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Ryanair change recruitment policy

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Ryanair change recruitment policy

Old 5th Apr 2002, 15:03
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Post Ryanair change recruitment policy

According to Ryanair's web site they are now only recruiting rated pilots

any comment????
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Old 5th Apr 2002, 16:13
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Apparently they must have changed that recently..
A mate of mine was just offered a slot on one of their courses..
Last week me thinks..
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Old 5th Apr 2002, 17:05
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Thumbs down

This is from the Ryanair recruitment page:

"Important change from 5th April 2002. We will now only consider applications from 737 type rated pilots. If you do not meet the minimum requirements then please donít apply as you will only be wasting your time and money. We have had a phenomenal response to date and now have more than sufficient applications from non type rated pilots to fulfil our requirements for full conversions to the 737-200/ 800. If you have applied to Ryanair before the 5th April 2002 then your application will obviously be considered for courses due to commence over the next six months. "

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Old 5th Apr 2002, 23:20
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I was under the understanding that they were already struggling to find type rated pilots, thus the £15000 payment for type rating by applicants was proving a good option.
Would I be right in saying it will not be long before they once again open the flood gates for non rated pilots.
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Old 5th Apr 2002, 23:36
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So where exactly so they expect to find around 800 737 rated pilots in the next few years?
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 00:04
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Easy they will not.
If they plan to fill those positions with only type rated pilots over the next 8 to 10 years while they get delivery of the 800's they may find it a little tricky,I would say its just an administrative fact that is causing them to call a hault to a huge influx in applications.
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 00:04
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To be more exact, are there that many unemployed NG 73 pilots in the world??
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 13:11
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Have any of you out there registered with Ryanair, had50 quid deducted via your credit card and still heard nothing/being turned down because you aren't type-rated?
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 14:30
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Type Rating vs. 300 hr experience

My question is where they expect to find people with 300 hours on the type? In all honesty, I could see 300-1000 jet hours, or PIC hours, or something other than 300 hours on type. Once you are in a position to fly a 73 arround, I doubt most people up and leave suddenly. It was always cheaper to go out and get a type yourself, and then apply; but where do they think they're going to find the people?
I agree however, that this might be a great way to hold up the applications until there current pile is more resonable (6-8months). At that thime we'll see.
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 15:46
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Angry Just look at Southwest......

Just look at southwest and you'll know what to expect, they did exactly the same thing making it a prerequisite to interview to be type rated preferably EFIS....
It was in October 2000 if I recall..
The bad thing about the two clones we have here in europe is that people at southwest love southwest..Flight attendants sing during the descent giving the weather, etc.......I am not too sure about that in easyjet or Ryanair..

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Old 6th Apr 2002, 16:06
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Re: Southwest

You're right on the type, however Southwest does not require 300 hours on type. Where Ryanair's recruitment page says they only want people with experience on type. So again, who's floaten arround with experience on a 73 who wants to leave their current carrier to start over at another? I doubt very many.
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Old 6th Apr 2002, 17:26
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As a frequent passenger on Southwest and friendly with quite a few of the Southwest employees from baggage handlers to pilots I can confirm that I have never heard one of them say a bad thing about Southwest in fact if any thing they sing its praises.

As for their recruitment policy they no longer require a type rating for interview. They are happy to interview otherwise qualified candidates without a type rating and if successful at the interview they will give you a conditional job offer. The condition is that you will have to get a type rating before you start.

here is the link


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Old 6th Apr 2002, 23:35
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Southwest seem to have a handle on the awkward time low hours /unrated pilot manage to " 2 get a job". as always Catch 22 rule applies unless u can get a lucky break or know someone with a carrier.
The Ryan air requirement for a donation to the coffers stinks, stinks, stinks.
I hope that any wannabees consider Ryanair for about a millisecond, and that the idea of working for a bunch that requires up front money for the previlege of even looking at an application, type rated or not, will be a sign of things to come.
I am job less at the moment, but will not apply to the tinkers of the Airline Industry
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 08:48
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They are still taking fresh pilots !!!

I'm working for a Belgian flying school which has now a contract with Ryanair. The 4 best students may follow a type-rating course 737 NG with them. BUT they must pay the training !! After that, they will have a six month line-training with them without being paid a salary !!! Another way to find cheap pilots.
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 09:44
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ERJ-Jay, you say: "My question is where they expect to find people with 300 hours on the type?".

I am sure there are loads of people around the world with EU passport (or spouse) and 737 type ratings looking for work... The only problem with Europe is that @#$& JAR licence!!

