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What the Pilots at Airtours think.

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

What the Pilots at Airtours think.

Old 6th Apr 2001, 13:17
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Unhappy What the Pilots at Airtours think.

The following questions and answers are taken from a recent survey of Airtours pilots.

‘Given no significant changes to the current renumeration package and conditions, I think the likelihood that I will still be working at Airtours International......’

In 12 months 72%
In 2 years 53%
In 3 years 28%
In the foreseeable future 12%

In my judgement the Airline as a whole is well managed;

Strongly Agree 0%
Agree 12.8%
Neither agree or Disagree 23.6%
Disagree 37.9%
Strongly Disagree 25.7%

In my judgement my fleet is is well managed;

Strongly Agree 4.4%
Agree 28.7%
Neither agree or Disagree 28.7%
Disagree 26.4%
Strongly Disagree 11.8%

Morale and motivation within the flightcrew workforce is generally high;

Strongly Agree 2.2%
Agree 8.0%
Neither agree or Disagree 8.8%
Disagree 31.4%
Strongly Disagree 49.6%

Airtours International employee benefit’s fit my needs and concerns;

Strongly Agree 0%
Agree 17.1%
Neither agree or Disagree 13.6%
Disagree 37.2%
Strongly Disagree 32.1%

The flight crew renumeration package ( including benefits ) are as good as offered by similar companies;

Strongly Agree 0.7%
Agree 4.4%
Neither agree or Disagree 6.6%
Disagree 29.2%
Strongly Disagree 59.1%

Questions were asked about individual benefits and whether improvements in just one area would improve motivation and make pilots more likely to remain. The following shows the responses;

A proper performance related salary bonus;

Strongly Agree 7.9%
Agree 19.4%
Neither agree or Disagree 20.9%
Disagree 32.4%
Strongly Disagree 19.4%

Change in management attitude;

Strongly Agree 10%
Agree 26.7%
Neither agree or Disagree 22.3%
Disagree 27.3%
Strongly Disagree 13.7%

A substantial enhancement of my renumeration package;

Strongly Agree 20.3%
Agree 24%
Neither agree or Disagree 22.3%
Disagree 24%
Strongly Disagree 9.4%

Improvements in the pension scheme/PDI/PHI & loss of licence;

Strongly Agree 21.6%
Agree 24.5%
Neither agree or Disagree 23%
Disagree 23%
Strongly Disagree 7.9%
And this is what the pilots think of management;

The management does a good job of communicating with ALL flight crew;

Strongly Agree 0.7%
Agree 11.6%
Neither agree or Disagree 10.9%
Disagree 34.8%
Strongly Disagree 43.5%

The Airline management has good people skills;

Strongly Agree 0.7%
Agree 11.4%
Neither agree or Disagree 10.7%
Disagree 34.3%
Strongly Disagree 42.9%

As a result of this survey I think the company/management will act on any problems identified;

Strongly Agree 0%
Agree 3.6%
Neither agree or Disagree 16.4%
Disagree 21.4%
Strongly Disagree 58.6%

Old 6th Apr 2001, 14:01
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I think the results of that survey would apply to most Airlines these days. They are all run by Accountants who hate Pilots solely for the benefit of the shareholders.Unfortunately those Pilots who get Management positions then promptly forget what it is like as a Line Pilot and generally never back you up, or am I just getting cynical in m,y old age ??
Old 6th Apr 2001, 14:53
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Who sent the survey out originally? Management? Flight Operations? Personnel?
Old 6th Apr 2001, 15:21
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New China Driver
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Thumbs down

Cor luvvaduck!Would just love to see CX running that survey!!!!

Old 6th Apr 2001, 15:34
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There hasn't been a recent "survey" at AIH. Why mislead people ZOG, you are talking Bo**ocks old chum
Old 6th Apr 2001, 16:07
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I think what Zog is on about is a BALPA cc survey, the results of which appeared at the end of March. No suprises in there to my mind. Check out the morale of most of the IT charter pilots ... work too hard in the summer, don't work hard enough in the winter....pay could be better, pension could be better, management appear to do f**k all to improve the workforce's morale.etc etc.

