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Aurigny Incident?

A friend told me an Aurigny Dornier 228 went "off road" into the weeds when landing last Friday. Nothing reported so I don't know. Anyone know?
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Dornier 228s are pretty good at operating in most conditions that other aircraft would find taxing. One of the finest machines ever built. So sad that there are so few these days and those that are, probably in horrendous condition.
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If it was at Alderney, then the runway used to be only just wider than an Islander's wheels, so not too hard to go off the side.
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Must have been a very long time ago then as I spent two years flying Trislanders out of there and it was more then wide enough And that was back in the 90s. The weather can be fairly fruity it has to be said
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EGJA runway width: 18m (per AIP).

Tr/Islander wheel track: 3.61m.
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The DO228 is capable of landing happily on the grass so not a big deal.
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