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New version of 744 announced by Boeing

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New version of 744 announced by Boeing

Old 26th Feb 2002, 15:55
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Post New version of 744 announced by Boeing

No mention of the Sonic Cruiser in the article. I post this hesitantly, because it undoubtedly will lead to Bus v. Boeing bleating.. .________________________________________. .Boeing Offers Latest Plan for 747 Upgrade . .Tue Feb 26, 1:39 AM ET

By Bradley Perrett, European aerospace & defense correspondent

"SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Boeing Co. on Tuesday launched its latest attempt to revive flagging sales of the 747 wide-body airliner, offering a new version of the jumbo jet that would fly further and make less noise.

""Based on increasing customer interest, Boeing is developing this new family of 747 airplanes and is now offering them to airline customers," Boeing said in a statement issued at the Singapore air show. "The 747-400XQLR could enter service in early 2004, depending on customer demand."

"Boeing developed the 747 in the late 1960s, upgraded it in the late 1980s and then watched its. .sales slow in the late 1990s as airlines turned to smaller aircraft that could match its long range.

"Beaten at the top end of the market by the 555-seat A380 superjumbo being developed by Europe's Airbus SAS , Boeing has proposed a succession of progressively less radical make-overs of the 416-seat 747.

"On Tuesday it said it was now offering it with more fuel capacity and refined, quieter engines. .from General Electric Co .

"The 747 is already the fastest subsonic airliner and the new version would be a little faster again, Boeing said.

"In a teleconference with reporters in the United States, Boeing said it plans to deliver its first. .747-400XQLR in March 2004, assuming it can book its first order by June 2002.

""We are not in a position to launch the airplane," said 747 brand manager Bill Droppleman. "We are offering the airplane."

"British aero-engine company Rolls-Royce Plc said it wanted to supply an advanced new engine for the 747-400XQLR that would be even quieter and would use less fuel, lowering costs and further extending the plane's range.

""We have with the Trent 600 the only modern engine in that thrust class (required by the. .747-400XQLR)," chief operating officer John Cheffins told reporters in Singapore. "We are. .offering it to Boeing and they are very interested."

"Boeing is also discussing new, quieter engines with United Technologies Corp. unit Pratt &. .Whitney, Droppleman said in the teleconference.

""We are having discussions with both of them. We're not near as far along with either," he said.. ."GE has a package we understand."

"None of the companies involved issued financial details, but each is proposing relatively. .low-cost developments of current products.

"Reducing the 747's noise would be no mere publicity measure for Boeing. Pressured by. .residents near airports and their politicians, most airlines are extremely keen to minimize noise. .and will pay more for aircraft that cause less bother.

"The 747, originally considered quiet, has been left behind by newer planes that make much less. .noise on take off and landing. It is now regarded as one of the noisiest Western airliners.

"Some analysts have suspected that Boeing could soon close its 747 production line because of. .the weak sales and the repeated failure of earlier proposed improvements to excite airlines.

"Such doubts about a plane's future can become self-fulfilling prophecies because potential. .customers worry the resale values of a particular model will depreciate if it goes out of. .production.

"At the Singapore air show, Boeing's senior vice president for sales, Larry Dickenson, stressed. .the company's commitment to the model.

"After detailing the new version's potential, he said: "I'd also like to make one more promise today -- that we will stand by the 747 family.""
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 16:01
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[quote]In a teleconference with reporters in the United States.<hr></blockquote>

Hardly a way to promte air travel is it????? <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 16:18
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...not really, but considering the security hassles and delays to the business traveler today, it will be used by more companies in the future. As will the owned, leased or chartered business aircraft. US airlines have dug themselves into a "security" hole from which climbing out of will be a long pull...for the business passenger anyway.
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 16:53
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Either that, or the Boeing guy was in Singapore and his audience of reporters - in this case most likely to be business reporters rather than aerospace reporters and hence not just covering Boeing but the rest of the NYSE as well - were in the US.
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 18:02
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[quote] by Europe's Airbus SAS , Boeing <hr></blockquote>

SAS? Sole Airbus Supplier?
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 18:20
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Thumbs down

the 20th version of the old jumbo-jet boeing 747.. .It's as exciting as if Henry Ford (may he rest in peace) would announce a more quietly T-Model.

[ 26 February 2002: Message edited by: enginefailure ]</p>
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Old 26th Feb 2002, 20:16
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Sounds like a good idea to increase range again for this 0.86 cruiser. And QC2 is not that bad. Think they intend to stick to it for a while.
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 06:08
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Additional information from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper and Associated Press.. .___________________________________________. .Tuesday, February 26, 2002


The Boeing Co. announced yesterday that it will offer airlines yet another member of its 747 family of jumbo jets, this one a "quieter" version that will be more environmentally friendly for the world's airports.

Aircraft noise on takeoff and landing has become a big issue, especially in Europe.

Engine and aerodynamic improvements on the new 747 will result in a noise reduction of 40 percent on approach to an airport and 20 percent on takeoff compared with current versions, Boeing said. That's about as quiet as the new Airbus A380. .superjumbo that is set to enter service in 2006, according to Boeing.

