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Atlas Lay-offs

Old 12th May 2001, 01:36
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Post Atlas Lay-offs

From Aviation Week website:

Freight hauler Atlas Air announced plans to lay off 105 crewmembers Friday after the company forecasted weaker international demand than expected. The job cuts amount to 15% of the airline's total payroll for pilots and flight engineers, an airline spokeswoman told

Atlas, which offers other airlines leases on 747 freighters that include aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance, expects to complete the layoffs by May 31, spokeswoman Vicki Foster says. Foster declined to disclose how much the airline expects to save from making the cuts.

Atlas has no plans to reduce its fleet of aircraft, Foster says, but executives are still "taking a look at all options to reduce cost."

Despite reporting posting first quarter revenues, Atlas Air's executives were disappointed by the company international growth.

"Little, if any, flying is occurring in excess of our guaranteed levels, and we have decided to cease flying for one customer as a result of their uncertain financial condition," Atlas Air CEO Richard Shuyler said April 24. "In this environment, it will be a challenge to match last year's results if the current negative economic and market conditions persist."
Old 12th May 2001, 03:49
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Po Boy
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I think it's bullsh**t that the mainline Pilots and FE'S are being sacked and the AACS people can keep their jobs. I guess the only way to stay on with Atlas, is to become one of those AACS scabs............ NEVER!, I've got too much integrity and I refuse to betray my fellow crewmembers.

Don't mind me, I'm just venting my frustrations :-)
Old 12th May 2001, 05:00
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Silver Thunder
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Po Boy:

As a union member not yet furloughed; there is no way any of us will think badly of you if you have a chance to work at AACS. You would not be a scab!

This furlough is a ploy to scare us. Record profits? What the F#*K?

Steady boys!
Old 12th May 2001, 06:34
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Have heard recently that AACS/GSS is recruiting again. What, prey tell, are the Atlas mainline guys prepared to do about it?
Except complain, that is.
Old 12th May 2001, 07:04
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Old 12th May 2001, 07:09
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Po Boy
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Silver Thunder:

As lovely as the Brits think it is on that side of the pond, I have no intentions of going to AACS. I was offered the opportunity when Atlas first told us mainline guys that AACS was forming, and I declined the offer then, I'll just find work here locally in FLL and wait to be recalled. The beaches are a lot nicer on this side of the pond, and so is the food!!!
Old 13th May 2001, 00:20
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The knucklehead managers are going to lose a lot more money when the pilots go on strike. This is more bluff and BS from the ilk of Schuler, et al.

I wonder how much per day Atlas will pay in penalty clauses for non-performance of contractual requirements?

Hang in there guys. In military terms, this is called "demonstrating" and meant to make you react inappropriately.
Old 13th May 2001, 06:10
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411A = S.O.G.
Old 14th May 2001, 16:40
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Not that I want to interrupt the phantasies about this being a union busting scheme... But have you couted the sitting tails? And do you really believe the bull**** about all the customers still paying their contracts as these are ACMI deals?

If you do. you're either naive or totally stupid.

There's nothing like a three-holer...
Old 14th May 2001, 16:58
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Tom Tipper
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411A why are you in aviation? Your posts are invariably miserable and anti any pilot except yourself.

What is your problem?

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