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Sky Overrun in Antalya

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Sky Overrun in Antalya

Old 10th Oct 2011, 10:20
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Sky Overrun in Antalya

Just landed in AYT on 18C at 0905Z. On reaching remote stand, looked out of window to see a B737 with right main gear collapsed off the end of the runway. Fire trucks were v. quick to respond and sprayed foam under aircraft - I assume for brakes on collapsed gear. Pax seemed to be being unloaded via L1 door, steps and onto buses.

Crew were talking to tower in Turkish, so I don't know what was said, nor do I know if it was an RTO or a landing incident.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 11:27
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Weather a factor? I understand that stormy conditions are expected in Antalya over the next 24 hours or so.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 11:37
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evac completed without injuries
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 12:30
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Should be open soon:

 A3325/11 - RWY 18C/36C CLOSED TO TRAFFIC. 10 OCT 09:54 2011 UNTIL 10 OCT 14:30 2011. CREATED: 10 OCT 09:55 2011
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 13:14
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I seem to recall all Antalya's are around 3000m or more, so are we looking at another 'looong landing', brake failure, late abort, over-enthusiastic runway vacation or a real 'collapse'? (Good job it wasn't Ryanair or we'd be on page 3 by now)
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 13:35
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Not saying this is what happened, but landing on the south runways at AYT often involves being held high by ATC due to traffic and terrain. One needs to prepare for the possibility of dirtying it up early or going around.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 14:17
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What!!! You mean like being a professional pilot?
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 16:11
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This is reported by the German paper "Der Spiegel":
Antalya: Deutsche Urlauber geraten bei Bruchlandung in Panik - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

The incident happened during landing. The aircraft - a Boeing 737-400 with 156 passengers on board - was inbound from Baden-Baden and it suffered a "hard landing" due to "very very bad weather". The gear collapse happened because of a blown tyre. Nobody was injured but some passengers were "in panic"...
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 16:18
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The Aviation Herald is a far better source.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 17:37
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Another "rare" event from those aviation masters...but don't think I'm biased, just review the accident stats. Turkey and Turkish airlines are prominent.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 20:05
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OK, we saw the event happening from stand 22 today preparing for the flight with a coffee.

Aircraft came over the threshold with from what we could judge at least 200kts and flaps less then normal landing flaps. Touchdown was not unusually deep. The WX was quite OK; the heavy rain came only later. After touchdown the expected smoketrail followed and the aircraft came to a stop BEFORE the end of the 3400m runway with the right engine just over the runway edge line. This can also be seen on the picures. Also you can see on the pictures that the flaps are up and that they probably have had to land with that in a non-normal situation. The fire dept. came out only after the landing, which suggests it was not a prepared EMC. landing.

No one can accuse me of being a praticular fan of this Airline (or the safety statistics here), but let's give the colleagues the benefit of the doubt and pause on hinting on screwups and so on. Also, flying into Airports with 10000MSA around it requires a bit steeper profile, but that should be no stress for most of us, esp. for the people working here.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 21:06
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Speaking of AYT, since last August they have gone mad with SIDs, STARs and approach procedures after adding RNAV. For the four runways normally used (two N, two S) there are now 19 pages of STARs ad 49 of SIDs. There are seven pages of approaches in one direction, a mix of ILS, LOC and VOR, and 16 pages in the other direction. STAR and landing direction are specified in descent but frequently changed on intermediate approach. VHF freqs are very congested. All this whilst descending into high MSAs.
I don't claim this had anything necessarily to do with the accident but it's quite a distraction.
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 21:18
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LAHSO - do we know for sure if it was a gear collapse as per AH or just a 'stick-in-the-mud'?
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 07:09
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No, the right main gear definately went. Didn't seem like a hard touchdown, though difficult to judge with such a high landingspeed. I think it just overheated and ceased after the tires went..
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Old 11th Oct 2011, 07:22
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I have to agree with JHSG - the plethora of approach plates and, in my view at least, non-standard terminology causes a few headaches every time I go there - they seem to have inwardly digested every ATC manual ever printed and the result is misunderstanding and chaos with invariably vectors to a twenty mile final over the sea.
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Old 16th Oct 2011, 17:07
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We landed the morning after the event. They were using 18C to taxi aircraft from 18L to the terminal. There was a hole in the runway which was a few feet long on the right side and just at the normal touchdown point. This was followed by s - shaped skid marks from the right main gear, which extended about 100 feet and these suggest quite a rapid oscillation of the gear or a lump of rubber spinning. Then there was straight skids marks all the way down.
This airline had 2 B757s parked at remote stands and their engine cowelings were left open and it seemed as if engine parts were being scavenged. No vehicles or engineers at the aircraft.
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Old 17th Oct 2011, 07:43
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Sky 734

Spoke with a colleague of mine that works for the carrier and apparently they had the QRH open for the approach. It was, purportedly, a no flap approach as part of whatever emergency they were having at the time. From what my contact said, it was being flown by a very experience senior pilot.
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Old 17th Oct 2011, 21:48
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Dont believe everything your hear or told and as for " very experience senior pilot " part .. senior within the company management yes but overall exposure to commercial aviation is not that much. not implying any negative connotation in regards to the crew capabilities or the company either.
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 07:32
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I heard (a rumour) the aircraft was hours late leaving Karlsruhe due to technical problems. I wonder if the problem in Antalya was related?
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