My husband has 200 hours on 73 (from his first and only job on jets back in 1995), 5000 T.T. and an NG endorsement with Continental. We live in Australia and there is no work over here (about 4000 unemployed pilots at the moment, after Ansett collapse). Last week he completed his maths and physic studies so that he can apply with Qantas. And this is just another course... another couple of thousand bucks... SIGH!

We are thinking to come back to Europe (home for me) and it will be another awful amount of money and studies before he'll get a job. Ryanair is on the list of course, as many others.

What I am trying to say here is that some people are ready to go through the hard way, others abbandon (thankfully), but at the end, it mightl pay off. Nothing comes to you if you don't fight for it first! You need a type-rating to apply? Well, this is another requirement to be competitive. The market is changing and the best you can do is to adapt! Cadet stuff is history! Sponsorship? Forget it! Today you have to put all your money into it and kick doors till they give you a chance. Learn the art of begging and stop counting the money you spend for aviation....
You don't have that money? Start saving and sell your car.

You'll find out that some girls are still quite nice to you anyway, after they find out what it is all about...

Mrs. FloatJockey (proud, supportive and broke wife)

Pilot = glamour? Yeah right!
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 09:59
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Very good post - a good synopsis of the current times in aviation.
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 10:22
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Good on ya...

...Floatjockey. Well said and great attitude. The only problem with that post is this: it's gonna make all those negative and lazy individuals pull up their bootstraps, buckle down, and do some work. Which in turn (theoretically) means that work will now be even harder to come by. So the future pilot shortage now moves even further away. Not only that; but possibly even more pilots will now be out of work since you're coming home to take up a few jobs and who knows, this could even be the start of a new down-turn in aviation! And who wil be to blame? Floatjockey!
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Old 8th Apr 2002, 11:10
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Mrs. Floatjockey, thats part of the crazy game?

Sell your car, have sidejobs? Spend a lot of money on TRs, until you get a job?

Its time for the unions to work on these conditions.

Flying without getting paid?

Someone is destroying his own future outside, his future inside, but is a "GOOD" pilot for a specific company.

Most hiring is done by pilots, who most probably don`t like this habits.

Anyway, good luck to your husband, thats needed beside the abilities and licences.

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Old 8th Apr 2002, 15:10
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Mrs Angry.......

Lets not forget that at a time with so many of our friends and colleauges unemployed it was Ryanair who were charging a fee to read a CV. This is an outrageous and dispicable policy, simply cashing in on the desperate financial situations of so many.

I hope that when the industry recovers, and it will, none of us forget what Ryanair did.

I have a job but it makes me very angry to see this kind of exploitation. I hope they stuggle for Pilots when the time comes.

Low cost airline and cheap shot management.......

(ok, I feel better now.... sorry)

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Old 8th Apr 2002, 16:20
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Luvmy146, who is Mrs. Angry? Are you describing your current mood?
I don't think Ryanair charge excessive money... I find them quite honest actually: they tell you not to apply if you're not endorsed! Fair enough! Save the few bucks (and put them into a T-R...).
In Australia you have a stupid website called staff.cv.com.au and you pay 20 USD for each airline you apply to, then extra money every time you update. In return, you get a computer generated toss-message thanking you for applying (every airline with the same text, only a different signature). There is no need to blaim Ryanair I think... you could blaim technology and the current situation instead, if it satisfies you...
Budget airlines charge you for your application (what? 50 bucks?) because they do not find very effective overcharging their clients in order to pay extra H.R.s to look at billions of CV from "under-qualified" people... (Hey! I do not mean to be offensive here!). From the point of view of a passenger, it all makes sense. Don't you think so?
Charging people keeps the number "quite decent"... I read about easyJet having to cope with 8000 applications!!!... Well, there you go! You apply for free! Bargain!

By the way, do you think that pilots are the only ones having to cope with selective entry criterias and b.s. happening in times of crisis? There are many people out there going back to Uni and working their butts off to get 30 seconds of fame and a better life. Where were you guys when unemployment in Europe was touching its highest peak in the early 90s?? Pilots in Europe always had a quite respectable life and very decent salary. But now that someone spilled the milk / smashed the castle, what to do???... This is all part of a regenerating process... every crash is followed by a boom... stick around, work hard and see by yourselves!

I agree with you Christian, this is a crazy game. It is all about willing to gamble or switching for a more stable option! People with kids and mortgage might have to decide sooner...

Good luck to you all and please do not misunderstand what I mean:I don't want to discourage anyone but I think some people should stop complaining, work harder towards their goals/set different goals and leave the fairy-tales and useless complains aside.

Mrs. FloatJockey
p.s. 1: Mr. FloatJockey might not totally agree with this post. Didn't ask him his opinion therefore crucify ME if I pizzed you off...
p.s. 2: I never mentioned flying without getting paid!! I don't know why this came out...
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