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SQ B772 returns to SIN after loss of cabin pressure

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SQ B772 returns to SIN after loss of cabin pressure

Old 6th Feb 2008, 22:29
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He was passing through 32000 on climb out of Singapore it was more like 90 nm not 90 mins, he did the right thing and went back to Singapore, case closed (with the exception as to why the a/c depressurised)
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 00:42
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Had it been BA or other western airline, skinheads would been falling over their heads congratulating the crew on what a great job they had done. Alas, it's an Asian carrier and a damn successful one, so the worn outs are all over to skin the crew, hoping the skipper might have been an Asian too...so they can have a great time laughing and making monkey jokes in the bars and crew rooms. Pathetic!!!

Look at the BA incident at LHR; notwithstanding that the crew did a great job, there remain questions on their debriefs regarding the fuel X-feeds etc, yet ppruners remain cool and gentlemenly ...no overt aspersions cast on the crew; why? BA is western and crew presumably caucasian!
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 01:07
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How do you know the Captain on the SQ flight wasn't caucasian?

With the armchair critics on the first page decrying the captains decision to divert to SIN and now this gem of racial frustration trying to derail the conversation, this is definitely one of pprunes crappier threads.

Down to the bottom we go.
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 01:16
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"I would have done it this way because I've sat in front of a mirror and pretended this very scenario happened to me. I made up my own words, and I didn't panic. And now, seasoned aviator or aviatrix that I am, though I've not actually flown a real airplane, I can categorically state without reservation or shred of humility that the SQ fellow, seasoned aviator, unlike me, made a grave error of stupendous proportions and he better watch out because, because, because..."
God, there are some weirdos on this forum. Please moderators step in and remove them! This isn't what we all signed in for all those years ago when PPRuNe was new and vibrant. I know you're busy.
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 01:38
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hoping the skipper might have been an Asian too
Not so much a chip on your shoulder, as an entire serving of french fries.
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 02:06
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Jesus guys take a breath.................I don't know exactly what happened on the SQ 777 that day, do you?

If the situation warranted it I see NO problems returning to SIN.

Give the guy a break.
First sensible comment I've read on this thread.
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 07:04
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Balthazar; note A. Dal wrote ".......hoping the skipper might have been an Asian too... " So he he/she had surmised that he could be a poor caucasian working for an Asian carrier. And I thought that I have a dodgy understanding of English, coming from a 3rd world basket case!
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 07:50
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Thumbs down

So... we have a newspaper report about a depressurisation incident. As is typical of most newspaper reports, it is extremely inaccurate and full of sensationalist fiction.

Now we have a whole bunch of armchair 'experts' who latch on to the sole report from the newspaper and spout off with their theories of what did and didn't happen as though the report was accurate and factual. It even descends into a a racially motivated slagfest which is based on assumptions too.

90 mins turns out to actually be 90NM. The whole lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You waffle on here as though you actually know what you are talking about when it becomes perfectly clear that none of you have ever actually experienced a decompression and if you did it would most likely be because you programmed it in to your flight sim PC game!

Apart from the few who have pointed out that there was a typo and that you shouldn't assume anything until you have all the facts, the rest of you are obviously not real pilots but pretenders who would like all and sundry to believe that you are skygods. It is pathetic to watch and read a bunch of fantasists trying to make out they are knowledgeable pilots when in fct all they do is make arses of themselves to those of us who know better.
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 08:12
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What Akali Dal wrote may be unpleasant but there is a grain of truth there. Skygods and self professed God's gifts to aviation are constantly prowling PPRuNe to cast our fellow aviators from the third world in bad light. Having worked both in airlines in the West and the Orient, I fully understand the frustration of our less fortunate, but highly professional and proficient, bethren trapped in third world airlines especially when blanket, sweeping statements are made.
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