Same old gripe, different way of putting it to pprune!
Old 6th Apr 2001, 16:37
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As your comments about the airline for which you appaer to work for are always so uniformly negative, why don't you £$&& off somewhere else and bore someone else with your incessant whingeing?
Old 6th Apr 2001, 18:29
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The usual bit of nonsense from the flight crew who insist on biting the hand that feeds them. Suppose that they could actually ah....QUIT and so make room for the young guys that are on this forum all the time looking for employment.
Old 6th Apr 2001, 18:42
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So 411A, the professionals (I assume you are not one) should allow themselves to be trodden down by some pen pushers, take pay cuts and generally roll over and beg? New guys may accept that for about 2 months. The rest never accept it. We work hard in this business as professionals and should be treated as such. I`m sure you`ll make a lovely pet for someone.

later dudes
Old 6th Apr 2001, 23:22
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must be a hint of truth in that cc survey. Currently have 3 applicants to dhl in a small base. its only a matter of time before more join.
Old 7th Apr 2001, 00:29
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This survey has no significance because there is no specified amount of people interviewed. It could be five people as far as we know, or the numbers could be made up.

Zog, prove what you are saying is correct or don't waste space on this forum for AIH arguments. Take this to the Airtours forum and let them argue about it. If you don't have access to it, then you have no place writing this kind of thing about the airline. It seems that of your 6 posts, all have been initiated just to generate some kind of reaction.

I like Airtours as a company and while people are entitled to their opinion, generating such nonesense is really absurd.


[This message has been edited by SFly (edited 06 April 2001).]
Old 7th Apr 2001, 00:52
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"Professionals" don't whinge, they take action. In this case, vote with their collective feet. A very easy subject to grasp, is it not? (Even for you)
Old 7th Apr 2001, 05:06
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homer j
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To all you moaners!

zog can post what he likes!! Free forum, just stating facts returned from a majority of BALPA members within an airline, in which BALPA members are a majority!!

Why not see what others think? Why should this info be confined to the AIH thread? Surely AIH has nothing to hide, and would be proud to state how favourable AIH conditions are compared to the rest of the charter sector? - and if not, why not?

As for the "If you don't like it, why don't you......brigade?" - Why should hard working pilots from the self-styled "Industry leaders" have to move to a competitor to improve pay and conditions? - Surely an ethical employer, (and the company shareholders), should have a vision of a happy stable productive workforce, keen to keep AIH at number one, by reducing training costs, and making employees feel valued and motivated?......

Sad really, all run by accountants now, or management who can't remember life as a line pilot. Companies would run airlines with 1500 hr Captains and 200hr First Officers if they could get away with it. Knowledge and experience are no longer valued.... unless one day that combination "saves the day"....

Good for you zog, tell it like it is!!

Old 7th Apr 2001, 05:25
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Yawnnn!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Old 7th Apr 2001, 05:36
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homer j
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Sleep tight Nightmale, hope your job is still there when you wake up.
Old 7th Apr 2001, 06:15
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Yesterday I was a
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">young guy all the time looking for employment.</font>
Today I'm a cynical bastard who's been through the mill.

Todays keen 'young guy' is tomorrows cynical old bastard.

You can fool some of the people....etc...
Old 7th Apr 2001, 23:54
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Sensible, most of us work hard and some are underpaid, but being negative doesn't help a bit. Thinking constructively and positively doesn't mean being unrealistic or "soft". I believe there is a way out no mather how deep in the **** you think you are, except when you have cancer or aids or something,the rest are excuses for not trying to improve your life.
Old 8th Apr 2001, 05:53
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Cmdr Data
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Goldballs, you are talking bollocks. There was a recent survey at AIH, done by BALPA.
Get your facts correct before putting mouth into overdrive.
Old 8th Apr 2001, 17:29
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Well Cmdr Data, are you always so aggressive ? Pity the guys and gals that have to work with you I presume that the survey was just for you union boys then, as many people I have spoken to know nothing of any such survey. In that case, it is hardly representative of AIH as a whole is it ? If I have mislead anyone I apologise, and my post was done in a lighthearted fashion. I really don't think there's any need for the malicious tone in your reply, do you ?
Old 8th Apr 2001, 19:04
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Actually the survey, although run by BALPA, was able to be filled in by ANY flt deck in Airtours that could be bothered and I think had a fairly high take up.
The crucial point though comes in the last question asked which was "will the company take any notice of this survey". The overwhelming view was NO, in which case the survey is pretty pointless.

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