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LH Another Hard Landing A340-600 KIAH

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LH Another Hard Landing A340-600 KIAH

Old 17th Mar 2008, 22:40
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Ndege...I didn't hear that word in a long time....
and which ndege did you hail from before an A346?!!
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Old 17th Mar 2008, 23:22
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Looks like this happened on 7th March

I put my anorak on and discovered from ACARS records for D-AIHA that it looks like this happened on 7th March when 'HA operated LH 440 FRA- IAH.

The next records for HA indicate the aircraft was ferried from JFK to Frankfurt overnight 11/12 March, so presumeably went IAH -JFK also on 11th (as it was reported still at IAH on 11th earlier on this thread). It has not been noted on ACARS since arriving at FRA on 12th.

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Old 17th Mar 2008, 23:31
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Quotes from F4F:
As you will have discovered by now, open criticism of an aircraft brand, whichever it is, will be met by strong reactions of its supporters.
Third, by reading the posts of a few of the Airbus supporters here makes me suspect them to be EADS employees

Once again, knee-jerk vitriol takes an Airbus thread off-topic. F4F even implies disingenuously that the "Airbus supporters" are the ones who routinely dish it out. Strange, isn't it, that the still mysterious B777 LHR accident has − rightly − produced nothing of that kind on this Forum, despite the presence of the "EADS employees"of F4F's imagination.Am tempted to let that remark go, but - as I'm going on holiday and will have limited internet access - perhaps not.

What distinguishes the utterances of so many of the anti-Airbus clack is that they are generally incoherent, almost invariably based on misassumptions, and often resort to the kind of slurs that F4F has demonstrated above. The general drift is that, if it wasn't invented in America, it must be rubbish. In contrast, those of us who promote the Airbus are usually quite complimentary about the many other aeroplanes we have flown. Little wonder, then, that some pilots start their Airbus conversions with a negative attitude.

Strongresolve admits he was moved from his beloved B757 to the A320 against his will. I was once moved reluctantly from the A310 to the DC10-30; in similar circumstances. You just have to look on these moves as an opportunity to broaden your experience, and learn all the good and not-so-good points of your new toy. You will have the chance to move on soon enough. Give it a chance!

When we started on the A320, before it had carried paying passengers, we already knew the arguments against the non-driven thrust levers and the sidesticks. We had even argued with Airbus about them. But, unlike Strongresolve, we resolved to put all the gloomy predictions and our own preconceptions behind us. Then, when we tried them for real, we found that we adapted to them very well, and that there were so many other things about the cockpit that were superior to our previous types.

There are now some Airbus pilots with thousands of hours who, as F4F says, have never flown another jet. That's because the A320/340/330 have been such a success. In 21 years, I had flown 5 totally different jets, as well as the Dakota and the Dart-Herald, and had enjoyed all of them. So why did so many of us senior captains get hooked on the Airbus? Over 14 years, I turned down opportunities to switch to B767, B747-400, B777, and even Concorde. Too lazy, or too "chicken", to risk the conversion, perhaps? So why would I want to stay on a marque if it was so difficult and temperamental?

Give us all a break, F4F, you bring the name of the Phantom into disrepute.

PS: Okay, not all Airbus pilots are as tolerant as I am; but you still got a good deal of constructive responses on that thread of yours, far more than the derision. Just imagine the response to a similar one aimed at Seattle from a Boeing driver...

Last edited by Chris Scott; 18th Mar 2008 at 00:08. Reason: PS
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 04:34
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Very glad to fly a Boeing.

By the way, flew the MD80 for 4 years (after nearly 8 on the beautiful 727)
what a piece of shite

Want nothing to do with mr Airbus, aircraft should simply do what you tell them to.

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Old 18th Mar 2008, 07:41
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@ Suzeman:

If one suspects a damaged landing gear, why ferry IAH - JFK - FRA and risk another landing rather than go straight to FRA?
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 08:08
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Perhaps it was a gear-down ferry.
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 09:40
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Chris Scott - historical Metars

Chris, you can pull historical metars (for free) from www.wunderground.com.

Full access to metars for 24hr any dates, use the historicals function.

It's a quick help function.
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 12:02
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If one suspects a damaged landing gear, why ferry IAH - JFK - FRA and risk another landing rather than go straight to FRA?
Don't know- only reporting what was on ACARS which is not always 100% correct on routings, so if anyone knows any better, I'm quite happy to be enlightened.

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Old 18th Mar 2008, 14:04
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Hi together

HA was ferried IAH to MUC.
It was not a Gear Down Flight.
RH MLG is replaced already. Final Tests are in Progress.
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 14:32
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Arrived at Munich on 12th March flying in ferry from IAH.
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Old 18th Mar 2008, 19:09
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Well, if you're the pilot "flye"ing the aircraft with his hand on the "joke", I'm glad that the aircraft stops you flying as badly as you write. I've rarely seen such a Flameboy attack on Airbus - congratulations on lowering the bar once again.
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Old 20th Mar 2008, 00:35
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Weather 07 MAR

Thanks for that link, merlinxx.

According to Suzeman, above, the A/C was D-AIHA, operating LH440/07MAR (Friday) FRA/IAH.
This week's LH440 IAH STA=1525LT.

Weather IAH 07March (according to wunderground.com).

IAH 1353LT: NNW/20mph-31mph, 10 miles, Nil Wx, Cloud BKN, +10C/-2C.
IAH 1553LT: NNW/20mph-29mph, 10 miles, Nil Wx, Cloud BKN, +11C/-2C.
IAH 1653LT: NNW/16mph-22mph, 10 miles, Nil Wx, Cloud SCT, +11C/-3C.

IAH 1500LT: 320/20mph.

[20mph=17kts; 30mph=26kts.]

As stated in post #2, Iíve no recent knowledge of IAH (Houston George Bush International).

Limited research in AvBrief suggests the following runways possibly available:
Rwy 33R, length 3657m;
Rwy 26L, length 2865m;
Rwy 26R, length 2743m.

Rwy LCNs not to hand. PCN for A340-600 not to hand.
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Old 24th Mar 2008, 20:55
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How long are we going to have men and women who can really fly the craft by the seat of their pants?

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Old 25th Mar 2008, 17:20
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Thumbs up Cheers Chris Scott

As to his rant about Airbus in general...off topic and baseless. Having flown all types (ATP 777,737,MD80,BAC-111,A320) I find the airbus just another way of doing business and it has many fine attributes as well as some not so.Like yourself I will wait until the investigation is complete.
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Old 26th Mar 2008, 18:07
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The Airbus

There are only two kinds of Airbus pilots......those that LOVE the aircraft and those that don't understand the aircraft!

Btw: The Mini Groundspeed function is a very clever design and has helped many a pilot in terrible windshear conditions.

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