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The News

PIA reschedules flight PK 790 for tomorrow morning

Updated at 1745 PST
ISLAMABAD: Two operating captains of Pakistan flag carrier have been stopped in Toronto, as they were found indulging in wine-drinking.

PIA flight PK 790 of January 10, 2007, a direct flight from Toronto to Lahore was re-scheduled to leave for Lahore yesterday. However, finding the flight captains indulging in wine, the passengers started to raise the commotion there. Resultantly, the flight was rescheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

According to sources, PIA officials have suspended the Captain Amir and Captain Gabool. The plane was halted till night owing to the incident.

Earlier, the flight was delayed on January 9, due to malfunctioning of a fan blade on engine number one that damaged acoustic panels. The fault was removed by a special team from USA.
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Old 18th Jan 2007, 08:44   #2 (permalink)
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This must have been prior to boarding..
I wouldn't think the PIA wine list on-board would be very comprehensive.
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pia pilots at yyz

hi guys i think i know some details these guys were on standby duty for 17 hrs and then they were told that the flight would deprt next morning at 9.30 so maybe they had one or two. later on at around 9pm they were asked to operate at 11.30 same night as the a/c was now servicable very wisely they declined and the stupid station manager let the news out that the crew was drinking.
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PIA Pilots

There are two different problems here....one of the country in question being a dry state and the locals not being able to drink.Secondly keeping the crew on standby and the Engineers Vs Pilots battles being played out to apportion the blame on someone.....for the delay.
I pity the pilots...poor blokes were outwitted by the techies..who werent from their own Airlines anyways..!
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the system

i fully agree with you but another fact is that this was an LR flight from yyz to lhe and there was no regard at all by the pia management in regards to the standby plus 15 hour flght time................. i guess it is inhuman to pia pilots...........
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Originally Posted by highflyin View Post
Ever been stuck in the hold knowing PIA are in there with you ??? frightening stuff eh ?
I was based in Islamabad for approx 6mths give or take.
So yes I have been stuck in the hold with PIA on
numerous occasions and let me tell you that
I found them to be spot on!
The only frustrating thing was that PIA always had
priority over any of us
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Also never been frightened by the blokes from PIA. Always seemed polite and profesional.
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Who were the techies? Delta Maintenance?
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