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Ticket and Boarding Pass to Gdansk, flys to Malta

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Ticket and Boarding Pass to Gdansk, flys to Malta

Old 16th Jan 2019, 15:36
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Direct flight from Luqa to Gdansk? I don't believe it.

Mac (lived in Malta for 5Y)
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Old 16th Jan 2019, 16:04
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Originally Posted by KelvinD
What about the business of counting heads before take off? Surely, if that had been done, there would have been a discrepancy?
A bit old school in this day and age.

​​​​​​It's was also potentially a bit of a bugger at one outfit I used to be at when the cabin crew miss counted 3 times as the ops manual said that was it, punters off, bags off and start again. The only time it happened to me that seemed to get overlooked as they eventually found someone who could count and the skip was happy to go.
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Old 16th Jan 2019, 16:45
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Originally Posted by Mac the Knife
Direct flight from Luqa to Gdansk? I don't believe it.
Ryanair flies twice weekly MLA-GDN.
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Old 26th Jan 2019, 09:38
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Around 1985 we were flying LUT-AGP with Monarch on a 757, first rotation of the day, departure around 08:00. Cabin crew were up an down aisle several times and it was clear to those who know how these things work that there were either more or fewer bums on seats than the stated in manifest. Eventually we were all asked to show our boarding passes and one young female left the aircraft. She was on plane to right destination but her booking was with Britannia.........

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Old 26th Jan 2019, 18:27
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Dublin Airport were trying their very best to organise this last year.

The airport and its departing services were in something of a mess due to a storm. Our flight to Manchester was the only flight scheduled to depart on time, so that was of course the stuff of dreams.

One of our allocated gates (we were allocated 9 gates over the course of the evening) was boarding a flight to Oslo and the gate staff getting irate at defending their gate from Manchester travellers... The reason for this of course was that the all the monitors etc told us mere passengers that the gate was boarding passengers for Manchester.

When they eventually checked the monitors a few choice words were exercised...
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Old 27th Jan 2019, 14:42
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father-in-law was in a wheelchair, so had to be loaded through the galley
sat down
offered GnT
after a few minutes
"can we see your ticket please?"
oops we're going to Moscow!
(he was booked on a flight to Australia)
"never been to Moscow!"
but they unloaded him and sent him off the another flight!
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Old 28th Jan 2019, 01:21
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A few years ago I boarded an Aer Lingus flight at Dublin for Gatwick. Chap sitting next to me was settling down, with seatbelt on, when another man arrived at the last minute. Both of them had a boarding pass showing the same seat number and some 'animated discussion' followed. After intervention by the cabin crew, it turned out that the seated man had a boarding pass for an entirely different Aer Lingus flight, that had left 30 mins beforehand. None of the boarding checks had picked this up, and, had the seat not been booked, the seated man would never have known his mistake until after takeoff. (Have no recollection where he had actually intended to go)
Many years ago (pre 9/11) a friend who worked at a business consulting firm (lots of short notice trips etc) woke up late and just made it to the gate in time to board, when he got to his seat there was someone in it with same # on boarding pass.
Flight attendant sorting it out ended up telling my friend "sir you have this seat tomorrow, this gentleman has it today". Instead of almost late he was a day early. I believe the boarding pass came from in-house travel agency, but not sure.

He also once (again pre 9/11) made a flight by getting out of his car in passenger drop off zone and running in to the terminal, policeman yelling at him "you will be towed" etc. It was worth the fine and storage fee to not miss a meeting, basically valet parking by state trooper.

Of course if you tried that today you would at best be tasered and tackled...
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Old 28th Jan 2019, 15:50
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Many, many years ago I boarded a flight from Luton to Belfast City (remember Capital Airlines?). Just as we started up the cabin staff announced "welcome on board this flight to Dublin"! Much panic ensued until she corrected herself. Another time at LHR, BMA gave me and someone else the same seat on the same flight - I was there first, and so she was given 1C as she wanted to get off quickly on arrival.
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Old 30th Jan 2019, 17:54
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Happened to me a few weeks ago, flew to Eindhoven instead of Charleroi.

Morning 6am flight, both Wizzair from Budapest (external boarding gates with variable fences) next to each other. Was almost last pax, ran to the plane, apparently the wrong one. Flight was half empty, I realized after doors closed. As my destination was Antwerp (halfway between the two airports) I was like lets see whats happen

Nothing happened (both EU airports with no border or passport control), but got a good story.

Wizzair cabin crew since a few months DO NOT check passes when boarding. Mistake in my oppinion but everything for the turnover time.
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Old 30th Jan 2019, 21:16
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A couple of years ago the handling geniuses for Easyjet at Amsterdam Schiphol marked a passenger as offloaded during the gate boarding pass scan but gave him back his boarding pass. He obviously didn’t know that and boarded with all the rest of us.

After two head counts and a pass of the cabin to check everyone had a boarding pass for this flight - which of course they did - the crew had to resort to walking down the aisle with the passenger manifest doing a roll call like in primary school until they found the extra.

The crew were clearly displeased with the ground muppets.

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