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BA Planning a Further 10,000 Job Cuts?

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BA Planning a Further 10,000 Job Cuts?

Old 6th Nov 2001, 07:01
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Post BA Planning a Further 10,000 Job Cuts?

Just before the original thread was closed I noticed a posting about how BA have passed on a security surcharge to passengers. The commentator seemed to find this outrageous.

This security surcharge has also been levied by Ryanair, 'the low fares airline'.
Why no criticism of the move on their part?

Double standards?

The following is a quote from their website. They do a nice job of spinning it as usual, but pass it on anyhow.


Insurance Levy

One of the repercussions of recent tragic events in the United States has been a substantial increase in insurance costs for airlines. In particular a special levy of $1.25 per passenger journey (i.e. $2.50 on a return trip) has been levied on all air travellers with immediate effect.

This levy is grossly unfair in that the same amount is being levied on all passengers regardless of whether they are fat cat business people paying 10,000 on a first class long haul flight or price sensitive passengers of Ryanair who are flying from Dublin to London for as low as 9.99 one way.

This is just another example of discrimination against Ryanair's passengers and we will fight it aggressively on your behalf.I love that bit!

With effect from Friday the 28th September Ryanair will be imposing this levy (in local currency equivalent) as part of the Passenger Service Charge on each itinerary for all flights after the 30th September. We hope that the necessity for this levy will not be long term and we will immediately reduce or remove it when possible.
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Old 6th Nov 2001, 13:53
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Idunno - the difference is that FR are charging $1.25 (are you sure that's dollars and not pounds) per sector - BA is charging 2.50 per sector. Either BA is carrying half as many passengers per sector as FR - in which case they might as well close down now - or they are indeed ripping off the pax.

Which is the case, I wonder?
Old 6th Nov 2001, 14:11
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Boring BA bashing again.

While easy and ryanair are still flying to cheap provincial airports there really is no comparison. Also when all the 'hated' national flag carriers that for so many years have been apparently by some peoples reconing, screwing us all, have gone, whose going to fly all that long haul stuff that easy and ryanair can't do with their 737 only short turn round business models.

Also do you think when everyone's gone and only ryanair and easyjet are left you are not going to see a nice steady fare increase.
Both companies are running a business and enjoy the competition but I bet they'll enjoy a duopoly even more.

I know, it's boring easyjet ryanair bashing and there is a thread elseware about that.

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Old 6th Nov 2001, 14:52
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might the difference in the insurance premiums be attributed to the following...

BA has a much larger fleet than FR with the ac cost prob being much greater than fr's fleet, therefore the cost of cover prob higher.

also, ba has a much more diverse route network than FR flying to ( perhaps ) places in the world where there is a higher risk to ac than the routes which FR fly. ( i.e BA fly to middle east, FR to Belgium ) so ins premiums might be higher reflecting increased risk to the insurer. also FR are world famous for negotiating costs to a minimum and prob got a healthy discount on what the insurers wanted to charge, so I think that it is not BA ripping people off, it is FR doing what they do best and BA suffering for having a diverse network and expensive aircraft..

just my few thoughts!
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Old 7th Nov 2001, 03:20
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Knowing the way FR is working at the moment the insurers are probably paying them for the privilige (spelling but you know what I mean) of providing them with cover.
Old 7th Nov 2001, 05:09
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BA,s brokers said they are losing 2 million
a day and expect to post a loss of 775 million this year how long can this go on
Old 7th Nov 2001, 17:55
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Don't believe anything you read, anything you hear, and only half of what you see.
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Old 7th Nov 2001, 18:08
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I dont like the way that Ryanair "dressed up" the surcharge either!

I bought a return ticket to Dublin, which was advertised as follows:
Liverpool - Dublin 14.99
Dublin - Liverpool 29.99

Total cost: 65.58????

They are just like the bl**dy mobile phone companies: advertising an attractive price, then adding on all the little extras.

As a passenger, I couldnt give a rats ass about the ins & outs, all I wanna know is the total cost.

Long live BA!
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