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Your help needed: BBC News questionnaire on flying hours

Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

Your help needed: BBC News questionnaire on flying hours

Old 26th Apr 2007, 14:15
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Thanks to all who've sent in their responses - it's taking a while to collate them and analyse the results. I'm conscious that time is marching on, and have therefore decided to set a provisional deadline of 2359bst on Sunday for more replies.
Debates about the media's role in general, and the BBC's in particular, are for another platform. What I'd ask for now is that you let me know about your experiences.
What goes into any final programme is not finalised until the hour of broadcast, so if you want your views and experiences to be taken into account, you know what to do.
I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.
Ian Shoesmith
BBC News
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Old 26th Apr 2007, 15:06
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Yesterdays Daily Mail:"The 787...is lighter than rival planes because it is built from composite materials rather than heavier steel." May my old Boeing rust in peace.
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 17:58
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Originally Posted by Bomber Harris
"bermondseya, what a great post......
you have proven with one swift blow that this whole thing is a sham. the mans mind is made up, he is just collecting enough supporting facts to prove it. anything which goes against his opinion will be binned...i'm sure
i cringe every week when i watch how impartial the bbc are. the most recent thing that annoyed me was the labelling of the britich sailors held captive by the iranian authorities as "hostages". They were calling it a hostage crisis at one point. How disgustingly manipulative. Im sure the iranians would call them "prisoners". Calling them hostages implies they did nothing wrong...how can the bbc make that call.
They have for years decided which side to take in wars and then put labels on each side. Tell me, whats the difference between a "rebel" and a freedom fighter"? Its whether you support them or not. And the Beeb is often very quick to make these decisions.
Dont get me wrong shoey old boy, i support your view, I just dont support your methodology or your employers ethics. It is a shame that the beeb has reduced itself to the modus operandi of the popular press, but the fact that it (and it's employees) hail themselves as a mecca for unbiased truth on the back of its reputation is disgusting.
I would the truth about pilot hours to come out in a balanced piece of research, carried out by somebody who got paid to do it. Not somebody who wants to increase tam ratings, and then get a glory promotion. I would like somebody trained in the forgotten art of lateral thinking to look at this. Maybe somebody a little older than 31. Somebody with life experience, sound training and good ethics. Go meddle somebody elses career. I do not trust what you will do with the information. It will be twisted and pruned (pun) until you get what YOU want out of it. This can only lead to tears for the pilots, and glory and promotion for you.
You are a meddler, in something you know very lttle about. A quick chat with danny does not put you in any position to analyse this complicated data. Go away and pick on lawyers or nurses. Leave us alone, we will deal with our enemies in our own way."
The irony.

You've tried and convicted this guy before his programme's even come out, thus mauling his profession without substance in the way you've already accused him of mauling yours.

The holier-than-thou, pig-headed, pure arrogance of idiots like you is more likely to drag your profession's image through the mud than any journalist can.

And to tell him to 'go pick on lawyers and nurses' shows a level of maturity on your behalf considerably lower than that of a 31-year-old.

Your behaviour and attitude towards an investigation into the subject raises suspicions. I'd be ten times more interested in researching the issue after reading your post, if I were him.

To adopt your tone - why don't you go and fly your little aeroplane and let the journalist compile research on an issue that's clearly very much bigger than your narrow, BIASSED and naive mind can entertain.
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 18:17
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I'm amazed at the objections to this. As far as I'm concerned its about time some of our problems were aired more professionally. They are certainly not being addressed by the airlines and Balpa doesn't make enough noise either.

Go for it, it can't make things any worse.
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Old 30th Apr 2007, 10:53
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Ask the doc.s at the CAA?

Would it be worth having a chat with the doc.s at the CAA? Given their medical background, and that some of them are/were CPL(A)s, with real experience, they should be able to help. Also, they are sometimes the ones that try to rehabilitate those with medical problems, so they must have some insights?
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Old 1st May 2007, 12:53
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A few years ago I wrote to CAA about fatiguing rosters. I was working in Italy, on a UK licence but Italian validation for local registered a/c. My medical was to UK standards, but the Italian FTL's were sometimes 7 hours more than UK. I tried to argue with the UK CAA that the medical to UK standards, therefore, was not appropriate. No luck though, but they did offer that the CAA medical department had a computer program which could grade a roster for fatigue, and perhaps other things. I tried, but failed to get a reply and to find out who, exactly, to contact. If such a program exsists it is a very well kept secret and I doubt if it has ever been used. It certainly never has been at the LoCo's, otherwise they would not be rostering the way they are.
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