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Air India pilots on hunger strike over training spat

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Air India pilots on hunger strike over training spat

Old 25th Jun 2012, 12:56
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Air India pilots on hunger strike over training spat

Eleven pilots at Air India on Sunday began a hunger strike, it was reported, in the latest development in a row over training for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner.
Management at Air India fired 101 pilots after 440 of them went on strike from May 8 in protest over a move to prioritise pilots from Indian Airlines, which merged with Air India in 2007, for Dreamliner training.
The hunger strikers are demanding that the dismissed pilots, who were all members of the Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG), be re-instated in their jobs, according to Indian news service IANS.
"Eleven pilots belonging to IPG are sitting on an indefinite hunger strike from today. Our protest is only for the reinstatement of our sacked colleagues and for the reputation of our union. We want to bring the strike to an end as soon as possible," Rohit Kapahi, committee member of IPG, told IANS.

On June 6, India's Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh called on all striking pilots to resume work, saying that sacked workers would be reinstated on a case-by-case basis.
"We are not waiting for them for ever. We earlier asked them to come back and said that no one will be victimised. We had even given a chance to sacked pilots that they can also come back and we will take them back on a case-to-case basis," the minister told IANS.
The pilots dispute comes at a time when Air India is reportedly haemorrhaging money. According to media reports, the airline has accumulated losses of over INR200bn (US$3.76bn) since its tie-up with Indian Airlines, and has seen repeated employee strikes due to delayed salary payments.
Earlier this year, planes were also grounded after oil companies declined to deliver fuel over non-payment of fees.

Air India pilots on hunger strike over training spat - Transport - ArabianBusiness.com
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 13:29
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Reading about the AI pilots Hunger Strike has got me Famished...

Gotta go make a sandwich....
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 13:53
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Per Ardua ad Astraeus
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'Indian Take-away' perhaps?
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 14:24
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While the real underprivilaged are going on with there existence,the urban middle class seems to have hit upon the idea of taking there outlandish demands to the streets.Facebook revoloutions can only be afforded by those who can bicker over what a/c to fly,rather than be thankful that they have a job at all.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 14:26
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How much sympathy will pilots get on 'hunger strike' in a country with so much real poverty and hunger amongst the population?

I don't think they have really thought this one through.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 14:56
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Maybe they can get jobs in Apple, HP, Dell, et al tech support.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 15:06
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Perhaps they use the same company as my lot for their crew meals????

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Old 25th Jun 2012, 16:21
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Clearly, BALPA have been missing a trick.

Extrapolating the idea, perhaps Jim McAuslan could go on sleep strike until the FTL shenanigans are sorted to everyone's satisfaction.

I'll go and get my nightgown...
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 16:35
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Loss of weight = fuel savings
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 19:37
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The hunger strike is used in India to convey a sense of moral high ground as much as draw attention to an issue. Made most explicit and famous through the actions of Mahatma Gandhi, and used since then to "shame" people into activity: witness the recent anti-corruption drive and Anna Hazare's use of it (and the immediate sympathy/respect it commanded).

What it says about the spoilt children that play at being pilots in AI is something else entirely.
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 19:53
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At least they have bigger balls than some european pilots...
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Old 25th Jun 2012, 19:58
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I know, because I'm in dispute with my employer about training, I'll starve myself, that'll teach 'em?
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 03:55
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Is that hunger strike for 48 hour measured in Indian time?
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 04:21
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Let see what we have here. A bunch of spoiled brats don’t get to play with the new toys, so they call sick.

Management finally grow a pair and sack a bunch on self proclaimed aviators… probably making the skies safer for mankind.

Then management want to make nice to their children by rescinding the sacking order for those off the property should the rest of the miscreants, by the miracle of the Sky God, all of a sudden become healthy and return to work.

But the children still want to play with the new toys, thus the so-called hunger strike.

Air India Express is advertising for pilots, with a grandiose plan of hiring expats to get their 737 fleet back into the skies. Before being granted an audience with Air India Express, they require volumes of paperwork to be completed with the submission of documents dating back to before the 17th of December, 1903.

I’m sure by now many realize Jet Airways has terminated contracts among most B737 expats. These pilots are aware of the prospects of remaining in India by matriculating over to Air India Express. Convenient… right??? Well not really, as the Gebronies at AI EX won’t invite pilots currently in India who are in possession of current FATAs, current medicals issued by IAM BLR, and work visas,

Now for the news flash. AI EX has plan nor time line in place for hiring crews or class dates as they are hoping the sick-out by guess who??? will be settled before. Does it get anymore dysfunctional than this?
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 04:38
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Ha ha ha Good luck
Going for Indian
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 06:54
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Cultural differences aside - it smacks of gross immaturity
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 07:22
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How does someone who has chosen to attempt to kill themselves through food starvation, continue to hold a Class 1 medical based on their mental health?
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 08:05
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These 11 pilots aught to be sacked too.
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 09:26
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This thread cannot be true! It has to be a shaggy dog story....
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Old 26th Jun 2012, 09:45
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You air India fools will not find any sympathy here. You aren't pilots. No professional pride. Just plain babus...
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