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Niki Lauda RIP

Old 21st May 2019, 07:16
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Niki Lauda RIP

Airline founder, Formula One champion Niki Lauda dies at 70. Andreas Nikolaus “NikiLauda, three-times Formula One world champion and founder of several airlines, has passed away at the age of 70 on Monday, following a period of health issues, his family announced Tuesday morning.
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A great loss to the aviation and f1 community. RIP legend.
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R.I.P Niki... I will never forget the years spent on Lauda Air.
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R.I.P Niki too. Very much a hands on owner of Lauda Air. As a B767 DEC with him for a few years flew him as a passenger to Miami via Munich which was a regular trip. He spent most of flight at the front with us. On arrival at Miami the stand we always had allocated was the Lufthansa one which usually had been vacated by the B744 before we arrived but this time LH were having problems on stand for reasons I cannot remember but we had to wait 45 minutes or so with engines running and I could feel Niki bristling with anger thinking of all that money of his being wasted .
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Controversial person, but extraordinary businessman
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Lauda asked for a press conference the following day, and told Boeing that if it was possible to recover, he would be willing to fly on a 767 with two pilots and have the thrust reverser deploy in air. Boeing told Lauda that it was not possible, so he asked Boeing to issue a statement saying that it would not be survivable, and Boeing issued it. Lauda then added, "this was the first time in eight months that it had been made clear that the manufacturer [Boeing] was at fault and not the operator of the aeroplane [or Pratt and Whitney]."
RIP Legend!
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RIP Niki. Great gentleman and racing legend.

Had the pleasure of having him on board and as a guest in the cockpit for landing.
Great personality !
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RIP Niki,

Considering what he went through in 1976, it's a tribute to his tenacity that he has survived until now and been so successful.
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Originally Posted by capricorn23 View Post
R.I.P Niki... I will never forget the years spent on Lauda Air.
I remember years ago in BKK at the Rama Gardens Hotel watching the tall topless Lauda girls rubbing suntan lotion on each other by the pool.
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That was years ago. It was progressive at that time. BTW, there are presently more topless/nude beaches than ever before.
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Originally Posted by Paul852 View Post
Not the most progressive of gentlemen then?
Don't know if he was progressive but he sure didn't hire his flight attendants over the phone.
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Originally Posted by Airbubba View Post
Don't know if he was progressive but he sure didn't hire his flight attendants over the phone.
If you're in close proximity to eastern Europe, chances are that you can do it successfully even over the phone

RIP Niki Lauda
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One of the bravest, and boldest, persons in racing. He earned his respect through hard work, determination and a talent that encompassed both the driving and technical side of racing. His later accomplishments as a businessman are marked by the same determination and bravery; making money out of setting up no less than 3 airlines is no small feat.

He was a pilot for more than 40 years, and was just about to take delivery of a brand new Global 7500, which he'd pilot himself. He also flew his passengers around himself from time to time, both out of a love of flying but also, as the hard nosed businessman he was, to get out on the sharp end of the operation and see what's really what. He famously told stories about his time flying a Fokker 50 in the beginning of his airline days, making an enroute PA inviting interested passengers to come forward and say hello. 50 people simultaneously rose up and headed towards the cockpit, resulting in a rather pronounced CG shift. After that, they found a system where only a few got up at a time.

But most of all he was a racer all his life, having used his immense talent, grit, courage and full focus to win 3 DWC's at a time, when a season of racing usually ended up with one or more driver fatalities. And not only did he survive telling Enzo Ferrari his car was shit, but also proved it to the old man by fixing the front end and going 0.8 second faster around Fiorano.

Long may the memory of this great man be with us.
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Was in Lauda Air, only company I worked for with him as boss(thanks god). However, had him a few times on the flight deck(especially on that Hamburg flights to check on Lufthansa Maintenance), from pilot to pilot a very nice chap to talk with Usually sat with us all the way on his jumpseat. Loved when we did "sporty" approaches(tell me which airlines does approve such a thing nowadays, back then HE WAS on the flightdeck and loved it), we did as well. Not pleasant as a boss however, two very different things. I guess I really liked the racedriver and pilot in him, not the businessman(however, he bought the best available equipment possible at that time(e.g. FULL option CRJ's with double FMS/IRS which was far away from airline standard at that time) because he knew what a pilot needs to get the job done properly. If I think to my current outfit with their messed up, minimum(make that actually a "no option") 737's from the fantastic green island, one want's to cry.

Let's say it was nice to have a chat with this colourful person from time to time, did NOT enjoy being one of his employees. However, Kudos what he accomplished within a corrupted(up till now) Austrian political system(tell me one that is actually not corrupted), especially bringing up Lauda Air against the will of, at that time, powerful(because state owned) Austrian Airlines. Loved how we kicked their a** and would join him in this battle anytime again. And how he forced that Austrian Airlines management to buy overpriced Lauda Air(was out at that time already, not my fight anymore) which eventually broke their back and they got bought up by Lufthansa. Well deserved.

R.I.P. Niki Lauda. It was fun walking a bit of your path with you, even it was a financial loss for me(and many other of my fellow pilots).
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I am posting the following FB post by a friend of mine, with his permission:

Note: “jai dee” literally means “good heart” and in this context means “good guy”.

My friend told me that racing was never mentioned during their chats, but they did have a discussion about a girl they both knew - one of James Hunt’s ex-girlfriends. My friend Peter has gone way up in my estimation!
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Nicki Lauda R.I.P.

Now this was a real man , and he will be sorely missed may he rest in peace, wish I had known him.
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RIP Niki Lauda, a life full of amazing accomplishments.
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RIP Niki. Great gentleman and racing legend. Had a pleasure to meet him in BKK after the B767 crash
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Truly a great man. Race in Peace, Legend!
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OE-IIL Global 7500 was already delivered and was crew training just last week in a flight from Vienna to Brno Austria - first customer flight of a Global 7600 - sadly Niki last saw the plane in Montreal uncompleted
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