In a conference call with reporters, Bill Droppelman, director of brand management for the 747 program, said Boeing hopes to win enough. .orders and commitments from airlines by June to formally launch development of the quieter plane. That would allow the airplane to enter service by March 2004, he said.

Droppelman did not say how many orders or commitments Boeing will need before deciding to go ahead. In late 2000 Boeing launched development of a longer-range 747, known as the 747-400ER (for extended range), with only six orders from Qantas. It later picked up more orders for a freighter version from Air France and International Lease Finance Corp.

The first of those Qantas and Air France planes are now being assembled in Everett, with delivery set for later this year after flight testing of the new models.

Boeing said it will develop passenger and freighter versions of the quieter 747.

The market for new airplanes has changed considerably since Boeing launched development of the 747-400ER. As result of Sept. 11, airlines are trying to recover from an unprecedented financial crisis and will order far fewer new airplanes this year.

Despite the bleak market outlook, some airlines have been telling Boeing that they want a quieter 747, especially for some of their European routes.

London's Heathrow is but one of a growing number of airports that have adopted tough noise standards. Aircraft that don't meet the new. .standard can't take off between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Reducing engine noise would be especially beneficial for cargo operators who often fly at night, when airport restrictions may be in effect.

Engine improvements for the quieter 747 include changes to the nacelles and nozzles. Only a General Electric Co. engine is being offered for now on the quieter plane. It will have slightly more thrust than current GE 747 engines.

Droppelman said Boeing is also talking with Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney, both of whom supply engines for the 747.

"GE has an engine package we understand pretty well," he said, adding that talks with the other two engine makers about the quieter 747 "are not as far along."

Several aerodynamic changes in the jet will also help make the 747 quieter.

Lighter-weight wing flaps will lower the 747's stall speed. This will result in less noise during landing, since the jet can fly at slower. .speeds without losing lift.

Wing improvements include raked wing tips and what's known as a "trailing edge wedge," which was developed by McDonnell Douglas to improve the efficiency of the MD-11. Tests found it would. .significantly help the 747.

Raked wing tips were first designed for the 767-400 and will also be used on the longer-range 777 now in development. They will increase the total wing span of the quieter 747 to 225 feet 3 inches,. .or about 14 feet more than the current model.

A bigger fuel tank in the tail will give the quieter plane about 310 nautical miles more range than the 747-400ER. [744 range is 8360 miles, 400XQLR will be 9190 miles.] ["From AP: Boeing said that would enable airlines to fly nonstop from New York to Bangkok, whereas the older 747s can go only as far as New York-Hong Kong, while opening up the possibility of new routes such as Singapore-Denver or Singapore-Minneapolis."]

And the aerodynamic improvements will enable the quieter 747 to cruise at Mach .86, up slightly from the Mach .855 cruise speed of 747 models now in service.

The announcement that Boeing plans to build a quieter 747 came less than a year after Boeing said last March that it would shelve plans for stretched version of the 747 (the 747X) and focus instead on a faster plane known as the sonic cruiser.

But it said then it would press ahead with continued improvements to the 747, including the 747-400ER.

When Boeing delivers the first of those longer-range 747s to Qantas this October, it will be the 13th version of the 747 since the world's biggest commercial jetliner entered service with Pan American World Airways on Jan. 21, 1970. The quieter model will be version No. 14.

It will likely not be the last. Under study are models with even more range and payload capability.

And Boeing has said it could still develop the stretched 747X at some point if the market wants such a big plane.

The current 747-400 seats up to 416 passengers in three classes. The quieter version will seat the same number of passengers.

[From AP: . .Boeing predicted there will be a market for 1,000 airplanes of 400 seats or more over the next two decades, and that most will be the 400-seaters.. .Its executives were not any more specific than that at their news briefing.

Air shows often turn into duels between Boeing and Airbus executives who try to outdo each other in announcing new airplane orders, but Boeing. .spokeswoman Mary Ann Brett said her company plans no order announcements at the Singapore show.]
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 09:47
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Hey Enginefailure:. .Sounds to me like you've also had a brainfailure!. .Cheers.
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 11:00
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Well the dear old 74x-xxx is a good airframe. The front hump does wonders for the area ruling if not the profile drag. With an improved wing and better motors the SFC will go up and it will have another, well deserved, lease of life.

Interesting that tiplets are now "not in". The wedgie wingtip has been around a while. Must be PR over AD !!

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Old 27th Feb 2002, 15:38
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Ahhh, Singapore-Minneapolis non stop. Just what the world's been waiting for!
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 17:31
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<img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0">
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Whats wrong with developing another 747 variant? ....

If this is the wrong way for Boeing to be going then what should they be doing?

....... two serious questions
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 10:04
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Boing quietly putting the sonic cruiser to rest. Now they are going to build the aircraft they should have worked on in the first place. .9M cruise at a hundredth of the development cost.
Old 28th Feb 2002, 10:30
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Correct Boing

Sonic cruiser was nothing but a smokescreen, to take away attention from the new A380, and a good smokescreen it was.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 12:22
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Thumbs up

Boing and Kix, I agree. The SC seems to cool down. Many airlines are interested in it- as long as it doesn't cost them more... <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">
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