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Air Canada Rouge B-767 air return to LGW

Air Canada Rouge 767 returned to LGW from air after some landing gear issue (tyre damage?) on take-off. It seems that the aircraft is now blocking the runway as arrivals are diverting to other airports.
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Diverts every where bournmouth stanstead Luton seem the in places at the moment
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Its just shut for a 3rd time due debris on runway...not sure whether its related to the earlier incident or something else.

Edit : 1615Z : Back open again and using main runway now.

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copied from the EZY flight tracker site updated 15 mins ago

We have just been informed that the North runway which is Gatwick’s second runway is currently closed due to damage and requires necessary maintenance. This means that both runways at Gatwick are currently closed. The airport authorities are working to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated with more information when we have it, please continue to check Flight Tracker for more updates.
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Pack their bags pack their brains. Had a hydraulic pump let go on push. Walked the cabin whilst it was being changed. One pax had a go as I could have gone with one system INOP.
Something about aviation that means whatever happens it is the airlines fault & they should have foreseen it. As far as some pax are concerned the airline has to be clarevoyant.
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Old 18th Jul 2017, 07:06   #6 (permalink)
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Me too, would be interesting to know how long a pump change and test etc would take. Guess the option of another aircraft wasn't available.
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Any more factual info on the tech problem? Burst tyre might suggest continuing to destination, if you can be sure of no fuselage etc. damage and lightening the load on landing; so I suspect there's more to this.

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My initial thought was take your burst tyre to destination, but I suppose tyres energetic enough to burst are also energetic enough to damage important things in close proximity which could make an ETOPS flight uncomfortable.
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Here's an example of a 767 tire burst on takeoff causing damage to hydraulic and other systems:

Accident: Delta B763 at Madrid on Dec 5th 2013, burst tyre on takeoff, hydraulic failure, taxiway excursion after landing

Also, with a tire burst you don't want to retract the gear so you're not going to do a crossing.
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It happened in front of us. Chaos emerged with Gatwick only having 1 runway (forgive my plug for another). They temporarily reopened 08L for a few departures for which we were number 1 and subsequently closed it again soon after. On the climb out we listened to all arriving aircraft diverting, those queueing on the ground behind us had shut down engines.
When it came to the return leg we had a 7 hour slot... luckily it came forward a lot!
I expected the 767 to need to dump fuel but I don't think they did in the end. Saw it on a remote stand when I got back.
We heard them report massive vibration. Main gear tyre debris found on the runway along with a sizeable gauge from the wheel. An engineer showed me pictures of the gear, some of the tyre still remained on the wheel.
South Terminal was rammed with annoyed pax when I left at 2330L, to the minute, minimum rest for the next day
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