, a RIB across the Med) then perhaps we might see an end to these tragedies.
Perhaps placards in several languages placed inside the wheel wells?

I'll get my coat...
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Sorry, actions and consequences. If you deliberately undertake a criminal act, and potentially put others in harms way, there will be consequences.
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Originally Posted by homonculus
Sorry, actions and consequences. If you deliberately undertake a criminal act, and potentially put others in harms way, there will be consequences.
C'mon, tell the truth. You're not really sorry, now are you?

It couldn't hurt to read the story MATELO linked to, just above:

The Man Who Fell from the Sky
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...was gonna post this back in October ...but nahhh thought better of it...same old, same old...
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Happened in 2010 in Boston

A family in on a quiet suburban street awoke to find a body in their front yard. Medical examiner was shocked at the brutality and savagery of his injuries; surmised that he had been beaten and then deliberately run over with a car and then dumped. It took a while before the possibility of the deceased having been a stowaway emerged.
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The Sky investigation was poor. The guy identified as the dead stowaway has actually been behind bars in Kenya since August. His pictures were lifted off social media pages. It's no surprise that Sky News has retracted the story and pulled it down. The airport cleaning company has also denied knowing him. It still remains a mystery who this guy is and where he's from.
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